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  1. Yes its a bug, if you done the first trophy requirements then will come the trophy and the list.
  2. I used my Songs for bought PS4 Versions, only PS3 have issues with the songs.
  3. 2013 - 1 so far (The Walking Dead) [23,80%]) 2016 - 2 so far so far (Most Common: Back to the Future [7,80%]; Rarest: Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls [2,80%]) 2017 - 68 so far (Most Common: My Name is Mayo [97,88%]; Rarest: Call of Duty Infinity Warfare [1,29%]) 2018 - 56 so far (Most Common: Slyde [98,41%]; Rarest: Sims 4 [2,38%]) 2019 - 73 so far (Most Common: A Winters Daydream [99,03%]; Rarest: SingStar [0,36%])
  4. Yes. you dont have to sing self
  5. I used for bought Singstars my 2 Smartphones and place it in front from the speaker. For Pop Music i used this, you have to pick C#3 Tone For Amazing Grace i only place bought smartphones in front of speakers too. I do this 3-4 Times and get vibrato trophies. For the rest i do with a "Turbocontroller" spam the "X" button and play Amazing Grace in short Version again and again automaticly. Only a few songs i do in long version, for the trophies "songs in normal length" Hope i can help you, if you have more question feel free to ask me
  6. pop music and for the easiest way to get the " Good vibrations " Trophy is Amazing Grace from Susan Boyle. So I did plats 2 singstars in 3 days
  7. I have PS4/Vita EU Platinum in this game, the US Version doesnt have trophies say my ps4. have anyone the same issue?
  8. You can replay every level
  9. I reached over 50+ Plats this year, many Ratalaika Games and many Games where i have a lot of fun. (Dragons Dogma, World of Warships Legends and more)
  10. My Opinion is Modern Warfare is a good CoD. I like the campaign, and the graphic is awesome.
  11. 700 Plats, wow respect 1. Yes 2. quality is no matter 3. i played a lot of games where i have fun, but also games where are boring.
  12. I have a challenge with a friend, have to reach 200 Platinums. Challenge end 31.12.19 So have anyone ideas for plats who are not so long from gameplay time? Here is a list from all my plats.
  13. Easiest way to get the " Good vibrations " Trophy is Amazing Grace from Susan Boyle
  14. I will stack the Platinum i do the Platinum from Tera EU Last Year
  15. Im searching for others who need the dungeons trophys. The queue is horrible.... you waiting to long and most of time you didnt find other players