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  1. ps4 timestamps changes? o_O edit: nvm just checked ngu and yeah around 1000 timestamp shop on ps4 x)
  2. the speedrun world record (set on pc ingame time) is 1h31min. it's impossible (or record a platinum speedrun to prove us wrong) to pick up all collectables, grind all perks etc in 40min.. so you obviously used some kind of 100% perks saves wich you did yourself since saves and resigner weren't available at that time. so the real question is: was it forbidden in 2016 on ps4 to make yourself a 100% saves deleting local user to re do a platinum playtrought?
  3. i never understand people who buy RPG games just to get a max level cheat and breeze trough the game. you also used mules on DS II and probably the 1st one too. what a very good gamer you are.
  4. there's no trophy related to the GOTY edition you only need the complete first season to 100% the game sorry if the response is late
  5. game have been out for a few days and already a few people platted it so i guess it's not as bad as it sound?
  6. well need lvl 275 cars to access ranked :l i'll come back to it but it doesn't smell good for the platinum..
  7. also in stats it says i've never played ._.
  8. 3rd time.... with my own cars this time still no fucking trophy :@
  9. Hey, just completed 5 races in a row 2 times now once with some friends and once with random but no trophy.. am i missing something? i was used borrowed car from friends maybe that's it? Edit: the trophy is unobtainable in friendly speedlist. obtained both trophies in ranked. problem solved
  10. thanks for the reply! already 100% the game and yh i did the dlc before doing the end boss and i don't regret ^^ P.A.X in NG+ was a nightmare so i can't imagine the dlc ^^
  11. Hey i am almost done with the base game and i would like to know a few things about the dlc. 1. Can i access the dlc after end game or does it just launch ng+ straight away? 2. Does the DLC difficulty increase in ng+?
  12. got the trophy within 5 min that way x) thanks again man i still can't believe how mad i got for such stuff ^^
  13. well thanks for your help i'll try that
  14. so Magilou in reserve, pull any mystic artes hold L2 during it press dpad right till it goes on carachter with reserve and then dpad up? i'll try this tomorrow but i don't really understand how what you say work
  15. in resume im doing too much damage and enemmies don't survive Tetra Detonator.. any way to lower my level and damage? already using the weakest gear possible