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  1. Not sure which trophies were reported, but he is correct with his description. GH TV was shut down at the beginning of Dec it looks like. GH Live is the off line stuff.
  2. I can't see MMDE not mentioning that when he asked Sly to look at it. Lol.
  3. Welcome to the site! Enjoy your stay and happy hunting!
  4. This isn't entirely accurate. Having someone trade you items/souls etc isn't flaggable, which is what they do. Using a back up save is also permitted. So what I think happens is people start a new game, have a farmed player join them, drop/trade souls/weapons/etc, then the droper can reload their save file from a USB stick (or PS+) and repeat. This is all acceptable.
  5. Thanks to @Sir_Bee for showing this to me, somehow missed it. Sounds fun! Here is my card: https://bingobaker.com/play/1867308/e74959a97ac0a58ceed9cc520cd267e0 Image link: Game plan to come.
  6. You can follow this link and just look for games without a plat. https://psnprofiles.com/games?order=average
  7. Welcome to the site! Enjoy your stay and happy hunting (When you feel like it! lol)!
  8. While playing different region games on the vita is not in itself a flaggable offense, messing up and having impossible trophy stamps is. Specifically: Unlocking trophies on a list from a different region - You can't be flagged for unlocking trophies on a regional trophy list that is from a different region than your PSN account. This includes digital region-locked Vita games. Do note that you can and will be flagged if your time tags aren't legitimate as there are no exceptions, so do this at your own risk and be extremely careful when syncing the trophies you earn. It's recommended to sync after each unlocked trophy if done on Vita. If you have less than 3 flagged games, you can hide the games and return to the leaderboard. Follow this link to see how to do that:
  9. Welcome to the site! Enjoy your stay and happy hunting! :]
  10. Dead Space looks fine to me. I highly doubt Fuel will be lifted. Unencrypted save file etc etc. You can follow the link above to hide it, and if you have less than 3 flagged games, you can return to the leaderboard.
  11. Welcome! Enjoy your stay and happy hunting :]
  12. Their story trophies are a mess.
  13. You need a legit Sound Shapes list to be able to auto-pop the other lists, which you don't have.
  14. There are more than just one person checking. There is a system already in place that does this, but it isn't perfect. If there is a specific user or game that you can't report, message MMDE or GrimyDawg.
  15. I'll join since I am doing this anyway with my own personal goals for this year I want to get to 85% this year. I am currently at 76.75%, so that makes it at least 5% I thought the same thing when I first looked at it. Lol. Let's blame it on lack of coffee. 😂