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  1. I was trying to unlock the Double-Barrel Shotgun, but the Enforcer Syndicate Assignment glitched on me, so I followed your alternative method and it worked perfectly. Thank you!
  2. Yeah, I agree with you. The second game is way harder to master than the first one. Right now, I'm having a hard time to get A+ in each level.
  3. All of a sudden, the trophy became obtainable. I got it with two PS3 by using one copy from each region (american and european).
  4. I've been trying to unlock this trophy for months, although I haven't played recently. Like everybody else, I have two consoles and a second copy of the game, which I bought just for this purpose. I believe I already have played more than a hundred matches fulfilling the requirements for the trophy, however, it refuses to pop. I did some tests on the router as well, I changed some settings on it, but nothing seems to work. Moreover, at the end of every match, I am recording the results screen (where the trophy should pop) with my cellphone to serve me as a proof, so I can avoid being called a cheater if I manage to earn the trophy by legit way someday. In the near future I'll give another try, even because I still have to earn the Beans Bullets Bandages trophy, so I really hope to get it by the time I reach 10002 kills.
  5. I've been through a hard time while I was playing this game, and I will explain why: Veteran difficulty is very unbalanced, once you are not allowed to take damage on the way to the next checkpoint, unless when you are at the last one of the mission, so you can finish it being shot like two times or so. Some of them are pretty hard and time consuming (like the ones in the Battleship mission, which is the hardest mission of the game, in my opinion), since you'll die a lot, including lots of cheap deaths, thus making you feel very angry. Some missions have those truck sequences in which you can't even protect yourself from enemy fire, it's totally luck-based and unfair! Truth be told, the game itself has some problems, but it's an old game, to be honest. Therefore, the platinum requires more persistence than skill, and, for this reason, it was a mental tiredness for me. Even Medal of Honor: Frontline was less stressful than this, however, it was a bit more challenging due to the fact you don't have checkpoints for the entire mission, although you do have medkits to pick up. By far, one of the most difficult platinum I've got, and I'm really proud of it. The game is very good, by the way, despite all of its problems.
  6. Go to enemy base and try to roadkill everyone in rapid sucession after each kill, because you'll earn more experience doing this. Eventually, your vehicle will be exploded by the opposite team, so you'll have to bring another one with you. From my experience, the location of the bag is not relevant, as they will try to get out of their base anyway. Just repeat the same process until you reach level 25, which will take one hour, more or less.
  7. This method was extremely useful. I reached level 25 in 1 hour of play. Thanks!
  8. I have two PS3 and a second copy of the game as well, but I can't boost the online trophies, since the stats keep reseting when I leave multiplayer, even though I've never played it before. I would also like to know how people managed to unlock some trophies that require several hours of play.
  9. It worked very well. Thanks!
  10. After 8 months spinning the Super Slots everyday, I finally got the trophy! I've gotten one Wild and two Hearts.