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  1. The FFX Chocobo Race Trophies. Those sucked.
  2. What's your favorite section to moderate? Do you use forum drama in your screenplays? Have you used a deleted post for inspiration and if so, what is the summary of what was written?
  3. Oh good, doesn't look like a challenges trophy. Seems to be pretty straight forward. *Do all the things* kinda stuff. Doesn't look like there are missables either, which, Yesssss.
  4. Is this the "nice guy" argument of video games? 😂😂
  5. I think it's wrong to tell people who didn't do anything to fuck off, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. This is incorrect. Anyone currently searching SOS's regardless of instance, can find the SOS. But the rest of it is spot on. Changing instances is a bit of a pain, since you need to log out and then log back in. There isn't an easy way of changing. The biggest issue with instances is people leaving their mic on, but it's pretty easy to mute them and just continue lol. No problem! MHW is an incredible game and the more people who enjoy it the better! Haha
  7. Yes, this is separate. You can only SOS after you start a quest and anyone that is searching for SOS's can join it. The posted quests (from that menu) can only be joined from people within that instance. Little clarification on the Hub, the hub is one specific place in the main "non-fighting" area (think city in MMOs). The other people in the stance may or may not be in the Hub. Sorry, it's a little confusing but makes more sense when in the game lol.
  8. You can see whoever is in the instance that is in the hub. So when you are in your instance, you can join anyone who has "posted" a quest, as long as they have the number of players higher than 1. (If you wanted to play by yourself, you can set the # of players to 1 and only you will be on it). You aren't in a party in the game, more like you are instanced together. Once you join the quest, you will see the other players in the HUD.
  9. Damn man, that really sucks. However, silver lining, you have come to the correct console now!! The Last of Us is incredible. Welcome to the site! Enjoy your stay and happy hunting.
  10. MP is a little more difficult than it needs to be, but it is way better in Iceborne. Basically, there are a few ways of doing it. If you are in a party, then you will join the same instance. (Each instance has about 16 people in it). Then, someone will post a quest, and you will open the quest log and request to join it. It loads, the poster will hit depart, and off you go. You can help randoms by responding to an SOS flare. They are in their hunt, send off this flare, you can do a search for all the people who have sent these flares and can join them to help them out. In the base game, the main hub is split into two sections. One with all the vendors and one where you can see the other players. This is what they are referring to when saying it is a pain, because you can't interact with most of the vendors while in the player hub. Not a HUGE deal imo, but annoying nontheless. This is fixed in Iceborne, with the player hub having all the vendors available. Everything is soloable. MP increases difficulty of the hunt. Most people are really nice, haven't met anyone toxic while I played (~340 hours), though I usually played by myself or friends.
  11. GWR uses PSNP for verification. RD4 got caught cheating, threw a huge hissy fit and left. Made for several days of
  12. Been playing iceborne, and it feels so good to be playing again. Such a good game.

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    2. BlackSquirrell1


      Heard it was really good!  I'll need to pick up the base game so I can play it.

    3. B1rvine


      Why did I need to be around a milestone at this time :(


    4. Squirlruler


      Oh the bane of planners :P

  13. Correct. You can not use your own save file to pop trophies in an illegitimate manor. You may want to hide other games that this happened on, or they may get flagged too...
  14. Congrats and welcome! Nice list you have there. Good luck, enjoy your stay and happy hunting!