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  1. I confirmed that my Bioshock 2 rank 40 char was still available (since my ps3 was struck by lightning and I lost my save) so I bought the Bioshock 1/2 Ultimate edition. Gonna be getting the 100% in those soon
  2. Seems like Chat is fucked. How am I suppose to dick off at work now? :awesome:

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    2. MidnightDragon


      Well, good to know it isn't just me.

      And since I can't get in chat, means I have no excuse to procrastinate...fuck!

    3. madbuk


      Could use the PSNP discord server in the meantime if you've joined it

    4. MidnightDragon


      Well, no chat meant I had to be productive today and couldn't whine about how the post office screwed me over again. Damn it! :P

  3. You have 42 hidden trophies. I would make sure it isn't hidden, earn a trophy, and sync again.
  4. Those damn family members strike again! 😂😂
  5. #62 Fallout: New Vegas - Platinum Trophy So this is probably going to hold the record for longest platinum for me for a while. Lol. 8 years, 5 months. ( To the town of Agua Fria rode a stranger one fine day ) Originally stopped playing because I was not looking forward to doing the multiple endings, since they are all very similar with minimal changes. ( Hardly spoke to folks around him, didn't have too much to say ) Then I lost my save file when lightning stuck my apartment several years back. ( No one dared to ask his business, no one dared to make a slip ) So a few years ago, I decided to pick it up again and started going through my hardcore playthrough. ( The stranger there among them had a big iron on his hip ) Got to the point of no return and made save files. ( Big iron on his hip ) Then, I don't remember why, I stopped playing. ( It was early in the morning when he rode into the town ) Anyway, FF to now, finished up the endings, and played through all the DLC. ( He came riding from the south side slowly lookin' all around ) Old World Blues is one of the best DLC's I have played. ( "He's an outlaw, loose and running," came the whisper from each lip ) Muggy is the best robot hahaha. Biggest complaint with it, is that when I got the disc with the DLCs the game ran like 10x shittier. ( "And he's here to do some business with the big iron on his hip" ) About once an hour I would have to either restart the PS3 or the game since it would freeze up or just be unplayably laggy. It happened without the DLCs but at a much less frequent rate. ( Big iron on his hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip ) I do wish there was more music, since it seemed like I heard every song a million times. Lol. Enjoyment: 6/10 Difficulty : 2/10 Old World Blues DLC: 10/10 Edit: It was just pointed out to me that I am the literal slowest person on the leaderboard to obtain the 100% lmao
  6. [#62] Fallout: New Vegas. I was not looking forward to platting this game because of the multiple endings trophies. However, once I actually did them they weren't too bad. The Old World Blues DLC is one of the best DLC packs I have played. Once all the DLCs were installed the game seemed to crash and lag out SO much more often. It was really annoying to have to reset the PS3 or quit the game and restart every hour or so. >.<

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    2. ferginator88


      @Squirlruler Nice! I found Lego LOTR to be one of the more grindier Lego games but still fun of course!

    3. Squirlruler


      It's my literal first Lego game, hopefully not too grindy! hahaha. It's been fun so far :]

    4. ferginator88


      In that case you probably won't notice! It was one of the first ones to do the open world concept and really pack it full of content. 

  7. Welcome to the site! Enjoy your stay and happy hunting (when you do try ) :]
  8. Just scrap it from the html on your profile page :]
  9. Welcome to the site! Enjoy your stay and happy hunting! :]
  10. Welcome to the site! Enjoy your stay and happy hunting (when you can!) :]
  11. Is the issue that you CFW your Vita?
  12. NIeR; Automata
  13. Can't have enough %'s! 😂😂 You're Welcome!
  14. How close you are to your completion goal percent. IE my goal is to increase my total completion by 10%. I have increased it so far by 2%. This means I am 20% towards my total completion goal.
  15. That number is based off your starting stats. So your total % change since the start is -0.19% (80.7 [starting %] -> 80.51 [March Update %]), divided by the amount you want to increase (90 [goal] - 80.7 [starting]) So -0.19 / ( 90 - 80.7) = -2.04% Lemme know if that clears it up for you :]
  16. Since @kingofbattle8174 is taking off for lent, I decided I would do this update (I hope I am not stepping on your toes) Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xzJ-oJ23grjZdjtJeqOjxJQuk7YnwmrRK5usJXtuirY/edit?usp=sharing Here are stats as of March 11: @Ampplaca Original Starting PCG: 53.67% Feb Starting PCG: 55.79% Current PCG: 56.79% Month Increase: 1% Total Increase: 3.14% Percent to Goal: 49.45% @ArdorTichy Original Starting PCG: 50.15% Feb Starting PCG: 50.99% Current PCG: 52.1% Month Increase: 1.11% Total Increase: 1.95% Percent to Goal: 19.80% @Arctic Cress Original Starting PCG: 69.95% Feb Starting PCG: 69.67% Current PCG: 69.74% Month Increase: 0.07% Total Increase: -0.21% Percent to Goal: -4.16% @Caju_94 Original Starting PCG: 80.7 % Feb Starting PCG : 79.34 % Current PCG: 80.51 % Month Increase: 1.17 % Total Increase: -0.19 % Percent to Goal: -2.04% @Dinkus83 Original Starting PCG: 40.44 % Feb Starting PCG : 40.82 % Current PCG: 41.93 % Month Increase: 1.11 % Total Increase: 1.49 % Percent to Goal: 15.59% @Ehilmar Original Starting PCG: 58.28 % Feb Starting PCG : 57.87 % Current PCG: 58.29 % Month Increase: 0.42 % Total Increase: 0.01 % Percent to Goal: 0.15% @Fuzedog_ Original Starting PCG: 66 % Feb Starting PCG : 65.98 % Current PCG: 66.85 % Month Increase: 0.87 % Total Increase: 0.85 % Percent to Goal: 9.44% @gazdavis11 Original Starting PCG: 30 % Feb Starting PCG : 31.03 % Current PCG: 31.49 % Month Increase: 0.46 % Total Increase: 1.49 % Percent to Goal: 29.80% @HappyGuySmiley Original Starting PCG: 64.64 % Feb Starting PCG : 66.59 % Current PCG: 66.74 % Month Increase: 0.15 % Total Increase: 2.1 % Percent to Goal: 20.27% @kingofbattle8174 Original Starting PCG: 47.5 % Feb Starting PCG : 50.93 % Current PCG: 50.74 % Month Increase: -0.19 % Total Increase: 3.24 % Percent to Goal: 14.40% @ladynadiad Original Starting PCG: 87.2 % Feb Starting PCG : 88.76 % Current PCG: 90.05 % Month Increase: 1.29 % Total Increase: 2.85 % Percent to Goal: 36.54% @Lagoon Aris Original Starting PCG: 57.61 % Feb Starting PCG : 59.22 % Current PCG: 61.16 % Month Increase: 1.94 % Total Increase: 3.55 % Percent to Goal: 48.04% @Psy-Tychist Original Starting PCG: 57.09 % Feb Starting PCG : 57.67 % Current PCG: 58.04 % Month Increase: 0.37 % Total Increase: 0.95 % Percent to Goal: 19.35% @Sofa King Original Starting PCG: 73.94 % Feb Starting PCG : 74.36 % Current PCG: 74.65 % Month Increase: 0.29 % Total Increase: 0.71 % Percent to Goal: 11.72% @Squirlruler Original Starting PCG: 76.75 % Feb Starting PCG : 78.42 % Current PCG: 79.46 % Month Increase: 1.04 % Total Increase: 2.71 % Percent to Goal: 32.85% @VASORAT13 Original Starting PCG: 35.9 % Feb Starting PCG : 36.07 % Current PCG: 35.71 % Month Increase: -0.36 % Total Increase: -0.19 % Percent to Goal: -3.11% @willythom88 Original Starting PCG: 33.3 % Feb Starting PCG : 33.29 % Current PCG: 33.49 % Month Increase: 0.2 % Total Increase: 0.19 % Percent to Goal: 2.84% @xEl_Cidx Original Starting PCG: 79 % Feb Starting PCG : 77.43 % Current PCG: 77.95 % Month Increase: 0.52 % Total Increase: -1.05 % Percent to Goal: -17.50% Let me know if any stats are wrong of if there are other stats you would like to see or if you can't view the spreadsheet. :] We have 2 people at almost half the goal %! Congrats guys We have people righting their ships as well, getting out of those negative numbers. Congrats to @Lagoon Aris for biggest monthly % increase.
  17. Very excited for this. Think I am going to take the day off to play
  18. #61 Adventures of Mana - The Hero of Mana This was my first adventure into the Mana series. Played like a Zelda game so that was really interesting mashup. Haha. The game was SUPER easy. It definitely showed its age though. It really needs a quest log or something to let you know, even vaguely, where to go next. At least the map isn't too big, so getting around wasn't that bad. The final grind wasn't too bad, just boring. It did go pretty fast though (3-4 hours). Secrets of Mana is next! :D Enjoyment: 7/10 Difficulty : 1/10 Chocobot: 10/10
  19. [#61] Adventures of Mana. This was my first dive into a Mana game. I really liked the play style. Zelda Final Fantasy FTW! The story was meh. It def showed it's age with absolutely NO quest help. Lol. Game is super easy though.

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    3. DamagingRob


      Nice work! 

    4. Honor_Hand


      Great work, congrats! :D


      A Zelda-FF play style sounds pretty unique :awesome:

  20. NG+ will be free DLC BOOM. Two free DLCs
  21. RE5 has co-op so chapter order can be screwy. Looks fine to me.
  22. I think there is a difference between the games MMDE listed and the rest of the save file usage. The ones listed are unencrypted and I suppose a case can be made that they are less of a cheater mentality than having to resign a save for your user. I personally find the act less egregious, so I am more ok with giving them a chance to hide those (possible, not yet found) unencrypted games.
  23. @kingdrake2 For those who are worried about backups, I recommend using Google Drive. Free, easy to use, has Excel and Word equivalents, cloud storage. I use a spreadsheet to keep track of all my games and it has worked out really well. I do 100% support this as a feature for the site though.
  24. #60 Steins;Gate - Sky Clad Observer Boy oh boy. Talk about emotions. This is an amazing game. I have seen the anime several times, so I knew what to expect going in. I absolutely loved being able to go through all the different endings. Some of them were soooo sad :'( I have 0 so that will probably be the next game I play. I haven't finished the anime for that one, but I heard that playing the VN then watching the anime is the way to go. Think I might watch both seasons after finishing 0. MWUHAHAHAHA Faris-chan best girl! Nyannyan! Enjoyment: 10/10 Difficulty : 0/10 It is the will of Steins Gate. El Psy Kongroo.