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  1. Only 680 fates and ~500 leves left for the FF XIV platinum.  I have a lot of grinding ahead of me ...

  2. Gonna be dusting off my Vita for the first time in about a year or more as i just rented a "Tales of" game that i didn't know was exclusive to Vita from gamefly! Just a quick question to anyone who actively plays their Vita, i was scrolling through the Gamefly rentals for the vita, and it seems like the Vita is dominated by visual novels and anime games, a silent hill game for vita keeps eyeballing me but that's about it it seems, should i look elsewhere for games like idk CoD or the sly series or games like that? Just kinda sucks that a cool piece of hardware is limited to a niche group of people....

  3. New Platinum GET! Haven't had one since July :holy:

  4. Platinum #132 goes to Oxenfree!

  5. Lego hobbit on the vita froze and deleted my save game. I already was half way through the game and collected nearly all red bricks. Sometimes this questions my trophy hunting although I like to complete games I play on Playstation (switch and SNES). Time to shelve the hobbit and return to it later maybe... How would you feel? 

  6. Well, I got the Plat for Last of Us Remastered! 

  7. Platinum #12 Bloodborne

    Enjoyment: 10

    Difficulty: 7


    Man what a game! I completed all the Souls games on PC before. According to many Bloodborne is the masterpiece that Miyazaki created so I had high expectations going into this game. The atmosphere, the boss fights, the aggresion compared to Souls games, I love it! I just couldn't put the game down, now that I got the platinum I am not sure wether I want to dabble into NG+ or play something else. But man this game justifies buying a PS4 alone. If you are like me and somehow haven't played this masterpiece, do yourself a favour and play it right now! It will remain an entry for one of my all time favourite games. 

  8. I see some of the add-ons for TLOU are on sale - any of them critical to the game?

  9. Plat #20 - Bloodborne


    Well I not long finished up Batman but now that's moved over for Bloodborne. I love this game, that is all. xD 

  10. Is there anyone here who could provide some tips/explain things about Guitar Hero/Rockband/Rocksmith games?

  11. Is there anyone here who could provide some tips/explain things about Guitar Hero/Rockband/Rocksmith games?

  12. Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me! Platinum #50-Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (PS3)


    Happy Intenational Talk Like a Pirate Day!

  13. Finally got my first Iceborne crowns, got Velkhana out of the way and a giant E. Odogaron.


    I think I’ll focus on elders first, since those are the least likely to get events.

  14. Upgraded to the Pro! It's a sexy beast 😍 My sister is buying my old PS4 off me for my nephew to have for Christmas. He's been asking for one for a while now. 

  15. Last week I took my old Game Boy, GBA SP, about 10 old GB games and my two broken Vitas to a friend. Said friend changed the good battery from one broken vita to the other to make that one functional again. However some of the buttons were still sticky, making it impossible to play some action games.

    Yesterday, I visited him again. In the course of the weekend, he repaired both GB handhelds, changed the batteries and did some cleaning on all GB cartridges and experimented on the broken Vita I left at his place. He then got to my wokring Vita and was able to open it, get to the buttons and clean them all within an hour. Took him a few tries to get the buttons right again during re-assambling but after that, I left his place with three cleand and functioning handhelds and 10 retro games I can finally play again.

    Maybe, if I have a bit to much money at some point, I can buy new buttons and a new Screen for the other broken Vita and let him go wild :awesome:


    Anyway with changes to my school schedule and commute I will have more time to play Vita again starting next week. Glad to have it repaired in time for that!

  16. Nier: Automata #105

    The game is really interesting. The plot felt like Blade Runner for weeaboos. I highly recommend the game if you're a fan of films like the Blade Runner series.

    Please avoid using the trophy shop. Play it blind until you unlock chapter select. Don't let trophy hunting ruin the experience of what is probably the best entry in the Drakengard series.

  17. A trophy popped after looking up 2B's upskirt in Nier: Automata. Oh, Japan...

  18. Been playing iceborne, and it feels so good to be playing again. Such a good game.

  19. Monster Hunter ice expansion has me confused.

    Where should I start with MHW? With the base version and get the plat, then move onto expansion? or something else?

  20. [MHW:Iceborne] First Gold Crown Obtained :) In Optional quest

  21. Almost time for the weekend :dance: . The weather has taken a real 180, so I'll most likely stay home and play some Ys Origins. What about you all?

    1. Squirlruler


      Will be playing a ton of Iceborne! And some FO76 if friends are wanting to play.

    2. (See 20 other replies to this status update)

  22. Monster Hunter ice expansion has me confused.

    Where should I start with MHW? With the base version and get the plat, then move onto expansion? or something else?

  23. Never been a fan of the drive-by question.  My boss walks past my office this morning, pokes her head in and and says "Good morning, how're you today?" but almost immediately keeps going.  Would it have been more polite to acknowledge the question?  Probably... but she was past my door before I even got out "Good morning" so what's the point.


    If you want to have a conversation, stop in for a second or two and lets chat.  Sure.  Whatever.  If not, why not leave it at "Good morning"?


    I'm the kind of person that gets unusually down on myself with these awkward social cue's since it seems like there are just so many of them throughout the day and I never feel like I get it right.

  24. final fantasy VIII remastered exists and nobody told me???

  25. Wow, first that hurricane heading towards Florida was just going to be a tropical storm by the time it reached it, but now it's going to be a CAT4? That's... a pretty big difference. 😅