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  1. https://imgur.com/B67exeo That is what I see.
  2. I looked on the US store, and it shows 15 months for the normal $60. Does the icon say 12 months for that price?
  3. This is not accurate. There are no mods as you describe, this is save file usage. That is not how the time stamps work. It would display the timestamp as "MISSING" if you earned them without having connected to the internet first. Against the leader board rules of the site. I don't think your flags will be lifted. GL.
  4. Before I got my 3k trophy to be MHW plat, I would have said yes. Now that it is a milestone though, I probably wouldn't. I would still support the feature being implemented, though I do understand the concerns of losing stuff to hackers.
  5. Welcome to the site! Enjoy your stay and happy hunting :]
  6. It will not be free according to the video. Prices will be available in Spring.
  7. So we are getting a new "massive" DLC. Very excited for it My biggest complaint is it isn't coming until Autumn 2019 😭😭
  8. [#55] Severed. This has been one of my favorite Vita games to play. Highly recommend.

  9. Looks like you have a PS4 though. You can hide it via that system. Go to the PS4 section. Make sure to earn another trophy to get the site to recognize the update.
  10. Auto updates are currently not working.
  11. There is a strategy to get enough raider attacks. At certain thresholds of vault dwellers, you get new encounters (ferals, deathclaws etc). So if you don't have all your raider attacks by the end of your game, you kick out enough dwellers to get under the threshold, (around 30 IIRC), so raiders are much more frequent.
  12. Do you think WR holders should lose their spot because they die or retire from their sport?
  13. That I don't know and will have to defer to @Sly Ripper
  14. The auto-update feature is currently broken. You need to manually update by going to the home page and updating there (or through the menu link on your profile page).
  15. Necroing this, because please.