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  1. Hey all, reminder that I will be doing the update on Sunday, sometime around 9AM EST. Make sure to get your updates done before then!
  2. The reason is CFW Garbage. Which it is. I am sure there are many many many cheated games on your profile, but three is all that is needed for you to no longer be eligible for leaderboards. They won't be lifted. Closing.
  3. You can hide the games to return to the leaderboard. They won't be lifted. Hide any other games you used a save file with. One more correctly flagged game will get your permanently off the leaderboard. Closing.
  4. As stated above, you can hide the game to return to the leaderboard. You don't have to hide if you don't want to, you just won't be on the leaderboard. Either way you can still enjoy the rest of the sites features. Closing.
  5. Follow the above link to return to the leaderboard. Hide any other game you have cheated. 3 flagged games and you are off permanently. If you don't care about the leaderboard, you don't have to hide the game. Either way, you can continue to use the rest of the sites features. Closing.
  6. Haven't read the thread but just assuming everyone hates this update as much as I do. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. OP has hidden the game. Won't be lifted. Closing.
  8. OP is at 3+ flagged games and won't be returning. Closing.
  9. OP has 3+ games flagged and won't be returning to the leaderboard. Plus, this specific game is hidden, so closing this.
  10. Probably true, but not wanted on the leaderboard. 100% false. Incorrect as well. OP is at 3+ games flagged and won't be returning to the leaderboard. Closing.
  11. Follow the link above to hide the game to return to the leaderboard. Closing.
  12. Made 0 progress, been working waaaay too much :'( Hopefully, maybe, this weekend I can get some time into ACO and not just pop one trophy a day to keep my streak alive... Lol.
  13. Follow this and you will return.
  14. No, it means you are flagged for one game.
  15. You are not flagged twice, your flag just carried over from your previous profile name.
  16. Google translate: Everything properly earned how you come up with it You need to unhide the game if you want to dispute it.
  17. So your game glitched the entire time you played it? "The trophy" is a vast understatement of how many trophies are wrong with this list.
  18. You will need to explain for you got 75% or collectibles before their respective 25% ones.
  19. Imagine all the hacked accounts having their entire lists deleted.... ALL the high levels would be targeted relentlessly.
  20. Op is at 3+ flagged games and won't be returning.
  21. Going to go ahead and lift this. PM if you have more information as to why it should be flagged. Closing.
  22. Not a fan, still think it is fucking retarded.
  23. Not a dispute, over leniency, won't be lifted, closing.
  24. One of the most requested things, very nice, def approve.
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    2. Squirlruler


      Yup, agreed wholeheartedly

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      Retarded seems pretty strong 0.o


      At the end of the day, the numbers were just arbitrarily made up anyways. Now they're just arbitrarily made up by a different person. There is 0 difference.

    4. MidnightDragon


      Don’t really care. Just numbers.