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  1. 2 minutes ago, jonesey46 said:

    @Squirlruler Sorry to be a bother but my platinums earned should be 2 as my completed games both had platinums. Also, can I ask how you got my percentage from the start of the year? Is it just as simple as taking away all the points I'd earned since Jan 1st and deducting the total of the one game I'd started after that?


    Thanks for doing what you do :D excited to see where this event goes over the course of the year.

    It's not a bother, gotta make sure we have the data correct or the stats are useless :P

    1/1 stats were calculated as follows:

    (Total earned points - plat points) / current percentage  = Total possible trophy points for stat calculation

    Total possible trophy points - new game points (not including plat) = Total Points as of 1/1

    Then I calculated 1/1 total trophy points (on your stats page, went to 12/31, added up all the points, minus plats)

    Then divide those points with Total Points to get your percentage.


  2. 7 hours ago, SanctifiedSword said:

    @Squirlruler @ladynadiad Do you guys use some web crawler to go through the HTML pages and compound the stats or are you guys doing it by hand?

    Yea, I wrote a script to compile the stats. I did it by hand several times last year, what a pain in the ass. Lol.

    9 hours ago, Masbee29 said:

    If you are still accepting participants I would like to join.


    I'm currently 84.06%, would like to get over 95%


    3 hours ago, jonesey46 said:

    @SquirlrulerHey I don't know if you seen my post or not but I'd like to join if it isn't too late please.


    6 hours ago, Vampirehunter145 said:

    If  i can stil sign, i will enter in the fray.

    Currently have 31% (31.46 actualy).

    Currently looking to increase it 5% at the end of the year (36 or 37%)


    Also, PM me if you want me to help you with MP trophies in a game we have in common.



    I have added you to the mid-month post, please review your stats for accuracy.


  3. 21 minutes ago, voyager49 said:

    Stats look great Squirlruler. Thanks!


    Can someone please tell me how the completion percentage is calculated? I tried various methods and just can't get it. I would like to figure out how many trophies I need to reach my goal and what negative impact starting a new game has on the percentage.

    It's based off trophy points of a game minus plat, excluding E (0%) games on the profile. Ie 2 games, worth same points, one at 60, one at 100, your current completion is 80.


  4. Just now, ladynadiad said:


    I think it fails because to get the link you have to actually select the name from the listing that pops up to get the link to show.  What can sometimes work is to paste the username and then delete the last character or two and then select the username.


    And yeah, the stats are neat because it really does show some more depth to the progress people are making.  We're all on such different levels as far as games played and trophies earned and that gives a better insight into the effort people are putting in to reach their goals since for some people it will take a lot more trophies to show actual progress than it will for others and that shows a lot more with actual stats on trophies earned and games completed.  In the end raising completion is also about knocking out the backlog.  And wow, that's a lot of trophies earned and games completed from everyone so far!

    Yea, it does fail because of that, but I couldn't even get the backspacing working, since I think the @ triggers something that does not get triggered when it is pasted lol. (I paste the whole post from a single text file).


    And yea, I like the extra stats. It will be cool to see how many games everyone completes :D


  5. @voyager49@IzTriicky__@Mathieumatic

    You have been added. Please check the updated post to make sure your stats look ok.



    I went through and calculated what the stats were at Jan 1st, thanks for the info, it was helpful. I have updated the previous post with new stats, let me know if this was what you were expecting. ^.^



    Until I can figure out how to plain text a name link, I will just be putting everyone's name at the bottom of the post when I post updates. There will be an @<name> so you can find your particular stats.


    Anyone else that wants to join please let me know (If you know your 1/1 stats, that would be helpful, if not, I can calculate them). Sign ups close 1/31.


  6. 6 hours ago, voyager49 said:

    Sounds fun! Count me in!!!

    I generated my card. Not sure how to copy/paste and get the borders, but here it is. I don't understand what some of the boxes mean so I will have questions later.


    Bingo Bonanza 2020

    B I N G O
    Recommended By a PSNP Member Arcade, Rhythm, or Puzzle In a Series New To You One Word Title Adventure
    Based On a Non-Gaming IP With Gorgeous Vistas DLC Pack or Standalone DLC Originally Released in 2020 Sci-Fi or Fantasy Themes
    With Online Features Favorite Genre Player's Choice That You Started But Didn't Finish Nonviolent
    Ultra Rare Platinum That You've Been Meaning To Get To That You Can Beat In One Sitting That Gives You the Feels Anthropomorphized Animals
    Developed In a Foreign Country Cooperative Game Historical Fiction or Mythology Peripheral-Based That "Everyone" But You Has Played

    Take a screenshot of it or something similar and put it on an image hosting site like imgur and then post that link. GL!


  7. 29 minutes ago, ladynadiad said:


    Well, it's not completion % or trophy points, but I think adding stats for stuff like number of trophies earned, number of games started and number of games completed would be neat.  I think it would fit in very well to see how many games and trophies people are knocking off their backlog and that may help with motivation for people who have a lot of games played and won't see as much increase to completion.

    If you can help me compile the initial stats, I don't mind adding these ^.^


  8. 1 hour ago, hilaryduff said:


    not too sure what you mean by doing a poor job? I wasn't trying to hide them, but reading the rules i understand this community more, only 2 trophies flagged on my page, and it states max 2 sets of trophies can be hidden, would I be able to do this? or I won't be able to join the leaderboard? It was ps3, and I didn't really sync much on ps3, I believe I was left frustrated that my console broke midplaythorugh, and the new console did not accept my save file(for some strange reason), so was forced to edit the signature on the file to allow it to sync trophies. But I understand this is still against the rules so understandable. This was obviously a long time ago. 


    If you can look past your high horse for a minute, and just disclose the information needed or needed for an answer, while using all your might to ensure you do not feed your own ego, that would be lovely.

    Dude, you cheated a TTG.


    Episode 3 wasn't out until August. Nice try.



    56 minutes ago, hilaryduff said:

    Nah you're right, you were forced to start a new save, as part of the trophy patch, so this was probably edited signature on a old save, to auto pop them. Again a long time ago... 


    Would these two, then hidden be allowed to rejoin/join the leaderboard? 

    "two" looool


  9. A quick look at your profile and I don't think I quite believe you.


    First, your Bioshock is PS3 not PS4, and you got all your weapon upgrades at once, which is what happens when you resign a save file. You earned trophies for days before that, so either you didn't sync you trophies or your PS"4" died a week before, then DL'd your save and continued, which is still against the rules.


    Also, there are at least 10 other games that are cheated. You did a real poor job.


  10. 5 minutes ago, spacey_dweeb said:

    Thanks for doing the data @Squirlruler I had just messed around and decided on hiding some trophies last night. Kind of ironic that it was the day you did some updates. I do plan to keep them hidden for a while for my own reasons. I will unhide things later on and definitely when the final tallies are going in. If hiding trophies in the meantime is a problem, you can drop me from the event and I won't have hurt feelings. 

    Ok, that's fine, I will not be doing updates for you until they are unhidden since hiding them is against the rules (since it messes with completion %'s).


  11. 2 minutes ago, EdgeOfPortal said:

    @Squirlruler Too late to join? I’m at 62.44 completion and hoping to get to 100.00. Sounds hard, I know, but I’ve actually got a fairly new account with 10 incomplete games (some lengthy, 23 games total on my profile.) If there’s room for one more then I’d love to join.

    Yea, I added you. Nice, no updates this year, makes adding easy haha.


    Not sure when @kingofbattle8174 is going to close signups, so if you want to join, make sure I know so I can add you (preferably if you know what your percentage at the beginning of the year.)


  12. 1 minute ago, Redbeard-Rik said:

    @Squirlruler no inaccuracies on mine. I'm all for more stats, if you have them anyway then throw them out there. If it means a lot of extra work for you then maybe dont bother.

    All the hard work is done. I have a script that compiles data. Adding stats is not hard (unless it is a stat that is not trophy completion % or trophy points). Only manual thing right now is setting name tags since I can't figure out how to write it up in plain text for the forum to recognize it is a name tag 😭😭 Hopefully Sly can give me some insight...


  13. 17 minutes ago, igs63 said:

    Since joining the event about a week and a half ago, I've gone up by 0.43%. If I want to get to 60% by the end of the year, I need to go up by 0.81% per month to make it, assuming my maths is correct. I'm feeling comfortable in this goal thus far, especially considering I have a lot of 0% Telltale games on my profile in particular, which are nice and short. I should definitely be able to hit the 0.81% target for this month, and perhaps get ahead, considering there are is a good amount of new games I want to start this year heh.

    0% games are not calculated in the sites completion %, so they won't give as much % as you are thinking, since when you do earn it, it will "activate" and lower your % complete until you complete it.


    But yea, those should def help, since they are quick :D


  14. Welcome to the site! Nothing wrong with those being favorites. Lots of them are incredible games and worthy of being it. TLoU was great and I am so excited for 2 :D Enjoy your stay and happy hunting!


  15. My Stat Page: https://www.playstation.com/en-us/campaigns/2019/wrap-up/?PXP=d885ccb6cc65e3d47a6b7f73c4af212f85795b51036fafdedeb0495617b20e05


    Fallout 76 numbers seems to be off by almost a factor of 2....



    Top 3 games:

    1. Monster Hunter World  / 202 hours

    2. Fallout 76 / 195 hours (Should be 110 or so)

    3. Rainbow Skies / 96 hours


    Days played:

    232 hours played at 2561 hours clocked. With my longest streak at 8 hours


    Trophies earned:

    Total: 1005 Trophies earned

    Platinum: 20 :platinum:

    Gold: 113 :gold:

    Silver: 273 :silver:

    Bronze: 599 :bronze: