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  1. There’s another DLC that got leaked today. A lot of it too. Trophies, the name, setting, weapons and armor, almost everything.
  2. Mount traversal in this game is weird. I don’t have problems with my mount not running. Although I have instances where my mount continuously runs without input and won’t turn. I have to get off and on my mount for it to behave normally.
  3. I find that the xp given for shorts, showcases, music, and audio-visual are minuscule to the point where you’d have to interact with 100’s of them to notice xp gain. As for games. You for sure get xp for short or small games. Longer games only seem to give more xp because of how long you are interacting with it for. That being said idling does not give xp you have to be interactive. However I will say that some games give more xp than others. I find that games you hold down buttons or press continuously, like racers, give less xp.
  4. That’s a good question, I’m not entirely sure how the cloud works in game as I don’t use it. But to be safe I would recommend using outside save scumming methods. As for Aiden, if you have the season pass and Bloodline installed Aiden and Wrench are outside the bar where your main base is located. Talking to them in the main game will get them to join DedSec and added to your operatives list. The other’s, Darcy and Mina, require missions to obtain but they are not needed in Resistance Mode.
  5. This game is actually disliked almost universally and the subreddit for Ghost Recon has an outspoken community on how this game tarnished Tom Clancy's name. They are also complaining how since the games announcement and very large like to dislike ratio on the trailer, the devs have remained virtually M.I.A. on any concerns and feedback. However, it was announced recently that the beta that was suppose to be held (I think this month) was delayed indefinitely. Not necessarily cancelled but if it were to be, that's 3 years of development down the drain.
  6. I used performance mode to do my 120 minutes. It's the window you access by putting in a instrument on your timeline. It allows you to play notes using the d-pad and buttons and also allows you to change pitch, octaves, and scales. The window should have a green, yellow, and blue circle that changes the effects of the note your playing. I just spammed buttons while watching a movie while every now and then changing octaves and scales to make sure I wasn't being registered as a rubber band.
  7. If anyone's wondering, it's just another collectable trophy.
  8. The platinum (and game) is fairly easy for its genre. I haven’t played a souls-like at all and I managed to get the platinum for both games. So I would say if you’re an average gamer you should be able to do it. Although that’s not to say that’s it’s a breeze, you’ll find yourself struggling at times. Now to 100% both games you’ll have to git gud.
  9. Like others said there’s suppose to be a year 2. Though early as next month content is being added with the Discovery Tour. Origins had DLC associated with this but Odyssey did not.
  10. There is a possibility for 4chans leaks to be true sure. I think there was some for Smash Ultimate. But for me, casting aside the outlandish claims for this updated game, the fact that they used a photoshopped cover just removed all credibility to this particular leak.
  11. Yeah, like someone else said this was debunked a while ago. It had a fake cover using the Nemesis model from Dead by Daylight and fan art for Jill. Secondly, the leak conveniently first popped up on 4chan when it was discovered that the steam version had some type of update or small DLC discovered within the stores code, or something along side those line. The Play Asia store leak is just the same guy doubling down on their efforts, using a different cover and more believable changes. If the game were to have DLC it would've been something like a file akin to RE2. But I think this is a stretch as well as 8 already came out, and I don't think it's possible to connect 3 Remake with 4 Remake/ next game and make sense.
  12. Selecting and uploading the USB save to your system storage will revert back to whatever save you had on the USB. For example if you haven’t saved for 3 missions and you die. If you choose to revert back to that USB save you will be back 3 missions. Saving and uploading to and from a USB forces you to close the game. So you do have to close the application and restart it if you want to save and load.
  13. You can’t turn off permadeath in the new difficulty. Either they misspoke or is talking about permadeath in general. But for Resistance Mode it is always on and the difficulty is set to hard, no way to change it. to save scum there are two options you can do. if you have PSPlus you can upload saves to the cloud. You do that by hovering over the game icon and pressing options. or alternatively you can use a usb. To do that you have to go into settings and application save data management. To save into the usb select save data on system storage. It should say system storage-> usb. To revert to that save on the usb (when you die) select save data on usb. It should say usb->system storage.
  14. I don’t really have any really if you’re using Aiden use one of his LMGs and make use of his Blackout ability. If not stand where you pulled the lever. Don’t worry about Bagley he may say stuff about you protecting him but it seems he never really resets his hack just goes slower. Focus on the drones that shoot at you first. If they’re humans focus on them first if their shooting at you They spawn either on the bottom left or right (if you’re standing at the lever) and will never go towards you. From the bottom right they’ll go up the stairs or stay on the bottom to shoot at you. from the left they’ll either go up the ladder towards Bagley’s platform or to one of the sides.