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  1. Yeah, I gave up on this plat when it took me 14 tries to get Android 17's pants. It's a good game, I think, but the plat seemed like an RNG nightmare.
  2. Sorry if I missed it. But does this mean that the PSNow downloadable (PS4) catalogue isn’t included in PSExtra?
  3. Unfortunately, this leak is most likely fake. The top screenshot just screams fake to me. Why would Capcom put emphasis on the “Village” portion of the title instead of Biohazard or Resident Evil? It’s even lower cased for some reason. If you want more concrete evidence. The bottom screenshot is from almost a year ago from a “making-of” video at around 1:30. Now if this leaker lied about about the title screen changing, chances are he lied about his other information as well.
  4. Well define easiest. They're 5 ways of, if I remember correctly, obtaining character intros/ victory poses. 1. A guaranteed way of getting character intros and poses is by doing their Towers Of Time. It costs about 25,000 coins to summon and requires you to do tasks and ladders that reward skins, augments, and gear with the final reward being a character intro. Do this for 5 characters. It's the only way that guarantees a intro and won't cost real money but requires maximum effort. 2. It is possible to get intros and victories poses from the krypt and the shrine, but this is a gamble and I have only heard of people getting intros this way. Never really received one myself from the krypt but it's another option. However, with the amount of time you're going to spend getting those coins and then spending said coins, I think it's better and more efficient to do character towers. 3. If you're patient and have krystals/ real money to burn. There maybe a chance for character intros and victory poses to appear in the weekly reset of items to buy in the shop. 4. This is grind, but you can do 25 fatalities on a single character to earn a intro/ victory pose. I'm not sure if you can do this offline though. That means having to do 125 fatalities in total. 5. If you have Aftermath playing through that story mode, I believe, grants you 4-5 intros or victory poses.
  5. Can confirm that this works. To streamline, manual save the game. - Initiate the fight with Logan Darrow at Black Odeon - Black screen will start, just wait 10-15 minutes with autosave on. - When you see the red circle on the bottom right exit the application. - Hit Continue from the main menu, when you start you will be in front of Logan, shirtless, and with the objective to defeat Logan. - Do not interact with her, instead exit Black Odeon and fast travel to Revival, when you're there you should see a red triangle. - Go towards her and you should be able to speak and attack her through the shield bubble. - The quest will update.
  6. If you think the trophy popped, have you tried checking your systems trophy screenshot/video collection?
  7. Uhhh, think you might have threads confused. This is a Jump Force thread not Metal Gear. The online trophies can take either a couple hours to a a couple days to complete depending on how you go about it. If you boost by yourself or with someone else it'll take 3-4 hours, if you do it naturally the biggest hurdle with be challenging other players. When I played the game the online games were somewhat slow in finding players, that may have changed though.
  8. Yeah. It 100% only counts weapons and it is ok to sell them, it’ll still count towards the total. I did the two PS3 DLC’s (not Fatesworn) added to the base game. They reward plenty of purple weapons as part of their main quest completions.
  9. Ok cool, do you know if sold weapons count towards the 10? I don't remember exactly how many weapons I had as I sold every purple item hoping to "reset" the count.
  10. To the Victor Go the Spoils Found 10 unique items dropped by enemies. I have found more than 10 purple items, closer to 20 and the trophy hasn't popped. Does anyone know if I have to collect 10 purple items in the same category?
  11. Are there any gimmicks present in the game? I find myself able to win in "pure" games like Fortnite (no build), H1Z1, and PUBG. But games like Fortnite (building), Cuisine Royale, and Spellbreak I struggle with.
  12. The game was kind of lackluster in my opinion. I'll probably wait for a sale like I did with Assassin's Creed Valhalla and keep an eye on the content it provides to see if $40 (or any other price) is worth it for the DLC. I'll admit that trophy additions will sway my choice in purchasing the DLC.
  13. Personally, I played before and after the dungeon update, which changed dungeon gameplay, and went into the world bosses by myself. If I were to do it now I would go through the whole game solo finishing the dungeon trophies myself. This should make you around level 60. After completing the dungeons get a group together and kill the world bosses. I would say you absolutely need a group during this for 2 reasons. Firstly, you can't kill most of the bosses yourself as they are on par with your level. They're some bosses you can out level and take on like a regular mob though. Secondly, this will become more prevalent, they're are people farming/grinding these bosses. This is a problem because if you are not the first person to attack the boss, no matter how long you fight or how much damage you do, the boss will not count as a kill towards the in-game tracker and thus the trophy. On top of this some bosses not only spawn as a single unit but only show up on 1 server at a time. Meaning you have to scour the area not just in 1 server but a handful. In conjunction to this when bosses are killed there is a 3-6 real-time hour respawn as well. So you can see how being in a group helps tremendously as a group can scour multiple sections and servers. It is also helpful as a group because if a party member attacks the boss first in the world it will count as a kill for everyone in the group who participated in the battle. To go about world boss solo is to send/ask for a group invite to someone who was already fighting a boss before you got there. Joining a group mid boss battle count towards the trophy, but the majority of time people will decline or outright ignore it. Or if you start a boss fight yourself but need help, you can use the in-game chat to notify other players of the boss name, location, and server number.
  14. Well I don’t know about cloud saving optimization but I will say this. The trophy doesn’t pop when you have 24/24 gold medals during “The All Seeing Eye” quest. After you get all the medals required you have to go back to the vault, defeat a boss, and complete 3 more challenges. When you complete the last 3 with gold the trophy will pop. So the best time to cloud save would be after gaining access to the vault, defeating the boss, and completing 2 of the 3 challenges inside the vault. Or, alternatively, you can save before entering the vault and facing the boss (you get sort of a point of no return message). These challenges take 15 minutes to compete and are the easiest of the new challenges. So I see no harm in playing it safe I guess since cloud saving in this game seems really complicated.
  15. By the way there is a thread that lists some good Beginner to Advance level tips. Hope it helps.