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  1. I've just finished the game and specifically here is what you can and cannot complete to 100% in terms of trophy collectables before going into Chapter 5 and 6. This is assuming you have played up until the end of Chapter 4 as some collectables aren't in the open world but inside Chapter themselves. Chapter 4 ends when you repair the motorcycle and interact with it, a prompt will appear notifying you of a (sorta) point of no return. Before interacting with the motorcycle and accepting this prompt... You can complete - 100% Total Spirit Transfers - 42/42 Side Missions - 108/108 Relics - 31/31 Landmarks - 52/52 Consumables - 30/30 Torrii Gates - 40/40 Magatama - 52/52 Jizo Statues - 25/25 Tanuki Hunts You cannot complete - 21/23 Enemy Encounters Missing: Tsuchihumo Missing: Hanngon - 63/64 Outfit Pieces Slots Missing: Complete Outfit: Biker (No Helmet) - 19/20 KK's Investigation Notes Missing: The Hyakki Yako - 66/67 Spirit Skill Abilities Missing: 20 Skill Points - 16/17 Voice Logs Missing: File #999 - 23/31 Music Tracks Missing: Hebinari Shrine Missing: Abyss Missing: Okina Missing: Tokyo Tower Missing: Ko-omote: Prototype Missing: Yaseotoko II Missing: Yaseotoko: Prototype Missing: Abyss: Prototype - 30/33 Prayer Beads Missing: Shadow Beads Missing: Tireless Beads Missing: Transmission Beads
  2. Does this also extend to the reason why I can’t access my friends profiles or see their recently played on the PS5? I just get a “can’t load’ message followed by an error.
  3. So I’m kinda bored and I have nothing to play, so in order to help anyone who wishes to do Solo Struggle Shuffle, FOR THIS WEEK ONLY. Nov. 30 - Dec 7 I will carry you (full squad) through the final floor ONCE, twice if there is room. I probably won’t make a session (unless a mod forces me too) but shoot me a message, we’ll get the ball rolling, and hopefully some good gear for you. The only prerequisite is that you have to have the platinum. I know, I know but I need to limit my options or every level 10 guy probably gonna get one shotted and I’m not gonna make some grand gesture of my abilities. Oh and it should be obvious, but no AFKers.
  4. There really isn't much room for a guide with this DLC. They're two thing with this DLC, Showdown Fights and Heroic Assault Floors. Showdown Fights are self-contained, singular boss fights harder than their main game counter part. Heroic Assault Floors are essentially missions that get progressively get harder. You don't have to do it in one go and if you fail there isn't much consequence I reckon just a simple floor restart. You can quit out and your floor number is saved. Firstly, you'll want to complete the game while completing all villain cases, if you're in New Game Plus you will have to do it all over again. Secondly, I recommend going through all 30 Floors of the Heroic Assault Mode first. This mode consists of just open rooms where you have to kill enemies or complete a task handed to you. Simple really. I recommend doing the Floors first because the last floor gives you level 60 gear and will put you at around 18,000 power level with 2-3 level 57 mods attached to each gear piece. Lastly, you'll want to fight the showdown bosses which is accessed by interacting with their trophy display in the Belfry. The trophies are to the right of the stairs going up to the arcade machine near Batman's cowl. You should see things like Harley's mallet and Freeze's cold gun. These are just more than re-hashed fights, the bosses hit harder and are tankier of course, but they come equipped with surprises such as a flaming weapon or a minefield ridden fight area. You can take on the bosses in any order, but as far as power levels the fights are (rounded to the nearest thousand) 1. First Freeze (human) fight: 10,000 2. Harley Quinn: 12,000 3. Second Freeze (mecha) fight: 15,000 4. Clayface: 18,000 5. Talia Al Ghul: 22,000 I would say that the DLC trophies scales to about a very low 5/10 co-op. Solo might take it a medium 5/10 or low 6/10. I was wondering why people were saying 2/10, saying to myself "no way". But I realized I was playing on normal. Putting it on very easy does indeed drop the difficulty considerably but I still would not say 2/10. I would give it more of a 3/10 with a low 4/10 solo if you played until plat, put the game down, and aren't being carried by a high level player. Of course, now that I'm power level 25,000 I'm one shotting Floor 30 enemies and shitting on Showdown bosses, so my opinion can be skewed.
  5. So, unfortunately you CAN'T JUST SKIP TO FLOOR 30. It's entirely possible to do so, it'll be marked as completed although it will be locked and the trophy will not unlock. In other words, you REQUIRED TO COMPLETE ALL 30 FLOORS for the trophy to unlock.
  6. Yes, but there is a heavy asterisk. Floor 15 and above I found that having to repair generators is very hard if not impossible. It takes about 10-15 seconds to repair a generator and at that time you can’t move or attack, you have to keep the button held down. Meanwhile there is an infinite number of spawning enemies attacking you. Thankfully the progress doesn’t reset when you cancel/ get hit. Floor 10 also requires you to transport and defend a laser that periodically breaks and acts the same way. Showdown bosses also seem to be heavily geared towards coop but it is definitely do-able solo. Harley Quinn recommends 12,000, Freeze recommends 10,000 and Mecha-Freeze recommends 15,000 power levels. Clayface and Talia I’m not sure as I have to unlock their fights.
  7. Showdown boss gave me level 45 gear. You only get the gear from showdown once. Might seem like Harley’s fire gear is meant for Mr. Freeze. And then Freeze might give Ice gear for Clayface.
  8. I would coop the bosses, granted I was about 3000 power level less than the recommendation but the game also recommends you take on showdown bosses with a partner.
  9. I hope not, the trophy’s are to the right of the motorcycle in the belfry. Right of the stairs going up. New Game Plus removed my trophies so I guess I have to do them again. Floors 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 are all labeled Reckoning Floors. I don’t think these are showdowns but have specific objectives at the end you need to compete. I recommend doing floor 10 with a buddy.
  10. So the update and trophies are out. So far it’s not like I expected. You don’t have to do 30 floors all at once, think of it as 30 separate levels. Complete the previous one to unlock the next. Each floor has 3-4 rooms with 3-4 waves of enemies. Each room has objectives ranging from killing enemies, fixing generators, or defending areas. You use your own gear not pre-made gear so if you’ve been playing even after platinum you maybe able to clear all 30 floors, me personally I can go to floor 14, before I go into the red in recommended gear level. Floor 30 recommendation is power level 20,400. Don’t know if set game difficulty matters (very easy or hard). There is matchmaking that works like the main game. If you decide to play solo you may be happy to know that the floors balance based on the number of players. I don’t know if that means enemy difficulty or numbers. Also if you do play coop, if someone drops out you won’t have to do the whole floor again. Either way, hosting or joining, your floor numbers save. Don’t know if you can skip floors by joining friends games.
  11. Do side quests count toward shrine percentages? I would like to do all the collectibles before I start doing actually content. A lot of my shrines are at 90% and I don’t know if I’m blind and missing some in the open world.
  12. Hopefully there’s matchmaking, hate when games assume you have friends. Also how easy the main game is I’m going to assume this mode won’t be that hard to compete either. 30 floors of enemies (seems like every 5 floors is a boss) doesn’t seem like a daunting task, but, who knows, the objectives might make it a 10/10.
  13. I don't want to come off as rude, as others have, but Nioh and/or Strangers of Paradise springboards more into FromSoftware's Sekiro and (maybe) Bloodborne as the games are faster paced and more actiony. A better start into Elden Ring would've been Mortal Shell or The Surge, slower paced SoulsBorne games. Hopefully you'll continue your journey another time!
  14. It's a combination of both types of crime they add up together, no need to do exclusively do one. You can do 100 Premediated Crimes and 150 Random Crimes for example.
  15. All of the trophies in the Additional Feats DLC can be obtained for free without the Season Pass or paid DLC's, they do however require you to install Odyssey's latest game update. These trophies are (relatively short) in-game side quests that are available throughout the main map and will require regular story progression to access. The Legacy of the First Blade and The Fate of Atlantis Episodes are paid DLC and will require either individual purchases or the season pass to obtain their respective trophies.