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  1. As noted, that situation is a proper application of the flag. You can review all the rules below: You may hide up to two flagged games and still be on the leaderboard. You can review how to do this via:
  3. Fingers crossed. Very much looking forward to this game.
  4. You should make a gaming session, found here: https://psnprofiles.com/sessions LFG threads tend to get closed pretty fast.
  5. You should hide any other games you have cheated on before they also get flagged...
  6. Please follow this link: Please note, you may have up to 2 flagged games hidden and remain on the leaderboard. Any more and you are off permanently.
  7. Please edit your post to include the reason you were flagged.
  8. Unfortunately this is against the leaderboards rules. You can review here. Specifically: If this is your first flag, you can hide the game and you will be re-instated to the leaderboards. Please note, you can have up to 2 flagged games hidden before you are permanently off the leaderboards.
  9. This isn't accurate. It is more like you work for a driving company. You let your friend/gf/parents borrow your car. When you get it back it doesn't work. Then your job not paying you because you specifically didn't "break" your car. (Not a good comparison but eh). Anyway, the reason the rules are like this is because actual cheaters would use this excuse to get themselves unflagged. Regardless if it was you who used a save file to pop trophies or anyone else on your account. Your account is the thing with the issue. You don't have to hide the game if you don't want to, but this site does not want illegitimate trophies on the leaderboard. Last note: if you did copy your save file, why didn't you sync all your trophies before going to your friends house? PSN saves the earliest date that the trophies are synced.
  10. [#41,#42] Claire (PS4//Vita). I did not mean to plat this twice. I started on the PS4 version and was really bad. I found some glitches (such as dying in a wall revived you in the wrong "plane" so you couldn't interact with anything). Decided to try it on the Vita not realizing they had two separate lists. Finished running through on Vita, looked at my trophies and saw they were separate. Went "Guess I AM playing both" lolol. Oh well.

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    2. JorgeSleep


      Congratz, dude! 👏

    3. GarciaFever


      Congrats. What was your total plat time, if I may ask?

    4. Squirlruler




      @GarciaFever my first plat time was probably 5-6 hours. This included me dicking around learning how to play. The second was probably between 3-4 hours. 

  11. Not a court room. Timestamps are enough proof to indict. Two people have reviewed the timestamps and found them to be wanting. Following with your "court room" logic, this is the appeal part of the process. It is up to the OP to show their innocence.
  12. It may be the characters the artist is familiar with. Didn't look at the blog so I dunno how closely they are with Sony. Pretty sweet theme though.
  13. The ps3trophies guide says you need to replay ALL chapters again on UV. They apparently don't consider it a playthrough because it has chapter select. Relevant quote: Also, I see you have the same trophies popped as the OP in question. Do you happen to know what patch you were on? Everywhere I read says the PS3 version needs two play throughs...
  14. As @Stevieboy said, make sure they aren't hidden. If you are unsure how to do so, please follow this link:
  15. But you see how this is different than "I dunno what happened, but it was beneficial to me", right? These two examples are able to be verified by multiple other people. Not knowing why it "glitched" on you isn't in of itself the issue. But you can't just shrug and be like "it glitched" if you are the only one it happened to. Glitches are not that rare. No one forces you to pay. This isn't a court of law so due process doesn't exist. It is fairly fair imo, someone has to report you, it has to be approved (which you have already had happen, since @MMDE said he didn't approve another game that had been flagged). So it is reviewed twice. Then you get the chance to, since you are using law terms, appeal that decision. https://psnprofiles.com/account/delete