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  1. Don't think the virus has anything to do with this. Season 1 was a buggy mess and felt more like a cash grab and Season 2 just broke it even more in terms of, well, everything. Don't want any game to fail but blaming the virus just seems kinda scummy and an easy way out.
  2. Silent Hill and The Evil Within come to my mind. The Alice games also and Soma.
  3. To answer your question, yes it still works.
  4. Yes you can do that since you only need to complete the campaign on Nightmare. The DLC doesn't really have an difficulty related trophies so Nightmare isn't required for them. However, They're miss-able trophies in the DLC that are in the main game that are gameplay modifiers, and turning them on will make nightmare even harder to the point it is unfair. It's possible to get 100% in one playthrough but they're too many variables that will force you to do a second playthrough if you just breeze through just the campaign such as recruiting all allies and agents. I would suggest that you first complete the game and the DLC's on normal while going for all trophies. Then do new game plus on Nightmare and breeze through it.
  5. Hasn't happened yet, but D'vorah from Mortal Kombat. She's literally killing characters left and right and who are more powerful than she is.
  6. The Year 1 pass is the season pass. As for trophies who knows, if they haven't added trophies for the first 2 expansions I think it's safe to say that they won't add any for the third.
  7. That's strange it must have been delisted. You could have bought it standalone like the other DLC's. I believe the season pass must have also been delisted because I can't find that either.
  8. Yep same problem here. Tried it with different accounts all with different PS4's activated as primary accounts. Does anyone know the root cause of the issue?
  9. I could be reading time stamps wrong. But it could be because you beat the game on casual, and in about 15 minutes you beat the game on Akumu with no upgrades. Akumu isn't unlocked from the start so there's no way you could have multiple saves.
  10. I liked it, but I'm guessing a lot of the hate was the vastly different turn it was from RE5. RE5 seemed like an upgrade in a way to RE4. But RE6, as someone else in this thread has stated, lost its identity. It also didn't help that they tried to mix all these different genres into one game instead of focusing and going all out on one. 4 campaigns sound good on paper, but sucks when they are all half-assed and lead no where. Mercenaries in my opinion was the best in RE6 though. The only thing I truly hated out of RE6 was the whole cringy Carla clone story-line and just made a somewhat decent villain into someone who got rejected on a date. But to be honest Resident Evil's story telling has never been great, it's all about the files. But yeah, if you have a friend and want to lay back and shoot zombies I would recommend RE6.
  11. Not to also mention that the pricing also doesn't make any sense. Why would the expansion by itself be $40 and only $10 more with kombat pack 2, but somehow still $60 all together? It's really fucking over people who bought the game at launch. Yes, yes I know, game prices drop when complete editions come out, but how is the DLCs worth around $5 (base is $49.99) and then sold individual at $40?
  12. Doubt it, MK11 had around 12 chapters and was about 5-6 hours. If the DLCs story mode is what I think it is we are looking around 5-6 chapters. One for Shang Tsung, Nightwolf/Sheeva, Sindel, Fujin, Raiden, and Liu Kang. Some might have 2 we'll have to see.
  13. The story expansion includes 3 new characters and 3 skins, so it is indeed bundled with kombat pack 2. Shame, looks like I'll have to watch the expansion on YouTube. This is the pricing Expansion Pack: $39.99 Kombat Pack 1 and Expansion Pack: $49.99 MK11, Kombat Pack 1 and Expansion Pack: $59.99 I don't know about others, but 39.99 for story and a few characters seem too steep for me.
  14. I thought the story was fine, good even for its genre. You can't really do much with a fighting game story, it's not a wonder why almost all fighting games have to do with a tournament. But I do agree with trophies, but like all other Netherealm games there is a chance when all the DLC is released trophies will be added.
  15. I hope it's not bundled with Kombat Pack 1 or 2. Wishful thinking it will be free but I'm not going to be willing to spend more than $9.99 for it, unless it adds more than just a story mode like Motor Kombat or something.