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  1. MHW will not be lifted, it is obviously cheated. Maybe don't buy trophies on ebay? Closing.
  2. I'm going to go ahead an lift it. Explanation makes sense. PM me if there is something I missed. Closing.
  3. I'm lifting this. If you see something that warrants this being flagged, PM me. Otherwise, it looks fine and closing.
  4. The reporter must not know these two are different months lol, JUN and JUL. This report has been lifted. Closing.
  5. OP, for saying that the vita is 100% impossible to cheat, you sure did cheat a lot with it. I see no reason to lift this flag with the other games that have been found as cheated. OP is at 3+ flagged games and won't be returning to the leaderboard. Closing.
  6. This isn't wanted on the leaderboard. You can hide the game if you want to return to the leaderboard. You don't have to hide if you don't want to, you just won't be on the leaderboard. You can still use the rest of the site's features. Closing.
  7. You have 4 flagged games, which means you won't be returning to the leaderboard regardless of hiding them or not. You can still enjoy the rest of the sites features. Closing.
  8. I'm closing this. This isn't something we can lift even if we wanted to.
  9. Your profile was removed through automation. This is not something that creates a flag, it is CFW. Missing timestamps do not cause this.
  10. You can hide the game whenever you want, if you want. It does not have to be done now. Remember, 3 or more flagged games is permanent removal even if you hide some. it looks like your profile was updated 23 minutes ago, so I think you have to wait an hour before you can update your profile again. Closing.
  11. You're not banned from the site, just from the leaderboards. If you choose to hide the game, you will return to the leaderboards, since you will only have one flagged game hidden. If you get more than 2 flagged games you will be off permanently. Once you hide the game on your playstation, you need to earn another trophy and sync here. Once you do that, the game should be hidden, and you should see "Soon" where the normal leaderboard ranking is. That is how you know you did it correctly. More directions are located in the above thread linked. If you don't hide the game, your profile will still update normally, you just won't be on any of the leaderboards. You will still be able to enjoy the rest of the site's features, including sessions. Yes this is considered part of the leaderboards.
  12. Nothing will happen with your account, other than the game being hidden. Disputes are for people who are wrongly flagged. This is not a wrong flag, and thus won't be lifted. You can hide the game to return to the leaderboard, or if you don't want to hide the game, you will just be off this site's leaderboard. Regardless, you can still enjoy the rest of the sites features. You can read more about why games are flagged here: You can see how to hide games here: Closing.
  13. This isn't going to be lifted. You can follow the link above to hide the game and return to the leaderboard. If you don't want to hide the game, that's fine, you just won't be on the leaderboard. Either way, you can still enjoy the rest of the sites features. Closing.
  14. Should read the whole thread before commenting.... Anyway, OP has indeed deleted themselves off the site, that and 3+ flagged games, will not be returning to the leaderboard. Closing.
  15. Translate: That's not it, I played for a long time in 2018 and I got 20 more zen, but .... trophies didn't sync, so my ps4 was formatted I lost DBFZ trophies, but save DBFZ game is saved, when I came back I played DBFZ online and realized I won two trophies at the same time, by accident. so now i found out i got banned from psnprofiles so i would like to know how to revert with this for i back ranking You don't. Those trophies are earned by means not acceptable for this site's leaderboard. And with two correct Demon Souls flags, you are permanently off the leaderboard. Closing.