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  1. I'm against this, but I can see this as a viable option if they include services like PSNow and includes more exclusive monthly games.
  2. Resident Evil 0 and Code Veronica because apparently they are the hardest in the franchise and have multiple areas in the game that can force you to restart due to no resources.
  3. Yeah, sorry you started talking about a animation so I assumed you thought I was talking about that awful movie. But yes, the cover that had to be pulled because no one understood it outside of the readers.
  4. I don’t think you understood me. What I’m trying to say is this. The left and SJW’s don’t believe that media can cause violence, while the right does. But SJW’s like to fit their own narrative so they contradict themselves, as always, and are saying this movie will cause another theatre shooting. That’s why the movie is getting hate. You can tell me I’m dumb right now and this is exactly how you understood it. I just like convey my messages clearly especially in politics.
  5. I’m sorry re reading this it sounds confusing. I meant the people who say that the media isn’t responsible for violent outbursts, are also the same people who will blame Joker for someone’s violent outburst. Epsiode?
  6. I always thought they hated because of two things. They don’t understand the medium, this can be applied to everything “progressive” anarchists have thrown their misguided hate at. Take for example the Batgirl cover Secondly, because while they are probably the same people who believe that media does not make a violent person, which I agree, they are also the same people saying Joker will cause another attack. I don’t know why but I should add that I have some liberal views and some conservative views, but I won’t really get into it.
  7. Finding two other partners should not be a problem using matchmaking. You need to wait for a 3 player tower, as some are 2. If you're only finding one other person it's designed that way, not because you can't find another person.
  8. I like to think it’s been up for so long because the trophy lists updated before actually releasing the content. So it gave players a heads up on what to expect and the story direction. As well as a release date if they don’t read Ubisofts updates. But we all know it was just people looking if the new list was going to be just as much hassle to earn; as it was to wait and delete a game they should’ve known was going to have a years worth of content with the roadmap being public knowledge and all.
  9. I remember younger when I would play any game that my brothers bought. Usually it was COD titles. I had fond memories fo this game and Modern Warfare 2. Probably the best by their respective developers and the best in the serious. Split screen was also a godsend when you only have 1 PS3 and 3 other brothers. It’s just too bad I wasn’t a trophy hunter back then. Should’ve gotten the big leagues trophy.
  10. I was curious in playing Days Gone, especially now since I learned of its connection to Syphon Filter. But are all of its DLC and post game content finished?
  11. That is true. But there is no denying that this SJW way of thinking has hurt the entertainment industry for the worse. 1 or 2 movies getting by and being the movies that they were envisioned could’ve been 10 or 20. I don’t have a problem with female leads or anything of the sort. I have a problem with characters being called characters based on their gender or sexual orientation. But that is not a discussion that is to be had here. Joker is a great movie because of the tremendous acting and you can see the process of Arthur becoming the Joker. His character comes through his hardships and his breaking point. Not the color of his skin or because he was dating a woman that didn’t exist.
  12. I’m curious does the beta include any campaign stuff? Most likely not. I just hope it’s not like Umbrella Corps where it’s a cop out. Single missions that show one slide show of story and just an elongated tutorial.
  13. I agree great movie with terrific acting all around. It’s unfortunate it’s getting the “What do we hate this month” SJW crowd.
  14. Got me there! In seriousness I do agree that micro transactions have become an unfortunate norm. But not everyone can give the blessings of CDProjekt Red and Tripwire. I also want to add that I don't like the online only mentally they are doing.
  15. I don’t know why people keep misusing pay to win these days. It’s a PvE game. Some people don’t have time to grind out and find items they want. Unless you can use them in PvP, I don’t consider it pay to win. Besides it’s been confirmed you can earn store items in game. Ubisoft, in my opinion, are one of those companies that actually do micro transactions right. Even though they are abundant, you don’t need them and everything can be earned in game. Look at Wildlands and Odyssey.