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  1. Normally when you own the base game you can upgrade GoT Standard Edition to Directos Cut if you pay a amount from 20+ But wait! Whats the different when you own the Digital Deluxe Edition? The Directors Cut is the same content how the DD Version (just the Iki Island is new) So i called Sony today why we have to pay for a identical Edition? Normally when you have the Big Version the Upgrade should be free. I sent a few Screens about my GoT Content that I own and the Store Upgrade, Sony is looking now. Anyone with the Ghost of Tsushima DD Version here too?
  2. Does someone have the same issue that he cant link the Sharkmob account? Getting always a error code -.- Steam version running fine. PS5 i have the Founders edition.
  3. Unfortunately only players who obtained the trophy in the past can getting the trophy from the ps5 version too. The base game trophies obtained (think it was 40%) automatically, the rest you have to obtain with playing again. - The 100 Matches trophies you can trigger with playing one match with the needed class. - The tier x trophies you get with playing one battle with the different nations. But trophies like reaching a ace-tank or survie with 100 percent (the "special" one) you have to grind again, they will be not auto-pop. Thats the information which i get from the CM and the Senior CM from wot console
  4. have the same issue.... but dont have a ps3 controller. just the ps3 remote control. tried to start about that but doesnt work
  5. I can upload and download from the PS5 and from PS4 its auto-pop
  6. I play a sorceress setup.
  7. the only trophy who bugged for me are the ultimate lifeforms. :/
  8. I played Ark on my PS5 and not on the 4 directly. Maybe thats the reason
  9. For me it was working and i got all trophies. Dont get any crash^^ maybe i was lucky
  10. Found the issue^^ but the server looking really dead
  11. Unfortunately no. Just the level trophies auto pop. the others you have to do again
  12. Normally i dont like Minecraft. But Minecraft Dungeons is a awesome game. I have the 100% in the basegame now im grinding the dlc trophys^^
  13. Can you send the discord server link?
  14. No i asked about the sync from the base game trophies. because in a wotc announcement was written you earned some trophies when starting the game and some when you enter a battle automatically. But that was wrong you got a lot of trophies but not all, some you have to re-earn in battles.