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  1. Can you send the discord server link?
  2. No i asked about the sync from the base game trophies. because in a wotc announcement was written you earned some trophies when starting the game and some when you enter a battle automatically. But that was wrong you got a lot of trophies but not all, some you have to re-earn in battles.
  3. so i want to join the event too and pls put me on "looking for a team"
  4. Hello Hunter, today I can share with you the feedback regarding the trophies from the ps5 version
  5. The new Zombie mode is the system from Outbreak. You have to fo into portals clear missions to go in the next round.
  6. so i asked today. i will write a update when i get the answer about. asking about the "trophy sync" and the "eyes peeled" trophy
  7. Sure, i do
  8. Im a CC for some WG Games so I know a lot of people from WG. Know the CMs for the different regions and can contact developers directly
  9. let me check this. i have directly contact with wargaming so i can ask them.
  10. Some trophies pop up when you start the game. some trophies when start a battle. and some with different types of tanks. But not all autopop.
  11. World of Tanks got a PS5 version now
  12. Today Playstation get a update (V 2.18) The Angel of Death Achievement is now fixed.
  13. missing my name i signed up on july 8th
  14. Im now online^^ Here where i live is CEST. Currently here is 10.44 am. I ask in the forum when the patch coming. so when i see a answer, i will share with you