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  1. Tearaway, that game looks really cute and I've always wanted to give it a shot. Still haven't picked it up yet though.
  2. Modern Rockstar games are pretty much playable movies with dated engines and mechanics. They rarely ever give you freedom of choice in main or side missions, everything has to be done the way Rockstar wants you to do it to a T. You have boring missions like the one in GTA V where you have to move cargo around with some of the most awkward controls in video game history, and if you aren't doing something like that, you're limited to some sort of story based mission that is either a chase/drive on a vehicle (i.e. a car in GTA or a horse in RDR2), and when you aren't doing that you're in a monotonous shooting gallery with absolutely horrible auto assist aiming and a horrifically bad cover system that never cooperates with you. Then you get a cutscene, drive/walk/ride a horse to some waypoint on your map, rinse, repeat. Only reason I could find these games fun is because exploring the open world can be a really interesting time that grabs you in and doesn't let go, but even then there are some things in the open world that Rockstar only wants you to experience the way they have exactly scripted it for you to experience. Like being given a giant box of legos only to be told exactly what you can build, how, and when. They can't tell if they want their game to be an open world sandbox or a linear story based game and it mixes awkwardly. Not my type of game. I understand why people like them because the characters are lovable, well acted, and extremely well written, but for me personally, with a dated engine and controls, tedious mission design, the lack of satisfying conclusion and jumbled story telling across missions in a game that doesn't let you play the way you want to play is just..Not for me.
  3. No..I didn't say you felt sophisticated for playing the game..I said you felt sophisticated because you upvoted a comment that called other games "mindless" and this one "original with a great story." Upvoting a comment incurs that you agree with it, and thus do indeed believe that you are superior for not playing those "mindless" games that everybody else is playing because you're trying something new. Also..I did play the game. When did I ever say I didn't? Okay..Cool? I "shat" on this game because it was a review thread. I played it, gave my two cents, and pissed off to do whatever else I was going to do yesterday. What is it with you guys and these immense logical fallacies in your arguments?? No..Because gearbox isn't praised for being genius video game developers anywhere NEAR as much as Kojima has..Which is why I made that original argument. People were blindly praising this game before it even released because it was developed by Hideo Kojima. My point was, if it wasn't, that wouldn't have happened, and the reviews wouldn't be constant ten out of tens with nowhere near any actual review that wasn't one to two sentences. Okay, this is rich. You get mad at me for shitting on the game, and then argue with me for shitting on the game, and then say that I didn't put any valuable input into the discussion because I shat on the game in a...Review thread. Do you not see the blatant irony here? If I had replied and praised the game, this reply wouldn't even exist. You would have upvoted it and moved on, but instead, you saw I didn't like it, got mad, and decided to write this terrible response because my review didn't match yours. Oof.
  4. How do you know I haven't played it? Did I ever directly state that? Is it because I haven't directly purchased it and bought it on my own profile? Yes, I did criticize the game, but the most important aspect of my response was the fact that your buddy decided to randomly toot his own horn by saying "sorry if you don't like it because it's mindless call of duty bud, this is an ORIGINAL game with a GREAT STORY, you wouldn't understand.." And..That's why people are upvoting the response. Because you guys all know that deep down inside, you feel cool for playing a game that's different from others on the market. Whether or not you like it isn't even an argument at this point. You clearly all upvoted a response that dissed other games for being "mindless" and this one for being "original". All I wanted to say was.."Okay, it's original. Just not my cup of tea."
  5. Why did me saying I don't want to play a walking simulator equate to me saying I only enjoy games where you shoot and kill things? What a massive logical fallacy. Do you think the only two game genres are "Good Story" and "Shoot blow up bad guy"? What an embarrassingly uncouth response, especially considering just how..Bizarrely out of place it was. EDIT: I also love how people are upvoting this response because it makes them feel sophisticated for playing a game that isn’t “mindless” and is “different”. You just got the biggest whiff of your own colon and won the argument that nobody made, "whether or not Death Stranding is original". I never said it wasn't original, I said it was boring. You can be original in any way you want, take new strides, go against the grain, and try something new; but it doesn't automatically mean it's good. And yes, just as you have, people will use this fact to seem as though they are much more sophisticated for playing a game that isn't "mindless" simply because it's different, yet the ironic part is that, Death Stranding is, more than most games in fact, mindless. Regardless of how often you must shift your character's weight using L2 and R2, help build online highways, or hide from monsters whilst pressing the X button to hold your breath, you are still just taking a package from point A to point B, Over..And over..And over...Again and again and again..For over 100 hours. Yes, oh yes, how intelligent must you all be to withstand all that "originality" rather than experience the story without the constant fetch quests in-between. GOTY for sure, Hideo Kojima is a god among men.
  6. The only reason people are anywhere near interested in this game is because it has Hideo Kojima written on the front cover. Take that away and this game would receive poorer reviews than a sprinkler system installed inside of a bee nest. It's a walking simulator with (what I assume to be) an incredible story. If you ask me, I'd rather watch the cutscenes online and not have to worry about trekking packages between spots on a massive map for 100 goddamn hours. Doesn't seem fun, and no matter how amazing a story is, it can't make up for boring, repetitive gameplay.
  7. It's in their right as a company to close down the servers for a portion of the game they no longer need to keep up. It has absolutely no bearing on the price you pay for the game asides from a small aspect and a completely optional virtual achievement. Yes, it sucks, but it's also pointless; especially considering the game nowadays is about as populated as a sleepover in Chernobyl, and this will never be fixed. You gotta move on man, it's a trophy.
  8. That’s 100% subjective, and it’s also a very bizarrely specific situation to reference. Also, do you not see the irony in going out of your way to tell people you don’t care over something that hasn’t happened in the thread yet? They’re trophies man, games don’t exist solely for them. You need to chill out a little bit and not use them as an ego booster. If people want to do things a certain way, why detriment their experience to talk about how you made a virtual achievement easier to get? I’ll absolutely never understand people that get this into trophies.
  9. #108 Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted Phew...What a horrifying, stressful, on-your-toes jumpscarey-horror experience that I will never forget. As terrifying (and..rather difficult at times) as it was, playing all of the minigames and individual nights was a blast with friends over, and it made this summer quite a treat at night with the right people. I'd do it all over again, and I'm happy to have been 31st in the world on here, and 24th in the world over at PSNTL. I'd highly recommend it to anyone with a VR, it's up there with some of the best...Just do note: This game is not for the faint hearted.
  10. Rock Band 2. Great setlist, great mechanics, never ending fun with friends, and a complete and difficult trophy list. One of my favorite platinums of all time.
  11. Skyrim, no doubt. Bought the game three times (four including the PC version) and never played much aside from the VR version, but I do have some great memories of watching my brother do multiple playthroughs on the PS3 from years back. May go back and try getting it for nostalgia's sake.
  12. I've come across a glitch/bug on night terrors a couple times on the nightmarionne now, and it's getting a little exhausting. Whenever I turn to 6AM, the game keeps playing but the room goes completely black, making me unable to play. I die as the 6AM clock rolls on, and have to restart the level. Is this a bug that steel wool just doesn't plan on fixing?? I've read steam posts about it from over a week ago and the bug still exists. If it doesn't get patched, am I just expected to hope I get lucky and pray he doesn't kill me before the 6AM clock finishes chiming? This is an absurd glitch. EDIT: Just beat it second try, hopefully they patch it though, that felt like pure luck.
  13. I understand that there isn't anything more to do (sort of), but I feel like saying "why not play another game if you've already platinumed it" is a stupid mindset to have. Games can be played for their replay value, nostalgia, multiplayer, new attempts at playthroughs, etc. All i'm saying is that getting a platinum shouldn't make or break whether a game stays in your "worthy of playing" pile. You can still go back and visit whenever and whatever you want.
  14. Mentalities like this make me wonder about hardcore trophy hunters. "I don't need to play the game anymore since I have all of it's useless virtual achievements!" Like yeah, trophies are cool but they shouldn't be the only reason to keep playing/stop playing games. Enjoy yourself.
  15. That's just sad, I hope they fix that soon. Sounds like a pretty miserably bad bug.