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  1. 1. I did read it. 2. I left a friendly welcome like I do on most introduction posts. 3. Being this pedantic about this on a trophy hunting website probably won't work out well for you. 4. Being super passive-aggressive and condescending is no way to endear yourself to others.
  2. Welcome to the site! Enjoy your stay and happy hunting!
  3. God yes. One reason why I wait to get new consoles is because I can't play my already bought games on it. But with the recent patents it looks like at least PS4 will be available. I am def hoping for all PS games to be on it Just the "slowed down" dev kit they tested on sounds like an incredible jump. Never been too big on hardware, but just the stuff they said sounds impressive. I am very curious which studios have projects in progress to be released with the new console, that is what I am probably most excited for.
  4. My first was Guitar Hero World Tour, I believe.
  5. The verbiage isn't perfect I agree. Fucking lul
  6. This site has a 3 strike rule. You can hide two games and be on the leaderboard. A third and you are permanently off.
  7. This game has an unencrypted save file, so you can just download the save file. You clearly did this, with Spec Ops and Veteran related trophies popping exactly like a save file would. Hide the game if you want to return to the leaderboard (And hide any other game you did something like this with)
  8. 1. You aren't banned. You can hide the game and return to the leaderboard. 2. The flag isn't a declaration of you being a cheater, rather, that you have trophies with illegitimate timestamps. 3. No one has said you hacked the game. Everyone is saying you joined a modded lobby, which you did, intentionally or not.
  9. The job is to remove illegitimate trophies from the leaderboard, which is what this instance is.
  10. BL2 has char transfer from PS3/Vita to PS4. OP does not have PS3/Vita BL2 to do said transfer.
  11. Welcome to the site. Enjoy your stay and happy hunting.
  12. Yea, mine is probably going to be taking a hit as well. Sekiro is absolutely crushing me, and I will be starting a new Vita game. I really need to be true to this event and work on my backlog 😂
  13. If you unhid your profile/trophies, will you need to earn a new trophy for the update to be noticed on this site.
  14. Impressive considering it has been only 2 days... Indicative of your trophy gathering process?
  15. It will probably not update until the sites get the PSNID update in place. I think Sony sprung the update without much forewarning, and Sly is currently working on it. They think about a week to get all the pieces connected. Once that update is done, it should resolve this issue.