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  1. Me and @bayabug just played one custom match and one ranked online match (and got the trophy!) so I assume the server is not really down. Also the leaderbord is still working. Now I want to see if campaign coop is doable but I cannot see the invite option. I played only 2 campaign missions. Maybe coop is available later on @Deadly_Ha_Ha
  2. @pavelbagirov hello do you remember witch dlc is missing in the Big Score pack?
  3. I just got Dont go alone offline with 2 controllers and I noticed High stake heist has no score at all on the scoreboard but it did not affect the trophy. Just be sure to play every single level in coop from its own world and not from chapter select
  4. @MikeCheck-- yes with the latest patches the Introduction's scoreboard doesn't appear anymore. But I dont think this trophy is glitched. I guess it became an online trophy. Now that the server is down I played the digital version with 2 controllers logging in with my dummy account and the trophy didn't popped. I checked the scoreboard and noticed only High stake heist in Magglewood doesn't show any score even in 1 player section (note I have the Ace adventurer trophy!). So I deleted the game and save file and bought the fisical version. Played the game again with 2 controllers: same result...High stake heist with no score and no trophy! I asked around and I suppose the only way to get this trophy is to play it online when the server come back. Any suggestion from the latest achievers of this trophy? Thankyou very much!
  5. Are all the dlc included? Thanks
  6. Thankyou very much for your precious help @totallycrushed
  7. Hello guys I m wondering how many DLC are needed for 100% Thankyou very much!
  8. Usually aren't DLC region locked? I believe you must buy the bundle from the store
  9. Yes they are back!
  10. Please can anyone explain me why thy are still selling the complete edition (Dante's inferno + Santa Lucia Trials) on the european store for 29.99 euro with the servr shutted down? Damn EA!
  11. Server are getting bad. Sometime I fail to join ranked with my alt
  12. Hello guys I m wondering if anyhow this trophy can be achieved solo with 2 controllers. Thankyou very much!
  13. I can confirm NAT1 is the definitive solution for joining online with a coop partner. From what I have experienced this is exacltly the same issue of Battlefield bad company 2 Onslaught dlc. Infact I can always join with my alt/alts because they are on the same network of my main but I never can join with others players. I managed to play coop only when finally I found an host NAT1
  14. Thankyou very much King Mathy! Hurry up guys to ask coins beforte server shut down!