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  1. Why did you reply to a 3 year post?
  2. Can’t believe sony has that many sales....
  3. Uncharted 1-Lost Legacy
  4. No!
  5. Best: Dead Island - Pretty fun game for releasing rage on zombies lol Worst: Prison Architect - This game is a buggy piece of shit.
  6. Is it possible to trade codes? I would gladly trade Kung Fu Panda for Ratchet & Clank
  7. I’ve had my name on here before but that was a couple pages ago so I’m going to post again. PSN ID: ItsMeZack16 PS Systems: Mainly PS4 but I also have a PS3 Accepts Blank Friend Requests: No but also yes, Just put PSNProfiles in the name. Also looking for friends who can make conversations with me and for some like minded people.
  8. Honestly, I’m not even surprised... Usual Playstation games....
  9. Good Luck to all the potential winners! Trying my luck.
  10. Welcome to PSNP! Congrats on the kid. I always wanted to go over seas to Belgium.
  11. Since I already have a premium account, if I win can you give away a premium account to my friend? Anyways here is my story. There once was an old man who lived in a box. The man loved that box. Then one day the box came to life and ate the man. The man become a robot box who ate other people and the box who made him a robot. Then another box killed the robot and everything was peaceful until one day until (Cue Dun, Dun, DUNN) The box came back to LIFE!!!! And made the world a living hell! Then everything started fucking up. The world was full of boxes eating people. Then everything went happily ever after or so they thought. I have a crazy mind. Lol
  12. That ending was BS, Litteraly screamed at my TV at 11:00 last night lol.
  13. Welcome to PSNP. Nice guide btw, better than what I could do lol.
  14. First Warrior
  15. Killed my whole family and ate their corpse. That was fucked up to say the least.