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  1. i know it's not the game disputed here but may i ask if you did coop on RE5?
  2. it's better then having the game become another yearly franchise :l
  3. having such a hard time getting any form of fun on Salt and Sanctuary. i knew it was going to be bullshit like all souls like game but i had hope to get some challenge and enjoyement out of it but it's an endless running around and get lost simulator wich is the only challlenge you get. find your way. killed around 10 boss so far i havn't died once to ennemies... died 30 time because of great platforming mechanics and loosing my mind when backtracking. 30min of gameplay for 5h of trying to find my way. #saltyasfuck 

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    2. imOvray


      little update as i just finished the game i keep my opinion.. all i "enjoyed" were the bosses and i hated basically 90% of my time on the game (12h with no guide). Died twice from ennemies but a thousand time to fall damage. The only challenging/difficult part of the game is the platforming. Rest is just heavy weap hit once roll and repeat. Oh well now to redoing it all over again to get those 2 missed bronze trophies :D 

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      good job :) go for it 👍

    4. imOvray


      platinum in the pocket! ng+ was like dying from cancer and getting revived to redo it all other again.. i played a shit load of bullshit rpg (way of the nioh recently) but it's nothing compared to the salt this game feeded to me. curse on the game develloper! hope they die from fall damage ;p

  4. (Suggetion) Disable flagging ability for flagged user.
  5. Black Ops in veteran was really frustrating...... glad i can uninstall the game now :D

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      well good luck ^^ 

    3. ee28max


      Pardon my curiosity, but is it that hard? :P 

    4. imOvray


      well since there's no cover system ennemies start shooting at you as soon as you go 0.01cm out of cover. 2-3 bullet and you're dead :l they give you almost no opportunity to aim. im used to play games on max difficulty and i enjoy it (when it's balanced) but this one was pure bullshit. Checkpoint system suck and there's infinite ennnemy spawn on multiple part. Like i said it was really frustrating ^^

  6. CLASSIC MODE COMPLETED :DD BOOM BITCH GET OUT THE WAY. The Evil Within 2 is definatly a GOTY for me. The feeling going trought this difficulty was just like Outlast 2 

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      Great job! 👍

  7. where do you read that? ._. they might not be the same on the technical part (damage etc..) but they're both the max difficulty in Wolfenstein. That's what i meant by "new name". For example Classic and Akumu in The Evil Within are both max difficulty but completly different on the technical part.
  8. game comes out the 27 in my country but i can tell: 1. MEIN LEBEN is the new name for UBER as the difficulty I AM DEATH INCARNATE have returned and is listed before MEIN LEBEN. 2. Either it's going to be your regular 30fps with preatty ok graphics or a 60fps with bland textures and effect as the engine is the same as DOOM (id tech 6). 3. It's a Bethesda game.
  9. im saying that because when it happened to me it was a psnp issue and everyone was AFFIRMATING that i did hide my trophies by "mistake" wich is the same here. btw no need for me to calm down. ain't cuz i put "fuck" in one of my sentence that im mad as hell smashing my computer to death? http://(URL not allowed)/user/view/xxdmcgee2288xx#games PSNP issue.
  10. stop thinking that people hide their trophy by "mistake"............ it's a bug from PSNP it happened to me twice already. just wait a day and your profile will be back to normal. and again im asking: who the fuck set their trophy to private without knowing????? stop taking people for dumb shit :l
  11. Steep is preatty accessible and fun to play if you like extreme sports
  12. they have names so yeah the game is so good im loving it so i don't want to spoil myself with guides :l