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  1. Hello guys I m wondering how many DLC are needed for 100% Thankyou very much!
  2. Usually aren't DLC region locked? I believe you must buy the bundle from the store
  3. Yes they are back!
  4. Please can anyone explain me why thy are still selling the complete edition (Dante's inferno + Santa Lucia Trials) on the european store for 29.99 euro with the servr shutted down? Damn EA!
  5. Server are getting bad. Sometime I fail to join ranked with my alt
  6. Hello guys I m wondering if anyhow this trophy can be achieved solo with 2 controllers. Thankyou very much!
  7. I can confirm NAT1 is the definitive solution for joining online with a coop partner. From what I have experienced this is exacltly the same issue of Battlefield bad company 2 Onslaught dlc. Infact I can always join with my alt/alts because they are on the same network of my main but I never can join with others players. I managed to play coop only when finally I found an host NAT1
  8. Thankyou very much King Mathy! Hurry up guys to ask coins beforte server shut down!
  9. Hello guys I m wondering how many people needed to start a match. Thankyou in advance
  10. I joined with 4 ps3 but fortunately i had no problems. I think the trik is to have a low temperature in your room. Maybe 18 degrees should suffice. And pull off the powder from your ps3
  11. You have to find an host with NAT1 connection
  12. Thankyou very much! I tried on my phone and it worked!
  13. I would like to use my tokens but I cannot choose any nation to represent and I cannot find any yellow button on the nation page to spend my hard earned tokens.... Anyone knows if the token system still works? Have you been able to claim tokens or I m the only one who cannot use them? Thanks a lot
  14. Yes. This game was unplattable till few days ago because online combat mission server disappeared with no warning and Job done trophy was unobtainable. All of a sudden combat mission server reappeared again and ppl is still getting the trophy. But.... read above
  15. I m wondering how many people are required to start a match in multiplayer. I joined in a combat mission match with 6 and we were stuck at the respawn point and coudnt move with the game still asking for more players.... Same thing happened in tdm. Thanks