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  1. That’s 100% subjective, and it’s also a very bizarrely specific situation to reference. Also, do you not see the irony in going out of your way to tell people you don’t care over something that hasn’t happened in the thread yet? They’re trophies man, games don’t exist solely for them. You need to chill out a little bit and not use them as an ego booster. If people want to do things a certain way, why detriment their experience to talk about how you made a virtual achievement easier to get? I’ll absolutely never understand people that get this into trophies.
  2. #108 Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted Phew...What a horrifying, stressful, on-your-toes jumpscarey-horror experience that I will never forget. As terrifying (and..rather difficult at times) as it was, playing all of the minigames and individual nights was a blast with friends over, and it made this summer quite a treat at night with the right people. I'd do it all over again, and I'm happy to have been 31st in the world on here, and 24th in the world over at PSNTL. I'd highly recommend it to anyone with a VR, it's up there with some of the best...Just do note: This game is not for the faint hearted.
  3. Rock Band 2. Great setlist, great mechanics, never ending fun with friends, and a complete and difficult trophy list. One of my favorite platinums of all time.
  4. Skyrim, no doubt. Bought the game three times (four including the PC version) and never played much aside from the VR version, but I do have some great memories of watching my brother do multiple playthroughs on the PS3 from years back. May go back and try getting it for nostalgia's sake.
  5. I've come across a glitch/bug on night terrors a couple times on the nightmarionne now, and it's getting a little exhausting. Whenever I turn to 6AM, the game keeps playing but the room goes completely black, making me unable to play. I die as the 6AM clock rolls on, and have to restart the level. Is this a bug that steel wool just doesn't plan on fixing?? I've read steam posts about it from over a week ago and the bug still exists. If it doesn't get patched, am I just expected to hope I get lucky and pray he doesn't kill me before the 6AM clock finishes chiming? This is an absurd glitch. EDIT: Just beat it second try, hopefully they patch it though, that felt like pure luck.
  6. I understand that there isn't anything more to do (sort of), but I feel like saying "why not play another game if you've already platinumed it" is a stupid mindset to have. Games can be played for their replay value, nostalgia, multiplayer, new attempts at playthroughs, etc. All i'm saying is that getting a platinum shouldn't make or break whether a game stays in your "worthy of playing" pile. You can still go back and visit whenever and whatever you want.
  7. Mentalities like this make me wonder about hardcore trophy hunters. "I don't need to play the game anymore since I have all of it's useless virtual achievements!" Like yeah, trophies are cool but they shouldn't be the only reason to keep playing/stop playing games. Enjoy yourself.
  8. That's just sad, I hope they fix that soon. Sounds like a pretty miserably bad bug.
  9. Either hackers or trophy pop test accounts, pretty sure some developers use those to ensure all achievements pop without issues.
  10. Something tells me playing this with a controller as opposed to a touch screen/mouse & keyboard is going to make playing through it painfully slow. Hope that doesn't drive anybody away from the game since it's such a well-made indie, but I just can't imagine going through the recipes and ingredients with a dualshock. Should've just stayed on the vita imo.
  11. That's correct, only the ones where the box with her picture show count towards the trophy. I'll give you a tip though: as somebody who's already platinumed the NA version and gotten HRF on the Korean Version i'm working on now as well, the best way to get this trophy is focusing on getting all of the status ailment lines (i.e. Kanji is Poisoned!), for every character, and then making a sheet so you can cross off every ailment you get per character. While working on the ailments, the best strat is to go to the item shop (Shiroku Store) and buying 50+ each of the items that inflict certain elemental damage on all enemies. Then, have each character use these items for shadows that are weak to each one, since originally only certain characters could inflict certain elemental damages. With these items however, you'll be getting Rise's praise lines for each of the characters knocking down multiple shadows at a time and they'll end up racking up pretty quickly. Long story short, ailments and elemental items from the Shiroku Store. I overthought this trophy on my first platinum journey of P4G and ended up getting it on my third playthrough, yet got it with almost no issues first playthrough in a foreign language I don't understand thanks to this strat. Hope this helps out anyone who's been unable to get the plat thanks to this trophy, may even make a new topic about it as well.