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  1. The games on the profile are not legit, regardless if you could have done them legit. Start a new profile and do them all legit.
  2. Final couple weeks before the year ends! Time to get those completion percentages up! I absolutely trashed mine trying to finish the bingo card and to do a trophy streak haha. I do get a ton of days off coming up, so I will be be attempting to smash through some games to get that sweet sweet %.
  3. In this situation, the entire game was marked as missing timestamps. Wouldn't help this. Usually most games have missing stamps at the beginning of the game. Again, wouldn't help what you propose. If there are missing stamps after trophies have been earned, then it could STILL mess up milestones if there are multiple games being played. The way it is handled now should stay.
  4. The three strike rule is leniency specifically for this kind of situation. It would be for you to decide if it is worthless or not. If you are on the leaderboard, it is the sites position (afaik) that it is fine.
  5. Use this link https://psnprofiles.com/sessions
  6. Yes, if they are hidden.
  7. If they are found on a profile, and deemed to have been cheated via a save file they CAN be flagged, regardless of the rest of the profile.
  8. I used the creative glitch to get it to work in one world. Just kept doing the creative glitch a few times. Spawned well over a thousand villagers. It was quite a sight to see them all panic at once when it rained 😂 But yes, it is super easy to do the creative glitch. Just do that lol
  9. At least you came up with a creative new lie. I flagged you for two more games. Thank you, come again.
  10. This is listed as not using the USB save file (no need to overwrite save files). This does mean there is a time limit (probably), but meh. 1. Create a new survival world (not an converted world) in Bedrock. 2. Go into world, create chest. 3. In the Options Menu, switch world to Creative. 4. Get your items from creative menu, put into chest. 5. I tried to limit my time to ~30 seconds, not sure how long you actually have. 6. Force close App. 7. Re-open Minecraft, your new world may say Creative in the menu, but when you load the world, it should change back to Survival, with all your new items.
  11. Yea, it is way slower and laggier. Wonder how many times the code has been ported before it got to the ps4 lol
  12. For your map, does the world wrap around? (IE if you go all the way to the right, do you end up on the left side of your map room display?) If not, just go another square over. I know on my map I went over 14000 in one direction. Do you know if you map is limited in space?
  13. 1 Make sure to play the story DLCs as well, as it really ties them together well.
  14. Do you have multiple cartographers? You can only have one cartographer per cartographer block, so that may be why it is not refreshing.
  15. Do you have multiple ones there? Only one will "attach" themselves to a block so you would need multiple. You can tell if they are attached to a block because they will have the green shinys around them when you place it (in case you didn't know)
  16. Make sure you have a cartographer table so they can restock their supplies My map was over 2 hours away, fucking dumb.
  17. So I couldn't get it to work with a converted save. So this is assuming you start a new world. 1. Create survival mode new world 2. Create chest 3. While in the menu, change to Creative, click OK to no trophies. 4. Quickly open menu, take items you want, put in chest. 5. Wait a couple seconds. (not sure if this is needed, but I did just to make sure) 6. Close application through holding the PS button. I would try to do it within 30 seconds (what I did) and it worked for me. I did Villager Eggs and Coal blocks to get Master Trader. I had silk touch on one of my old converted saves, and I definitely had to go to an unexplored area to find bees. But if you use the creative glitch above, you can get beehives from it, and then just place a ton of them around and chances are one will have 3 bees in it and that will pop your trophy. This is not true. My old worlds definitely spawned bees once I went to an area that was unexplored.
  18. I can confirm creative glitch works.
  19. I can confirm it too. Thank you!
  20. Yea, I don't see anything for PS4 😭😭
  21. Wow, all 6? That would be crazy. But I would buy that for sure, since I couldn't ever get 1/2 to play on my PC :'(
  22. Would this be for FO1/2/tactics?
  23. Thanks, will try this tonight. Tried two maps so far and haven't been able to find the damn chest in the X.
  24. Neir;Automata did that for me.