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  1. Clearing the game with no continues sounds hard but the rest sounds pretty easy at first glance.
  2. I used N. Tropy
  3. If we have the physical version, would it be possible to uninstall the game then play these courses without the updates to do the exploits for Oxide? I know there's one for N. Gen Labs as well. The only issue I see is that the saves won't be backward compatible but I haven't tried yet.
  4. PowerPyx's website always gives my browser AIDS when I visit it. I usually just google the question I have for either a specific trophy or a gameplay mechanic and there's always at least 5 sources with the info I'm looking for. I've found RockPaperShotgun and vg247 to be pretty good.
  5. I usually never use the forums but I feel like I needed to talk against all of the people calling this hard. Depending on your playstyle, this game could be easier or harder than Dark Souls or Bloodborne. A major key to playing is the enemy detection system and stealth. Whether you believe me or not, I have only "really" died once because I jumped off a cliff. (I'm at the first snake encounter and completed all of Hirata Estate except for butterfly, for reference.) All the other times I resurrect and run back to the last statue or use the pocket idol. This should let you have plenty of skill points and money to buy the paper doll things for the prosthetic tools which are another huge point in the combat system. You just have to play differently from Souls/Bloodborne because you should be deflecting instead of dodging most of the time. A hint a can give for most small bosses is to take out a few of the small enemies, run away until they forget about you and repeat until it's just the boss. Then you can engage with them while taking one of their health bars away making the fight easier. Of course, not everyone wants to play like this, but I like the Metal Gear playstyle you can use. Good luck to all and I hope this helps some people. Just get used to the new fighting system, or simply, git gud.
  6. Do you have a PS4 Pro? That might be messing with your performance if you don't
  7. I haven't actually tried but I assume every bench you can sit down then quit the game. If not then you can put into rest mode. To test this, you can go through pantheon 1 and get to the bench then quit.
  8. . True Hunter Receive the Hunter's Mark I'm currently working on Pantheon of the Knight but Pure Vessel keeps destroying me. Then I can get 4 trophies for beating the game. Then all I'll need is to beat the Pantheon of Hollownest for the platinum...
  9. I didn't bother testing if you can't get the trophy from buying your last map from Cornifer, but I can confirm that I got the trophy after buying my last map from Iselda. I highly doubt it matters, but my last map was the Fog Canyon.
  10. Might as well just kill the boss then. More fun that way, too!
  11. Yeah, I didn't specifically mean story-DLC, but just DLC in general.
  12. Destined to be Extreme Refine all Destiny Talismans to level 7. (Excludes DLC.) and Talisman Collector Obtain all Destiny Talismans. (Excludes DLC.) These trophies saying they exclude DLC implies that there will be DLC.
  13. I agree
  14. Looks pretty standard compared to a Yakuza game. Trophies also confirm DLC