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  1. I have the same problem, i miss only two flyers and cant find it. You have some tips now?
  2. Hi all, The latest dlc's Sport bikes pack is glitched, something go wrong whit the last patch. so we need to wait. So DONT buy the dlc right now, is included in the season pass. Down here i report what milestone team support answered to my question about this pack: Hello, The DLC that you mention is included in the Season Pass. Unfortunately we are aware that there is an issue on it and we are investigating on the causes. Thank you for your patience, Kind regards, The Milestone Team
  3. The patch 1.02 is out now and fixed the trophy! Platinum
  4. For the hard boiled and just another day trophy you need to start a new game, if you using the level select dont count. the only trophy glitched is a "A master at my skill" and i think is patched soon.
  5. I complete all the challenge but the trophy dont pop, someone have this issue?
  6. this trophy list has been released months ago, I would like to play it! Anyone know the release date?
  7. Is not patched!!! and i have the game whit season pass? so? the Amalfi pearl trophy for me wont unlock also after the patch! very shit that
  8. For the gaming session i need the game in my trophy list, so i search the player before play this DLC'S
  9. If someone want to boost all the trophys, add me: MarcoPsk
  10. This thing stopped me for the 100%. i hope the patch fix that trophy.
  11. Same for me, you found some method for this glitch?
  12. Really nice i hope! so you got the trophy?
  13. So i can not take the animals in the chapter 5? and is not a missable trophy right? thanks
  14. So, what is your "glitch method"? please
  15. Hi everyone, Can you earn trophies in online coop? only the host earn the trophy or also the guest player? thanks