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  1. I believe I read somewhere that Biohazard (Resident Evil) Apocalypse is a battle royal, which, I mean, come on Capcom. But then again there’s 8 and 4 remake, alongside maybe Outbreak and a Hunk game so I guess they can take afford risks like they’ve always done with the franchise. But most importantly Dragons Dogma 2! (Also anyone remember Deep Down?)
  2. Yes, just like rank 25 there is a quest that needs to be done in order to progress to rank 40. I'm sure that the experience overflow will carry over into rank 36
  3. If it is your Hard Drive don't worry too much, I have a launch PS4 and it's still going strong save for the 2 hard drive replacements. So if it is your drive don't worry it's an easy replacement. The worse part is redownloading games and lost save data. Also I'm talking about this screen, sorry not rebuild database screen. Followed by the safely unplug ps4 screen.
  4. I don't think its from you downloading Deus Ex. Cause my problems started with Rainbow Six and I downloaded that game ages ago before the problems started to surface. After I noticed the problems I tried downloaded small and big games and received a lot of problems. Then it started to affect the PS4 itself. I don't know the reason for your problems but I would recommend getting it checked/repaired. How many times have you gotten the error where it brings you to the screen, after turning on the PS4, saying to not unplug the system while its on, and then rebuilds the database? Cause doing that too many times can corrupt the hard drive and create bad sectors. If it has happened to you, it's probably downloading the games to that section of the hard drive causing data/game corruption. Someone else said that this is a problem with the game and everyone had issues, but I downloaded and played the game on a burner account and everything was fine. If its a user error, you can maybe try deleting the user and re logging, but do research cause I think this deletes save data.
  5. Something similar happened ( never had the black screen) to me with another game Rainbow Six Siege. Not exactly like yours but like you the XMB and all then other menus would be really slow and holding the PS home button menu was really slow and janky and froze for about 5 seconds. On top of that the game wouldn’t load properly specifically the ui. Below is what happened to me after the fact but it might not be your problem Like you I tried redownloading only that game but to no avail. Then my hard drive crashed when it my PS4 would do infinite “don’t unplug console” menu when you turn it off. My advice is back up all your saves and then try downloading a bigger game and if you can try to fill you’re hard drive (if you can) to see if you have bad sectors. My question is when you turn off your console does it take longer than usual? And does it beep 3 times? And is Deus Ex your latest download, you can try downloading something else to see if the problem persists in that aspect.
  6. NetherRealm has already explained that the story mode progress won't carry over. So high chances you'll have to do the story mode trophies again.
  7. Boostable means that you work with a partner or multiple partners in (sometimes) a multiplayer game to obtain a trophy that would otherwise take a longer time to get naturally. For example you and wife boosted Black Flag to get to level 35. In Watch Dogs, you boost online trophies by getting a partner to help you get the pvp trophies, so you face no opposition. In Modern Warfare 2 it would be getting into a game with a friend on the opposite team and killing each other for weapon skins. In other words, you find someone to help you get trophies easier. But to answer your question, the mutliplayer is dry but not dead. The other trophies aren't missable, but like Black Flag you have to mostly 100% what the game has to offer in mini-games and side missions.
  8. Ohhhh you meant that 2d. I thought you meant side scrolling 2d. LOL Glad you found it though. Does look interesting, nice link too I'll be using it in the future thanks.
  9. Blasphemous? It's a male protagonist though. Its available for PS4.
  10. Is it Vigil: The Longest Night? It's not yet available for PS4 but it is currently available for steam.
  11. Just curious. You guys know that there was a final season of Smallville in a form of a comic series? I know it still sucks that in order to get the ending you watch to a show you have to go to a different medium. But just thought you guys would want to know.
  12. I only like the Plat design, but it kinds bothers me that the Gold trophy is bigger than the Platinum trophy. Also can we please no devolve this thread into who can spit roasts better? If you like it great, if you don't like it great.
  13. I'm confused, is Ubisoft Connect the same as Ubisoft Club? If it's just a rename, then this is like the 5th rename in 2 years it's starting to get tiring. As for cross progression. I'm pretty sure any PS5 game that was on PS4 has cross progression, if it has an online component. I.E. Rainbow Six, Assassin's Creed, and Watch Dogs. But only if it's within the same console family.
  14. I know it says PS5 console required but can we redeem it on the web store? It would be silly for Sony to think that everyone will even be able to buy a PS5 (if they have the money or not) when they themselves are limiting production numbers. Especially only during a single month.
  15. Works for me also, are you U.S.?