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  1. Learned of the ancient past Learned of the ancient past at Maker's End.
  2. Deleted
  3. All Transport machines killed Killed at least one of every type of Transport machine.
  4. Deleted
  5. 10 Vulnerable machine kills Killed 10 machines weak to Fire while burning, or weak to Freeze while frozen.
  6. Happy Birthday Sweet sixteen. Snuff said.
  7. Lockdown Finish Chapter One
  8. First Banuk Figure found Found a wooden effigy left by a Banuk traveler.
  9. Is the game on your profile? If I'm not mistaken it won't let you make guides for games you don't appear to have.
  10. Hello, gaming sessions is the place for this, or a status update, as the site doesn't allow individual boosting/co-op topics.
  11. The topic already exists. I know you're including phrases but it's still going to rely entirely on a single word.
  12. Expert Machina Mage Destroyed 1000 enemies!
  13. Horizon Zero Dawn.
  14. The SS stands for SuperSpeed, means it's USB 3.1 and has a transfer rate double that of 3.0. That won't have any negative effect on it though as it'll work just fine with standard USB 3.0 or any older versions like 2.0, etc. Ah yeah that's right, I couldn't remember what ports the regular PS4 has. Given the above link provided, and all the people having problems with it, I'd say either the hard drive doesn't work with it the PS4 or the PS4's USB ports just don't provide enough power for it to work. If it's not enough power then you might be able to get it working with a Y adapter where the single end would plug into the external and the 2 other ends would plug into the USB ports on the PS4. Using an adapter like this doesn't always work though and of course it would take up both of your USB ports.
  15. It sounds like it should have recognized it but try double checking the link ERGOPROXY-DECAY posted just to make sure. Probably a dumb question but did you turn on the external? It looks like there's a power button on it. If yes then maybe try a different cable from the drive to the PS4. It shouldn't matter but it's something to try. Also, are you plugging in the rear USB port or the front? It could also just be that the ports on the PS4 don't provide enough power for the external to work. I know on PCs not all USB ports provide the same amount of power and sometimes external drives won't work in certain USB ports because of it.
  16. I know it won't in the storage section at first but what about Settings > Devices > USB Storage Devices? That's where I had to go set it up at first. I know you say it won't show up but you're not saying where it doesn't show up so that's why I ask about this particular location in the PS4 menu. Edit: You would think you'd go to the storage area to set it up instead of having to go to a separate area but that's how they designed it for some reason. Looking at the hard drive you purchased I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work. It obviously works on your computer so at least we know it's not defective.
  17. Did you format it through the PS4? The PS4 has to setup the external hard drive before you can use it.
  18. Bullseye Kill a target 70 feet away or more using an arrow.
  19. There's actually a pinned firmware topic where the discussion goes.
  20. David And Goliath Eliminate 10 enemies using a sling.
  21. Pokemon: Origins.