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  1. Welcome to the site! I voted for FO3, because I really enjoyed it when I played. Haven't played many of the other games. :] Really hoping for a FO3 remaster on PS4 so I can get another stack Enjoy your stay and happy hunting!
  2. Welcome to the site! Enjoy your stay and happy hunting!
  3. Ooo it's going to be one of these disputes.
  4. It is explicitly in the rules that it is fine, as @NathanielJohn has linked.
  5. It would be considered a team account and it is fine.
  6. The trophies in question are independent of each other. If they were chained (IE beat ch.1 then ch2 then 3) it would be different. But these are just "Do X with Y char". There are other games (IE Tekken I think, or other fighting style games) that have been flagged and subsequently lifted because it can be done using multiple consoles. This *should not* be flagged. Now if they had literally all their character trophies pop all at the same time, that would be a different scenario.
  7. Two different PS3s. Should be fine.
  8. If you have less than 3 flagged games, you can hid them via the link above. If you have 3 or more, then no. If you have more games that were save file usages that aren't flagged, hide them when you hide the other games (only applicable if you have less than 3 flags)
  9. I think that is a really silly reason not to do something, and honestly, a bad business move. It happens all the time. If something works, you should definitely take advantage of it. As for Nintendo having achievements, I am for it. I don't think I would get into it, but it would be cool to see what kind of system they put in place.
  10. Welcome to the site! Enjoy your stay and happy hunting!
  11. It constitutes a flag for this sites leaderboard. You can review what are acceptable flags here: Specifically: Using a save file to auto-unlock trophies - If you use an external save file to auto-unlock trophies or advance you further into the game and the impossibility of normal circumstance can be proven via the timestamps, it's flaggable. This includes using your own save file to unlock trophies at an impossible time frame, be careful with this, always sync your trophies, and do not use your save file to earn trophies impossibly out of order. If you have that other PS3, PM @MMDE And he might be able to help you.
  12. Doesn't sound like they did too poorly unfortunately :[ https://www.polygon.com/2018/1/30/16952396/star-wars-battlefront-2-sales-loot-boxes-returning
  13. Well, if you are thinking that will re-instate you to the leaderboards, it won't. If you don't care about that, nbd, but if you do, you will need to start a new account. I think this can be closed now though @MMDE
  14. https://segmentnext.com/2017/11/18/the-star-wars-battlefront-ii-controversy-timeline-how-the-events-unfolded/ Backlash was over a month. No. Beta's are not a "skeleton" of a game. They are usually pretty damn close to being done. There are a few exceptions, of course, but generally what you get with a Beta is what you get (minus the bugs) in the game. Anyway, this is really OT. And that last post is just so wrong.
  15. Not blind hatred. Just a repeated showing that they don't care about the games and just want a profit. Which, is cool. They can totally do that! I just don't want to support that. :] And we are not suppose to base a game based off it's beta? Are you serious? A game is pretty much set in stone by beta. Beta is for fine tuning and working out bugs, not massive design overhaul.