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  1. Its autopop look into my profile, platinum in 54 seconds
  2. You can download the PS5 Version from Legends now! If you obtained the PS4 Platinum, the PS5 Platinum popped instantly. You have only to log into the game
  3. Does anyone here know if you can also transfer a character from EU to NA?
  4. Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War PS4 Version. Now im working on the PS5 Version
  5. Its Mayo ;D Its a Legend
  6. For EU Players In case someone is looking for a guild, we are currently 13 of 51 members. Guild is also expandable if needed. Advantages are guild bonus XP if you play in a group and you unlock special items through the guild. Simply apply if you are interested. However, you should have a headset to use voice chat for dungeons and more The guild name is "Legion of Storm".
  7. Can anyone help me with this race on classic. i try it again and again its to hard for me
  8. dont know how to beat the chapter on classic... the race are horrible
  9. My Class is Red Mage (Damage Dealer)
  10. :/ Im Chaos/Omega
  11. Im searching a Team for absolved the Seeker of Truth Trophy. The Trophy are 5 parts and the queue for it is really dead ^^
  12. For me it is 100% impossible to reach 😂 My head can't handle it, you need to react too quickly😓
  13. Im playing Cuphead with a friend (Koop Mode) you can do this if you use share play
  14. This game is awesome i know it from pc, but its really hard^^
  15. card sharped is not buggy only the The enforcer..