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  1. That's a bit absurd. It will affect some people. I tried it with 3 different friends and they tried it amongst themselves. This was not to set up a 4-player lobby. This was one-on-one. It did not work with any of them and did not work between them. That's multiple cases in which it did not work. Just because it doesn't affect you does not mean that it is not an issue. There is no need to be rude when I'm simply trying to help people. Have a good day. Thanks for the input guys. I'll update the thread to be a little more accurate.
  2. I'm not sure when you got the trophies, but when I got the 40,000 team score in one round the in-game invites did not work. They could join the lobby, but would get booted as soon as the match starts. It occurred with three different friends and they even tried hosting as well. The only work-around for this issue is the play together option in the party, which is being removed. I'm just trying to warn people that this will become an issue in the future.
  3. Some people experience issues with playing Anarchy mode. I personally could not connect with 3 different people through regular invites. They could not connect to each other. Others, below were able to connect via regular invites. The only work around that worked for me was the method of using "Play Together" through the party. With PS4 Version 8.0, this option will be removed. This could create issues for certain users that want to get the Anarchy trophies.
  4. Thanks guys
  5. Where are you finding the mugshot on the Alcatraz map? All over?
  6. Sorry, I have to do five. In no particular order. Battlefield 3 Driver: San Francisco Grand Theft Auto IV Dante's Inferno inFAMOUS
  7. I've been holding off for a sale, but my friend told me they fixed the glitched trophies as well as the framerate issues. It took too long, but it was worth purchasing now.
  8. Without. Cheaper and less breakable parts (I went through like 3 PS3 because the disc drives always failed). I only own like 5 discs for PS4 and I hardly play any of them. I loved Mad Max man.... Pissed that they still haven't fixed the scrap glitch.
  9. - If you're only getting 50%-75% populated lobbies, do you think it would make it easier? Not looking forward to sweats. I believe I had well over 100 wins when I quit, so I think/hope I can compete with people that never stopped playing. I believe I still need Reznov and the character that uses the Mug Shot. I only needed two when I quit. By boosting you mean you and a partner both solo queued, met up, and farmed out the required kill - then just placed?
  10. I quit playing this game some time ago because I got distracted with other games. I need to go back and unlock like two more blackout characters for the platinum. I wasn't bad at the mode whatsoever and didn't focus on the characters. If I go back now: Is it dead? Full lobbies? Only sweats? What am I getting myself into? Thanks.
  11. It was shared from PS3 to PS4 with minor differences (if any at all). I don't see any reason why they would create a new list. The game is going to be on a third generation, so they just want money. I doubt they put extra time in meaningless stuff like a new trophy list. Yes. The 1 million a month would be a pointless promotion if it didn't carry over. If you were able to do that from PS4 to PS3, I don't see why you couldn't on the newer generation. I know if you unlocked the trophies on PS3 as soon as you logged into PS4 they all popped. Why not just do them now? More than likely. 1 million dollar a month until launch is pointless if they're going to start from scratch. I'd recommend doing them now. Trophies will autopop on PS5 as soon as you log in providing the list is the same.
  12. First person vs. Third person. As someone said above, turn off cross-play and do fpp. Will take about 5 minutes to get into a match, but there will be less than 5 real people in the game at peak times.
  13. Just turn off cross-play. 5 minute queue. There will be max 5 real people and the bots that fill are not that good. Should be able to average 10 kills a game once you get into a groove.
  14. Just a heads up that the servers for this game will soon be shut down. Anyone still needing the online trophies for this game should look to get them ASAP!
  15. You don't need to drive the vehicles. Craft one at a time (you can only craft one at a time), accept, and go back into the terminal for the next vehicle. No need to drive it.