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  1. So, Borderlands GOTY disk with DLC included has arrived, my new issue is that the DLC won't install. I install it, then when it goes back to the PS Menu, It doesn't show as installed, I need to do the whole install process again, and again, no luck. Anyone else had this issue with the GOTY disk? EDIT; Sorted that actually, PS3 menu doesn't register them as installed but when you are in the actual game it's recognised as installed. New issue is that my character from the existing game is now not getting picked up by the GOTY edition. Forever having issues with this game! 😅 Why didn't I just play it new ffs!
  2. I've been on the PS3 store & the content is there as I said before, GOTY as well but not matter which I click on there is no place to purchase. I've added funds to my account but still not able to make the purchase. I can buy the Dr Ned stuff by doing it in game, but there is no option for the other DLC. Looks like GOTY with the stuff on disk is the only way to go sadly.
  3. Ah ok, thanks for the info! I'll see if I can do that today, if not I'll just find a GOTY version with the DLC on disk
  4. I can see them but not buy them. Sony has removed the ability to make purchases for PS3 content, October last year that happened I think
  5. Spot on, I'll maybe keep an eye for that then, much cheaper than buying the DLC from the PSN store if it was still active anyway.
  6. I've been toying with the idea of getting the DLC trophies after completing the main game. Going to give a Second Playthrough a shot to try & platinum the main game too! I did decide to try the DLC but when I went to purchase them I couldn't, after doing some digging I realised it was due to Sony closing the PSN Store for all PS3 content. Does anyone know any way of getting access to the DLC that still works, whether it's maybe a Redeemable code etc? These are the times I hate my older self for not playing these games & just sticking to the same old same old that I used to play.
  7. I'm glad someone said! Some people today just baffle me!
  8. Yeah Kamikaze was a bit of a pest but following what the trophy guide said helped a fair bit with that. Easy game to Platinum, just needs a good solid 15-20 hours like the others have said.
  9. Recently got this trophy myself by following the trophy guide published, didn't have any issues with it. I did as some have said above, actively broke Scott out of the car without interacting with Lauren.
  10. I struggled to find an official one here in the UK, but I gave in in the end & bought a "replica" one, and honestly I'm very impressed with it, I'd even argue that it's better than the official one. Currently says the one I bought in particular is unavailable but keep a check, may be back in stock soon - https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B075CY3JJ9/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  11. I genuinely miss that game. I was terrible at it but loved the idea of having a massive online multiplayer. Some tweaking & that game could have been running the FPS show on console.