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  1. I believe that the Unity servers are good to go at least for this year and the next, but I wouldn't bank on it after that. Around 3-4 months ago they were working perfectly fine with 3 other randoms. The online trophies do take some time to get as you have to unlock it (around Sequence 7 I believe) and have to do a couple of missions, maybe once or twice to get all the collectables. They're 6 online trophies, but technically 7 as unlocking all skills include coop. These just entail completing all missions, preforming sync kills and revives, and collectables. This isn't part of your question but all the coop missions are available and doable entirely by yourself, not offline though you still need an internet connection. I don't think it will be necessarily, but there is a chance you will need to create a boosting session for revives and sync kill trophies.
  2. I don’t man kinda disagree with you on this one. While I also hate devs allowing unlockables to be buyable or items pay to win, I wouldn’t go as far as to say “learn to hack”. You still need to do it even if it takes a trophy difficulty down to 1/10. There is a clear distinction of making games easier versus cheating. Although I think we would both agree asking someone else to get trophies for you should be frowned upon.
  3. Downloads should work just fine though right? My PS4 is in rest mode downloading a couple things, just hoping it's not in vein.
  4. Honestly, Undertale seemed more like a PSPlus game along with a AA game. I wouldn’t be surprised if this wasn’t legit is all I’m saying.
  5. August 5th is apparently the release date for the DLC. (outdated information)
  6. This maybe a dumb question, but can base game trophies unlock during the DLC? I see that you need to do silent takedowns in the DLC, would that also unlock the base game trophy of getting 5 silent takedowns?
  7. The only thing I can think of for such a broad release date is Ubisoft's ability to push it back without much consequence. I don't think we even have a trailer yet, which kind of worries me.
  8. I mean, has to be soon right with a trophy list and all. The only thing Ubisoft has said was "Summer 2021" but this was back during their Ubi Foward event.
  9. The trophies are up on PSN. Brings you down to an 86% if you previously had the 100% More or less the same as the last expansion: completing all territories, completing the DLC and associated quests, killing with the new weapon, finding and killing targets, and 2 or 3 miscellaneous tasks sprinkled in. 5 Bronze and 4 Silver trophies.
  10. Destroyer of Demons require the base regions to be done on Way of the Demon as well. So did you check the base game regions? Also what does your records say about Twilight and Dojo missions?
  11. Maybe you're missing twilight missions? or less so, a dojo or sub mission that's hiding behind a main mission. Oh wait, "autopop". I'm not sure. I'm certain that there aren't any new missions on PS5. You can check your completion percentage in the Gameplay Record tab to make sure it's not completely glitched.
  12. Basically the entirety of the Bayonetta and Life is Strange series' vocal tracks. And Tetris Effect's Connected (Yours Forever)
  13. No, the grenade zombie does not show up in those two modes. I'm pretty those modes are separate even if you complete the game on normal with both Chris and Jill, but I would be cautious either way. If you're worried about it, you can do Invisible Enemy first with Chris on Very Easy as he has more health, and then Pure Survival (which is locked to Hard) with Jill as she has more inventory slots. This is what I did if you want it: 1. Knife only on very easy with Chris 2. Speedrun on Normal with Jill. 3. Pure Survival with Jill 4. Nook and Cranny with Jill with the infinite rocket launcher 5. No Save Run with Jill on Very Easy with Rocket Launcher 6. Invisible Mode with Chris on Very Easy This playthrough will ensure you do not run into the grenade zombie ever and get the plat. Though if you're completely new to the series you should do your own first playthrough, and maybe switch around playthrough 1 and 2.
  14. Unlockables unlock for future play throughs if you start a new game using the same file from an earlier completion. The game will ask which save file you want to begin with for your next play through. Weapon unlocks only unlock on normal, but you can use them on easy. However, like said before, invisible enemies and true survivor are both different game modes and cannot use the extra weapons. Saving on the same spot is just an easier way to make sure which save has the unlocks. You don’t have to save mid game on the same slot, but I would recommend saving clear game saves on the same slot. Someone mentioned the grenade zombie, you won’t have to worry about that as he only spawns in once you clear both Chris and Jill play throughs on normal. And it is totally possible to play as Chris Knife Only Playthrough on easy and never having to play him again until you need the costume trophy, by then it should be your last play though. Knife only can be done at any time, I did it it first as I was already in tune with the game from 2002. Is it possible for others to do it as their first play through? Sure, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Just be sure to do it with Chris as he has more health.
  15. Future trophy achievers rejoice. Ubisoft has announced that they have reduced the gold requirements for the Odin Mine Wolf challenge, so it seems they knew it was a mess. Reading the comments, they might have not fixed the enemies killing themselves, just the scoring amounts.