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  1. This is NOT just a disc problem. I bought the digital Hero Edition of this game last night and had it crash on me after about 7 missions and my character got corrupted... I will now back up my save every 2-3 levels.
  2. I almost did the same a few years ago but I'm glad I didn't. I'm so glad this came back!
  3. I've never played this game but I bought it on PS3 a few years ago. I've heard this is similar to that Xbox game series Fable in which you get to choose if you are good or evil and stuff like that. Is this true?
  4. Getting 5 wins in a day sounds a LOT better.
  5. This is the path that I take. Surprisingly, not very many people take this path. After watching this video, I win Fall Mountain 4/5 times.
  6. I just got the trophy. The exploit is confirmed to be not patched as of this comment. I immediately put it in my trophy cabinet on my profile lol. God, I'm so glad I can play the grind to level 40 for fun now (which I would be at already if I didn't have to quit so many shows...) Don't give up, guys! I got all 5 wins in about 2-3 hours. 1 Hex-A-Gon and 4 Fall Mountains. Edit: I would also like to add that I did not change costumes between wins. I heard that prevents you from being able to pause sometimes.
  7. Sorry, I'm kind of out-of-the-loop. How do you do this exploit? Just quit the game before you're about to lose?
  8. I don't think it can go any lower than 99% off
  9. I did this on normal. I think different difficulties give the mobs more/less health so I would do it on normal if you're just going for the trophy. Obviously it won't work on peaceful
  10. Hm... I don't think so. It would hide the game as a whole from your profile as such that you never even played it. If anything, it would raise your completion percentage.
  11. You act like you got your super meat boy trophies legit
  12. This works! I just got the Overkill trophy last night by using a Diamond Sword with Sharpness III and a Potion of Strength II. My Diamond sword also had Looting I and Knockback II but that should be irrelevant. Also, I got this trophy by getting a non-critical hit on a spider. Any other combination I have used to try and get this trophy such as a critical hit with Smite V on a skeleton with and without a potion didn't work so I think it's bugged in which you need to do exactly nine hearts of damage, as Arkham_Pharaoh suggested.
  13. You could always just hide the trophies for this game from your trophy lists. I did that with World of Tanks since I got it just to try and have no intention of ever playing it again. I got one trophy for it for accessing the shop...
  14. That sucks... I guess I can do it on my extra live mode run though. I missed that last toy in that big jump at the end of the level...
  15. How did you translate this game? The only way I can think of is to hold my phone to the TV and let Google photo translate it lol.