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  1. I can confirm that it appears to be glitched on PS5. Makes no sense since it's the PS4 version you play with on the PS5.
  2. Easy way to get trophy for omg sludges: 1. Get level 10 Jager. 2. Play as Jagger on level 3 difficulty. 3. Cycle through games unless you get the Sludge mutation. 4. You have 15 minutes, alert nests so enemies spawn. 5. Find a good spot in the middle of 4-5 nests. 6. Place down both Jager devices (at level 10 the Jager devices recharge once every 10 seconds. 7. Kill enemies, but don't kill the sludge. 8. Let your Jager device kill sludge (It's an explosive kill). You can easily get 20-30+ every 15 minute zone. There are three zones per level, so you could potentially finish it in one incursion. Be mindful that certain Archaens, like the rooter, can destroy your Jager. Don't stand on top of them to avoid them getting destroyed. If you play solo, enemies will spawn more slowly which makes it doable and not stressful.
  3. Reading through this thread, I thought I'd post my input. The recent patch was only to add an advert for the Tiny Tina game. There weren't actually bug fixes. On PS5 as of March 2022: It still crashes. Consistently around round 3 or so. I finally got through the prove yourself mission (5 rounds in each underdome) by using a combination of lvl 6 corrosive bloodwing and lvl 4 fire machine pistol. Game is installed on a samsung SSD. Haven't though to try internal, but before that I'm going to stick with the weapon combination I found that finally let me complete it. It doesn't look like anyone here has discussed it, but have we considered a different between disc and digital? Some people have no problems while some do. I don't know why there would be a difference between the two, but I suppose it's possible?
  4. The POS game will crash even when you're on PS5. I go through the lesser challenges -- finally! -- after using a lvl 6 corrosive bloodwing and a lvl 4 fire machine pistol.
  5. It's peculiar that the 5,000 hour trophy shows a 0.8% rarity but no one on this site has earned it. Devs? If I could ignore broken trophies, OP, is the game still worth a go? Fun?
  6. I rarely pay full price for games. In total, I've probably bought less than 20 games full price (maybe less than 10, but that's a stretch) and I've only regretted one of them: Battlefield 2042. I actually did have fun with it at launch but the developer silence and lack of bug fixes for 4 months killed it for me. Edit: I actually just remembered that I'm pretty sure I paid full price for Homefront: Revolution or whatever. I absolutely loved the first homefront, so I bought the sequel close to launch... Yeah that was years ago and I've played like 5 minutes of it. Yeah, overpriced for $70. I made sure I got a physical copy just so I could resell shortly after getting the plat. Believe it or not, despite the lies and missing features I actually put A LOT of time into it. Everyone else was dissing it and I was still thoroughly enjoying it. No regrets for me. It's all nostalgia man. I bought it too but have yet to plat all three despite having probably 1000 hours into it as a kid.
  7. For other people in the future: It counts in empty vehicles. I drove around in a transport truck until I found an empty/stuck enemy truck. I got out and place a mine as close as I could to the empty vehicle. Then I rammed it with my vehicle. It nudged it slightly into the mine and I got the trophy.
  8. An enemy does not show up in your list until you kill them. There is no "0" so don't go off of that. Get the list of enemies and make sure that they actually appear on your list of kills. Don't look to see whether there is a 0.
  9. Yes, for anyone else thinking this trophy glitched remember that it didn't. The enemies do not show up in your list until you kill them. Go through the list and instead of looking for kills look to see if the enemy name even shows up in the list.
  10. A bit late to reply, but for future readers: I got this platinum over the course of roughly 2 years. Not a single trophy glitched for me. 1,000 killa popped the moment I got it.
  11. You guys can just wait for patch 3.1. They're bringing back progress in custom. They stated they might bring back mastery in custom. Curious whether mastery will work in all out warfare bot matches... Source: https://mobile.twitter.com/battlefieldcomm/status/1468190341782282241?s=21
  12. Encryption on old PS3 saves was pretty poor. Transfer it to a USB then to your computer and see if there's a way you can adjust it. If I'm not mistaken though that part isn't editable but almost everything else is. Change your name back to what it was before?
  13. If you're going to be doing the gadget prox sensor mastery I recommend just using Rao. His mastery is spots.....
  14. You'll get progress in breakthrough or conquest bot lobbies. No progress in portal bot lobbies. As others have noted, you'll only get up to the 3rd tier against bots. After that you'll need to get the rest against actual people. Most likely not. Disabled because people abused it for unlocks. It appears that allowing you up to the gold medal is the most they plan to allow.
  15. Little late, but might be helpful in the future: If you're having server issues, look at Hunt's twitter. They often update the community when they're doing server maintenance. Also, every now and then they disable quickplay servers during events.