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  1. The account isn't marked as a team account, it would just look like a team account. Agreed. But at least they are pretty easy to tell.
  2. Yes, this is allowed. Doing so will probably get your account scrutinized since it will probably look suspicious, but it would fall under the "team account" allowance.
  3. So it seems you are using a different definition of milestone than probably the rest of us. Milestone, for PSNP, is the list of games on the right of your profile, not just games you are proud of (which seems like what you are trying to convey). Yes, it sucks that you got into a hacked lobby that messed your list up. But that list is now illegitimate and should not count towards the leaderboards. The same could be said for hiding 1 game as well. There is a huge thread for a whitelist, which I personally am not for, but you could voice your support there as well.
  4. I read the thread. I don't think your arguments are good enough to implement what you want. Yes, it does suck that your milestones are messed up, but if you are paying such close attention to something like milestones, you are probably pretty active on this site (since the milestones are only for this site) and are probably aware of the risks involved with hacked hobbies (just a guess). Don't play those games. Otherwise, you did it before coming to this site. In which case, your milestones are just games that could have been randomly picked out of a bag, in which they mean nothing, so hiding a game and having them change is not a big deal.
  5. The three strike rule currently implemented is more than lenient enough. As others have said, this would just encourage cheating. The biggest thing is if the points for those cheated games are included in the world leaderboard. If they are, then their rank is bad. It they are not, then it is no different than the current system so why change. I think there are better features for Sly to implement than something like this.
  6. When did you start playing?
  7. What was the reason in the report?
  8. Oh fun. Time to not get any points! WOO! Dec: Adventures of Mana Dragon Age II
  9. Decided to play some Rock Band 3 last night. I had forgotten how much I enjoy those games. It's a shame that GH:L was such crap.

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    2. BlackSquirrell1


      Good luck on your band career and finding the instruments!

    3. Squirlruler


      Oh I have no plan on platting it haha. But thanks :]

    4. Avatar_Of_Battle


      Now that I am reminded of something...would you, anyone reading this, happen to know if a PS2 guitar would work if I had a PS2 to PS3 adapter? I suppose I could just buy one and test it out, but if someone knew beforehand that'd be nice lol.

  10. Please link the video so it can be verified.
  11. Why are all bronze an issue?
  12. #75 Bastion: You Done Good This is a game, along with Transistor, that has been recommended to me basically since it has come out. I needed a game to become my 75 milestone. Boy, was this game good. Right from the start I knew I was going to enjoy the game just because of how the narration was done. The combat was fun and active, and the weapons felt different as you used them, with a good spread of melee and ranged. The 10 Idol Dream runs were fairly difficult, but there was a couple good set ups. The History Books one, though, phew, that took me several tries to beat. The sound track was great! Though, that was to be expected since I have listened to the Transistor sound track again and again haha. The story was good, nothing too groundbreaking, but very enjoyable. I really liked the "Lost and Found", so you didn't have to be overly concerned with making sure you explored every single little nook and cranny, or have to use a guide to find all the upgrades. This is a great game, go play it. Enjoyment: 9/10 Difficulty : 6/10 Plat time: ~15 hours BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! #76 Fallout 76: Ugh. So. Fallout 76. I am sure everyone has heard more than they ever wanted to hear about this game. Well, you are in luck, you get to hear more about it First the good: sound track was really good. Found myself listening to the radio a lot, and singing the songs outside the game. Ambiance was spot on as well. Turn the radio off and just listen to everything going on around you, it's great. The map was really big, and the different areas were visually appealing (Especially the Mire). The locations for the most part were done well, some felt a little empty with lack of NPCs. One thing though, it is clear the people making the locations put a lot of love into it. I didn't find the lack of NPCs as overwhelmingly negative, since the Fallout world is gleamed a lot of terminals, notes and exploring. Would the information probably have been more well rounded with them? Absolutely. The MOST fun I had with the game, was when I played with friends. That really was a saving grace, though, I would have much preferred a co-op type instead of an MMO type. Now for the bad: Atom Shop is garbage. BGS constantly going back on their word. BGS taking community feedback to and then literally selling it back to the consumers. The Atom Shop has a literal weapon for sale. New features released are always broken. Tons and tons of in game bugs. Just to give you an idea of how bad some of these new feature bugs are: They released a "vault raid" but there was a sequence where if the group leader DC'ed, then you DC'ed (which was ALL THE TIME in raiding because their servers are unstable as all hell), you could lose literally your entire inventory. There is a significant lack of content. I ended up grinding 50+ levels to 100 by killing one area over and over. Many of the high level/harder creatures gave a pittance of rewards for killing them. Another super annoying thing is all the server disconnects. You are able to take over Workshops in the world and they can give resources. You get a set amount of scrap to build with and after you use that up, you can use your own. However, if you disconnect after building up that workshop, it is exceedingly difficult to get back into that server so you won't have just wasted all those materials. Ugh. This game has potential, but BGS seems intend on squandering it away. I fear for TES:6 and Starfield. :[ Enjoyment: 3/10 (6/10 with friends) Difficulty : 2/10 Plat time: ~110 hours
  13. [#75] Bastion. I have been recommended this game for a while now, so it seemed like a great game to make a mile stone. Boy, is it a good game. The music was on point, the narrator was spot on, pretty good story line, fun mechanics. The 10 Idol runs were a bit difficult, but manageable. Great game, go play.

    [#76] Fallout 76. So this game has received a ton of hate and a lot of it was justified. The Atom shop is garbage, BGS constantly going back on their word, game breaking bug after bug, new features constantly just straight up not working. I don't agree so much with the issues of the NPCs, or lack thereof, however. The majority of fallout games, you have to scrimp and scrounge for info through terminals, notes, etc. This game with no different. Would NPCs have made the story telling better/more engaging? Absolutely. Was the world building completely broken because of it? No. Overall, I would not recommend though.

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    2. ShonenCat


      Congratz! 🎂

    3. DamagingRob


      Double congrats! Bastion was indeed a gem. Loved all of their games, so far. Fallout 76... *pushes further into the backlog* 

    4. ee28max


      Well done! 💯 

  14. Welcome to the site! Enjoy your stay and happy hunting!
  15. My guess: It is in the image of someone and they were either gifted/they bought it. But that's insane.