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  1. Sisters vs Sisters got announced for PS4, PS5, and Steam for localization!!!
  2. Definitely another slim. The super slims feel cheap and the fats are too old and faulty. Only get a gen 1 fat if you're an advanced user who can make use of the backwards compatibility benefits. Otherwise, the slim is the best option by far.
  3. Hi! I would like to be added to the "The Great Seal" tier as well as "Light the Fire up in the Night", please! P4G: P3D: P4D: P5D:
  4. Has anyone tried beating the game without killing any enemies? Probably besides bosses. Is that even possible?
  5. Reasons like this are why I'm glad to have the physical version from Limited Run Games lol
  6. I just won 2 games as demon without putting a single point into the boss ability and no trophy. What a joke...
  7. Yeah you will stay under the map until you finish the hole. Then you should be back on ground level but the camera will be locked. Just teleport to a different course or the home area and everything will be normal again!
  8. I think you're doing it a different way than how I do it. I don't play hole 1 and quit when it sinks in, I just go to the pin and drop under, switch back to my normal character, then sink it. It's probably unplayable for you because you don't switch back to a normal character before you start putting.
  9. This works for an Albatross. Just miss the putt and hit it in with an additional stroke. lol
  10. The cover art looks really charming but the trophy icons and descriptions makes me think this is another shovelware game... Trailer here:
  11. Lol I came here to say this as well... Very frustrating. I did notice going back a few days on the leaderboard for hole 1 on the beach daily ranking has an invisible character; however, when you copy it you get a normal version... Like the icon is invisible but the character isn't glitched even after changing body type to child. I think the only way to really get a glitched character is to copy then when they are online and actively using it... I might just wait for the bonus course to be on the beach. Yesterday (and this morning) the beach was dead with like 7 people max but usually it was 0-3. I'm going to try and be on there right when it resets at 7pm central but I usually don't get home until like 7:15 :')
  12. Genshin Impact has had a ton of trophies be locked behind waiting weeks or even months for them to be achievable.
  13. Eh... I've played these games like 30 times each. Wish they would make Sonic Mania 2 or something.
  14. True; however, collectors might want a physical ERSB version. I just thought I would share the news so people don't buy the JP version if they wanted an NA version for their list or something even though it may be the exact same game.
  15. It's available for preorder on Amazon now for $39.99. ESRB T. And I just bought the collectors edition last week from play Asia....
  16. DLC release date is April 28th. Also coming to steam, Xbox, and switch with DLC included for 24.99. they just said this in their discord
  17. Just got a complete autopop in 26 seconds. All I had to do was launch the new version and accept the EULA then they all popped in the lobby.
  18. I mean someone could have started in 2021 and still had a whole year to get a legendary color or whatever. I was mainly talking about people who didn't bother checking the shops for stuff like this until they announced the launcher was switching over. If they had never announced that, then these people would still not care about getting this trophy right now. But now that there is a sudden rush, everyone is freaking out when it could have easily been avoided. I got the platinum for this game twice so I know what I'm talking about
  19. Well, if someone hasn't even started this game then the list changing won't even be an issue since it won't be on their profile in the first place.
  20. Everyone had like two years to do these trophies and now that they're making a new list everyone is scrambling to finish them? It's kind of your own fault for waiting so long. I got the platinum in the first three weeks. If players would have checked every day for two years, they would have already had access to the legendary cosmetics in the shop and wouldn't need to be freaking out about it now that this list is leaving.
  21. The obvious answer for you would be Tales of Arise; however, you should grind out ranked for Street Fighter 5 >:) Also whoever replies to me, please not demon's souls ;-;
  22. I have to question whether you are even being serious at this point. I agree that FromSoftware games tend to make the player look a little harder into the lore by having them inspect item descriptions and such; however, Elden Ring presents a nice balance between Dark Souls and Sekiro levels of story telling. Plus George R. R. Martin, author of A Song of Ice and Fire, which was turned into the Emmy Award-winning HBO series Game of Thrones, helped set the basis and mythos for the story! How can you say it is trash without even playing it? There's a reason Elden Ring sold more copies than Horizon Forbidden West for the month of February, even taking into account only Playstation sales, despite only releasing in the last 4 days of that month.
  23. How is Elden Ring terrible story-wise? In comparison to Horizon to stay on topic.
  24. I got necromancer like day 3 of casually playing with dragonmaid. They special summon from graveyard a lot, especially in the battle phase. As for Let's Duel, that's a bit more time consuming because with the current meta, especially at gold/platinum, you rarely attack monsters and just pop them with effects lol.