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  1. Dragons Dogma. Still bummed though that the MMO is a Japan exclusive, can't wait for the anime series though and that's coming from someone who isn't really an anime fan.
  2. AI counts toward the 15 games played.
  3. Yeah thought about doing this since the first time it wasn't directly installing to my external and it's not a game I'm currently playing right now. Thanks for the info though. I didn't have any problems downloading any other game either, used about 1 TB so far. That's both for transferring installations as well as direct installations. I'm trying to move For Honor into my external hard drive. It's 100% done downloading, not just the "playable" section. I know that it takes a long time for bigger games that isn't the problem. The problem is that I just can't transfer it to my external as its labeled "DOWNLOADING" for some reason.
  4. I have a 4TB WD Passport external hard drive, I plugged it in, reformatted it, and now have games installed on it. But for some reason For Honor won't install onto the drive even after it is finished downloading both App and App Data. It's labeled as "downloading". I did start the download before it arrived on my 500GB. But I thought that shouldn't be an issue. So my questions is: does this happen with some games, where they don't want to install on externals? Or do I have to re-download For Honor again directly to it?
  5. Is there any other way, without the glitch, to get Shao Khan's head if you don't have the DLC?
  6. I don't know if this affected it but after the 50 quest completed, on my to 200 quests the game crashed twice. Don't know if that affected it, so if you're doing a 200 quest run you may run into a crash.
  7. I'm not sure about the others, but for me I did get the first quest completed trophy with a partner. The 10 and 50 trophies were done following your guide without a partner. I don't know if it has anything to do with it, but I did set the game to offline, while still be connected to the network. Come to think of glitchy trophies, I believe that the trophy for crafting 1000 items also glitched beneficially for me. I got it at the same time crafting 50 items while playing with my partner. So maybe playing online can be glitchy?
  8. I didn't get the 200 trophy, but I did get the 10 and 50 quests completed trophy using the method. I've been keeping a log and I'm well over 200 now for sure. I have read reports that some have done 210, 260, and even 350 quests and the trophy still hasn't popped.
  9. Hi, I don't normally post on forums but it does seem like a lot of people are having having trouble with the 200 quests trophies. I followed Optimusmart's instructions step by step and it indeed worked for me. Got to about 140 before I had to leave though. Some things I would add though is that you have to at least gone through the third portal and make sure to go to the map to check which world the quest is active in. For me it was in the Fort and re-entering the universe it changed to the starting tutorial world.
  10. I would appreciate it if someone could help with the changing lanes trophy. PSN ID: BestUsername---- Edit: I already platinumed the game and returned the game to a friend so unfortunately I cannot help anyone. I can confirm that you can get the trophy yourself in coop if your partner is afk. Just drive towards a hostile vehicle, change seats, and initiate the take-down.