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  1. Pretty sure it's the Pyro Jack box puzzle minigames that are in the game. They can get pretty difficult--hence why completing all of them is a gold. Shouldn't be too bad with a walkthrough video though.
  2. Die Maschine is the map included with the Zombies mode for this iteration of COD. It can be done solo, through local co-op, or online.
  3. "I didn't say all anime games look bad! I just said all JRPGs that look like anime are, because they all look the same!" Big brain time--totally not a contradictory statement lol. Here is you yet again, grouping a bunch of unlabeled games into a group of "cheap anime" while still trying to say that you didn't say anime games look bad because there are maybe six you think look pretty. Beautiful display of feigning here for the sake of seeming like you're not contradicting yourself. I love these little cliffnotes you added onto the end of each short useless "I didn't even say thattt" fallacy to come off like you're drinking tea with your lips puckered out. Either way, there isn't enough advil in the world to continue dealing with these fallacies, strawmans, and awful self-contradictions. This entire response boiled down to "hah. you are nitpicking and biased. I win. Bye bye."
  4. This is such an incredibly stupid point--it is literally like saying western games all look realistic so they all look the same. "Oh man all JRPGs look like anime I mean seriously they're just different anime" Like yeah, who would've thought that Japanese RPGs would be styled after y'know, their most popular form of media entertainment in that country's culture. "Pedantic specifics" such as interface, gameplay, narrative, and character designs are all that separate games with similar graphical looks in the first place. If you unironically believe this was a good point to make--holy god lmfao. Also, hate to break it to you, but all the games you mentioned, Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, the JRPGs that don't "have that same anime style"--are all still anime. For whatever reason I'm assuming you just don't know because you either haven't actually watched anime or couldn't care enough to do any research to seem less ignorant--but anime is a media format, not a media genre. Saying "these all have that same anime style" is like pointing to a bunch of films and saying "they all have that same movie style." It holds absolutely no water. Yet another..Pretty stupid point. "Plenty of people are sociopaths, who cares if i'm one too!" Just because you aren't in the minority of doing something (which you probably are anyways, ASIDES from on this extremely specific trophy site) doesn't automatically make it a bulletproof point. With a world population of seven billion, there's gonna be a ton of people that all do similar things--doesn't make them any less worthy of critique or pointing out. You're sitting here keyboard smashing about how awful a video game is, even coming for people's profile pictures over it or smth--yet you've wasted hundreds of hours that you will NEVER get back doing everything there is to do in that game. It's odd to say the least, and no matter how many other people do that kind of thing alongside you--it's still gonna be strange. Yeah no I didn't. If you want to sit here and critique all JRPGs for being mundane and similar because they are all anime and thus all anime is not worth your time, yet somehow simultaneously use DBFZ as an example of a purdy anime game, then you hit yourself over the head with a 4x4. Dragon Ball FighterZ falls into that "all same anime reee" category as well because it is an anime game. If you want to correct yourself and state that not all anime are bad and thus not all JRPGs are bad because they're anime, then you could try and backtrack on your painful self-contradictions. But oof, if ya did that it would kinda make the entire crux of your argument collapse wouldn't it. Oh, and before you try and say "I was just using it to show that anime CAN be pretty and Persona 5 just failed at it!" Then please define what you mean each time you constantly say "that same anime style" as a point to degrade JRPGs. Because clearly, you admire something graphically about DBFZ, yet want to criticize other JRPGs for being anime-styled graphically. Makes no sense whatsoever.
  5. Dude if you can find me one game that looks identical to Persona 5 in terms of User Interface, Style, Animation, and Character Design, I swear to god I will paypal you $2000. If you genuinely believe that the gameplay is this bad, yet still went on to play through the game at least two times for the platinum, I have no idea what to tell you. It's entirely your opinion--but I mean either you didn't play on higher difficulties to appreciate the combat system and other mechanics more, or you just hate yourself. Platinuming something that takes 100-300 hours long to do means you either really liked it, or would've been better off bricking yourself for that long lmao. I hate anime. I can never get into it no matter how many times I try--and yet I love Persona. But I guess this whole "only anime fans like it reeee" could just be added onto the list of painful strawmans you've typed out in this thread in an attempt to belittle opinions that may differ from yours. The only hilariously ironic part is that you want to defend Dragon Ball FighterZ as a video game, something literally made based off of an anime for fans of the anime, yet use "anime fan bad" as an argumentative point as to why Persona 5 is a bad game. Nice.
  6. The only two examples of games you give that look good whilst still being anime are both done by the same artist. Not to mention FighterZ is nowhere near the same as other video games because of the literal frame-by-frame animation they went for instead of having a computer fill in frame gaps to give more of a traditional anime feeling--whilst Persona doesn't go for that at all. On top of this, smack Persona 5's UI onto screenshots of Dragonball Z or Dragon Quest XI. Does it fit? Probably not. Probably because the game has a specific flavor and style that it's going for. Probably because it was meticulously made for that specific game, its animations, and graphical feel. And dude, nobody is buying Persona 5 or any Persona game because they want something that looks as beautiful as GOW 2018 or Kingdom Hearts III, lmao. If you don't like the game that's 100% fine, but these apples to oranges comparisons and horrible strawmanning of people based off of their anime avatar is strange. Get over yourself.
  7. Uh oh, another person confused graphical fidelity with art style and flavor. "if it doesn't look realistic then bad"
  8. Literally just changed my PSN name and all of a sudden couldn’t sync my trophies on PS3. Had a mini freak out until I realized it was serverwide. Horrible timing though lolol
  9. I assume they will pretty soon! It'll probably just take some time because the update may not be entirely global yet and there may be a lot of calculating that the servers need to do for a bunch of different accounts at once, so it may be a bit before they show on here.
  10. This thread is filled with some of the most basic, weird ass "back in my day gaming blah blah" yet somehow simultaneously, this awkwardly Nihilistic outlook of "trophy hunting is stupid anyways" from people who ironically enough have like 200 or more platinum trophies on their account, and it is so incredibly painful to read. At the end of the day, you're all keyboard smashing over an update that has no effect on how you should personally feel about what you enjoy trophies most for, or gaming in general. Stop acting like you're better than anybody else by gatekeeping trophy hunting or talking about where your "respect" goes on somebody's profile based around their trophies or games. If you like the update, neat! If you hate it, neat! But good God is it so hilariously ironic when people start calling other people no-lifes or casual gamers because of the way they like to trophy hunt and/or play games. You guys need to stop sitting here and acting like you're any better than anybody else on this forum because you all either have a shit ton of trophies, or way too many angry forum posts to count. This website sometimes man, lmfao
  11. Destiny 2!
  12. I am bread. LEGENDARY plat lol
  13. I didn't really enjoy it, no. Far Cry 5's multiplayer felt so out of place, but a decent amount of things in the game do. I feel like Far Cry has been on a steady decline of identity to the point where it's struggling to remember why people enjoy it so much. Haven't really found myself liking a FC game much since FC3, as the whole narrative idea of having a protagonist find themselves struggling with their identity as they whirlwind into a life of savagery for both the right and wrong reasons was rather intriguing and dark. Not so much the more modern Far Cry that has some weak politics and a shallow villain that somehow turns out to be right in the end. You can imagine why I'd enjoy the tacked on multiplayer modes even less lolol
  14. I actually love this idea! It gives an opportunity to showcase a nice trophy, and some great artwork to boot! Every time I get a trophy with beautiful artwork, like Persona 5 Royal's platinum or Oxenfree's many nice trophy icons, it's always just a nice addition to the collection. Being able to use them like this would be really neat!
  15. I second this. It can be such a tearful grind whenever you have no idea how close you are to getting the trophy. Do I throw on a Podcast and just settle in? Am I almost there? Should I just hop off for today and continue tomorrow? No idea until it just eventually pops.