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  1. Sure, I didn't know if this was exclusive to only plats or what. Thanks! Yeah, you do make a good point, I really liked that also.
  2. Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay
  3. Got my first platinum down for this month and event! Here's hoping many more to come. The game was alright but I really did not like this game, for me personally it really did not feel like Back to the Future but that is maybe just me.
  4. I would like to be added in as a participant if I still can. The games I would like to platinum or 100% this year are listed down below. These are listed in no particular order. 1. Back to the Future: The Game. First Trophy: December 25th 2017 2. Infamous Second Son. First Trophy: September 8th 2017 3. Need for Speed. First Trophy: September 15th 2017 4. Until Dawn. First Trophy: August 23rd 2017 5. Unravel. First Trophy: September 21st 2017 6. Beyond: Two Souls. First Trophy: May 6th 2018 7. The Escapists. First Trophy: October 15th 2017 8. That's you! First Trophy: August 29th 2017 9. Downwell. First Trophy: August 22nd 2017 10. Dead Island Riptide. First Trophy: October 19th 2017 11. Dead Island. First Trophy: October 22nd 2017 12. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. First Trophy: June 24th 2017 I'm hoping I can finish at least one of these games once a month. I hope I have time to work on these which I probably will.
  5. I honestly have no clue what to expect from Sony. Hopefully a nice gift and not just the same crap they usually give out.
  6. Sir Topham Hatt The Third
  7. Your Contract has Expired from A Hat in Time. It's just epic in my opinion
  8. I know it's a bit late since it's starting tomorrow but I'll be happy to participate!
  9. No Man's Sky
  10. Platinumed Heavy Rain! It took some time non-stop but I did it!
  11. @donut_plz Can you please change my dead island game to heavy rain? Thank you
  12. Mind changing my Dead Island to Heavy Rain please? Thank you
  13. Can I change my bonus game from Dead Island Riptide to Fallout Shelter? Thank you!
  14. Of course, of course it was because of you
  15. I got my first Platinum for the event! Grand Theft Auto 5 Took freaking forever for all the collectables but very fun game and I am very happy I got this platinum