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  1. @totallycrushed Ok I noticed my time showed up in the leaderboard some hours later. So I guess this is not like Gran Turismo 6 where the leaderboard immediately updates accordingly to the new times performed. Thankyou
  2. Sorry guys I have a question about community events. How can I do to register my time on the leaderboard? Do I have to complete just 1 regular lap (whit a good time of course) or I need to complete multiple laps? Thankyou
  3. Ok thankyou guys! Infact I have found the dlc but not the base game. Sniper ghost warrior 2 is on the store and goes often in super sale (also the complete edition)
  4. Is this game delisted from the store? I cannot find it
  5. Hi guys I managed to buy the dlc only when i changed my italian address whit an existing american address and an existing phone number (thanks to Jesterking for letting me use his address) in the paypal account. I used my usual email address and they sent me the link to the code. Of course the american address must be the same in the USA Gamestop account and in the Paypal account
  6. So only 6 community events left so far? What a shame! I would have liked buy this game but at this point i guess I will skip it....
  7. Hi syxys check my post for info on how to buy the DLC from the USA GameStop website from your country
  8. Yes it' s quite tricky at the beginning. The PayPal address must be the same of the one put in the USA GameStop account. I tryed several times whit different address and finally I managed to buy it! Thanks to JesterKink for the help!
  9. Hi guys please play my level. I m going to play the levels posted here. Thanks! https://lbp.me/v/q2y-nw2/activity
  10. Thanks guys I finally managed to buy the dlc from the USA Gamestop website whit my italian PayPal card! I used a fake USA adderss and they sent me an e-mail whit the link to the code. Than I redeemed the code whit my fake psn account ferruccioUSA and noticed that the dlc doesnt work whit my european LittleBigPlanet disk because as HuntingFever said dlc are region locked. So now the only way to play the dlc is to buy the USA version of the game from the psn store (currently 19.99 dollars) Thanks all for the help!
  11. Hi guys I am from Italy and I would like to buy the download code from USA Gamestop website for the Pirates of the Carribean DLC since it has been delisted from the store. I have already created a fake USA psn account (ferruccioUSA-) Can I use my PayPal full of Euro to buy it? I have no USA dollars.... And how can I do to download the code since they sell only to USA address? Thanks
  12. Hi I had the same network error whit my account. Read my post for more info. But I have found the way to join multiplayer. I loaded the game and signed out from psn by pressing the ps button-account management-exit. Then I choosed the online option in the game menu and automatically appeared the log in screen and once in the psn i could join the wipeout server!!! Blind Brigade trophy will be mine! I suggest to try. Good luck...
  13. Hi guys I cannot join multiplayer whit my account on both my ps3 apparently because of server issues. So I created a fake account and tried to join and.... it worked.... on both ps3. So i created a third account and tried to join into multiplayer. And it worked again.... So i m asking why i cannot join ONLY whit my main? Thanks