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  1. My guess: he is 11 years old born in January.
  2. @MMDE Damn, thanks man, this will help a lot. Worked perfectly 👊
  3. @MMDE Does this script still work? I'm having trouble getting it to work.
  4. Q2: Yes, I would initially play it casually and if I really liked the gameplay I would try 100% which I know is a pretty hard one. Q3: Nothing specific, I have a bunch of games on my wishlist. I would probably buy whatever is on sale. Thanks for the giveaway 👊
  5. ] https://dead-cells.com/patchnotes#v27.1 Patch Notes: "Fixed some achievements not triggering on console."
  6. I finished the Lighthouse without taking damage and no trophy (I was not using aspects).
  7. Guide of the Year: Control - 100% Trophy Walkthrough by Optinooby Trophy Guide: Hades Trophy Guide by Argandalf_01 Biomutant Trophy Guide by Ac3dUd3- Gameplay Guide: Control - 100% Trophy Walkthrough by Optinooby Persona 5 Royal - 100% Perfect Schedule by Montyzu DLC Guide: Dishonored - Dunwall City Trials DLC Trophy Guide by Phantom2654 Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered - Remastered DLC Trophy Guide by Trozenator Retro Enthusiast: Persona 4: Arena Trophy Guide by LuckySlime and suicideyan Dante's Inferno - EA Community Trials Guide by Mertkaykay and coregamer1998 New-Age Enthusiast: Resident Evil Village Trophy Guide by angelbless45 Genshin Impact Trophy Guide by Gr4de_04 Original Content: Alan Wake Remastered Trophy Guide by FIDO1337 Returnal - Collectible Guide by Optinooby Formatting: Friday the 13th Trophy Guide by NoMoreUpdates Ghost of Tsushima Trophy Guide by Argandalf_01
  8. I didn't have any buggy trophies, they all pop when they were supposed to. 100% agree.
  9. The first shop I found had a non-lethal weapon for sale. It's the only one I found in her entire campaign.
  10. Probably paid.
  11. Yes finally, I hope they don't come buggy.
  12. Yes, I just did it
  13. There is no option to create parachuting there.
  14. I managed to create my own sea race and it worked. -- THIS WAS DONE ON PS3.