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  1. They definitely just should've kept the horizontal title art. The way they decided to do it with PS5 has truly divided the consoles from a trophy perspective for some bizarre reason. You can't even view your PS5 trophies on the other consoles like you could with PS3, Vita, & PS4. It's kinda sad IMO. I loved having them in uniformity.
  2. As far as I remember you cannot. You need the official PS3 peripherals in order for the instruments to be properly recognized by the game.
  3. This game looks absolutely awful, lmfao. Based off of the trophy card I expected some ripoff of 'The Forest', but upon looking up gameplay I can see that it is far, far worse. Looks like one of those mobile games with a title written in broken English that throws ads at you every five seconds.
  4. If you genuinely cared about getting this patched, then you would file a report about the glitch to Naughty Dog maybe somewhere on their Twitter or contact via website. They still patch TLOU 1, and even updated it recently to run better with the improved hardware on PS5. Spreading the glitch en masse with the hopes of having so many people do it that it not only ruins the playerbase but somehow makes naughty dog ensure future games run better is such a horrible, disingenuous idea lmfao. Not to mention you're still virtue signaling. You and I both know you don't care how well the multiplayer in the next game will be, or whether this will be fixed. You just want your trophies and don't care who's fun you have to trample over to get to them. It's a really shitty thing to do my guy.
  5. I don't necessarily disagree with that, this glitch shouldn't exist and it sucks that it does. But don't virtue signal to try and act like you care about the state of this game's multiplayer when you happily went out and posted this glitch to a giant community of people for the sake of having more people do it. You don't care about the state of the game so long as it doesn't get in the way of your virtual trophies.
  6. "W-Well *bad thing* is the exact same as *other bad thing*!!" Okay? I have no idea what the relevance is here. Did you think that by telling me doing one thing is just as bad as the other it would negate the fact that playing like this ruins the game for a lot of people and makes you an asshole? I certainly hope not.
  7. It's a matter of principle. This site's fair-game rules aren't exactly the most consistent nor are they something you should look towards to try and dictate whether something is worth doing in a game. You are actively cheating and ruining the game for many people that enjoy it for the sake of itself and not virtual achievements attached to its name. Spreading BS like this is how multiplayer games are ruined by shitty playerbases that use exploits and mods to objectively obliterate what once made the game so fun. If you hate the MP then don't play it and don't get the trophies. Getting it by exploiting the game to the point where it forces other players to quit out of rage defeats the entire purpose and makes you look like a dick.
  8. dawg, the fact that you are willing to break the multiplayer and ruin the fun for people who are just trying to enjoy the game is pretty shitty. If you hate the multiplayer to the point where you have to abuse a glitch against others just for the sake of its trophies, then you definitely don't deserve them lol.
  9. Yeah, the guy who got it a week early lol
  10. It's up now, at least on the US store.
  11. Game isn't even up on the US/Canadian stores yet. This release has been a little messy, to say the least.
  12. "my real Japanese friends said these Japanese people look fake" as opposed to your fake Japanese friends? I-
  13. "The franchise"? This game is a completely new IP. It doesn't expect you to know anything about people that it doesn't explain to you, but you can also do side quests for bigger characters/gangs to learn more about them and possibly even romance them. That's how most Western RPGs work. Okay, I'm not sure how many stories you've been through, but usually when a big name character is introduced in a story, and the characters all seem to know them well than you do, then you are a less omnipotent viewer to the story. The characters in the world know about this person because Night City has existed for a long, long time and people have cemented their legacy and made names for themselves. You, the player, are a newcomer to the city, and as a result you don't automatically know everything that's happening here. For example, if you went to a city in real life, and there was a big name guy there that the regulars knew, you wouldn't automatically know everything about them unless you tried to by interacting with them or asking questions about them--which the game desperately wants you to do. That's kind of the entire point of an RPG. You were just put into a fascinating city filled with big names, crimes, and people eager to become big. Settle in and try to immerse yourself without pulling out Google every five minutes. No it isn't. (By the way, what is "Punk Culture"? Do you mean the Cyberpunk genre? That isn't really limited to one culture so idk what you're trying to say here.) Anyways--The Japanese gangs are heavily rooted in traditional Japanese culture, just as the Nomad gangs are rooted in much more traditional American redneck grease monkey culture, etc. The game is what you make of it. If you hang around in Japantown 90% of the time and never see anywhere else or interact with people outside of that area, you're gonna have a more Japanese experience. If you hang around in the Badlands 90% of the time, you're gonna have more of an outsider "craving freedom" experience. Yes, some people just prefer speak their native tongue to their family members/close friends, and proceed to speak English to people who only speak English. That's how real life works. You've never had any friends that speak multiple languages and end up speaking their native language with family members and English with you? Kinda baffles me that you said this like that just never happens lmao, it's extremely common. From a perspective about how badly the game runs on base Playstation 4s, or the ample bugs, I agree. Hopefully it does. But if you're saying this in regards to narrative or world building (which I assumed based off of your discussion before stating this) then I'm afraid you're out of luck. The base game itself won't change much. If you don't enjoy it or what it's going for, then it's probably best to just let it be and play something else.
  14. Seeing people make comparisons of this game to RDR2 or GTA V are a little frustrating. This is an open-world RPG, not an open-world sandbox. In the department of gameplay from the genre it is a part of, the ample side quests, world building, character growth, etc. do pretty well. It isn't as in-depth with its player impacted narrative decisions as say, New Vegas, but it stands rather well on its own so far in my opinion. I knew from the hype that some people would expect this to be like Grand Theft Auto V because they saw flashy guns and third person driving. Not at all a fair or even slightly reasonable comparison.
  15. I can understand the predictability aspect for certain segments of the game, but to say "GOD WE GET IT WHITE PEOPLE SUCK MINORITIES AND GAYS ARE AWESOME" is such a yikes. Sounds like smth you'd hear on a 4chan white erasure thread or smth lol.