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  1. Sorry man! I already platted Life is strange. But I do agree with you, it was a pretty good game! No man sky
  2. Man you do not have much of a selection! I would have to say maybe try to get 100% on minecraft.
  3. @Zolkovo Sorry for late response lol, My favorite game is Overwatch
  4. I can definitely see what you mean. The camera especially is really bad. I just overlook the flaws and try to see the positives in most games.
  5. My name is mayo.
  6. XD, I am in the process of trying to plat this game and I am really enjoying it so far looking for the collectibles and such. I am just not into the genre though.
  7. This game is pure shit. I tried to platinum it but I just couldn’t because of all the glitchiness that I had encountered. Shame that Sony will probably never patch this game.
  8. Why did you reply to a 3 year post?
  9. Can’t believe sony has that many sales....
  10. Uncharted 1-Lost Legacy
  11. No!
  12. Best: Dead Island - Pretty fun game for releasing rage on zombies lol Worst: Prison Architect - This game is a buggy piece of shit.
  13. Is it possible to trade codes? I would gladly trade Kung Fu Panda for Ratchet & Clank
  14. I’ve had my name on here before but that was a couple pages ago so I’m going to post again. PSN ID: ItsMeZack16 PS Systems: Mainly PS4 but I also have a PS3 Accepts Blank Friend Requests: No but also yes, Just put PSNProfiles in the name. Also looking for friends who can make conversations with me and for some like minded people.
  15. Honestly, I’m not even surprised... Usual Playstation games....