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  1. I’m getting Error 404 in North America. Good luck to everyone else though!
  2. Did..did someone just get murdered at EdgeOnline?
  3. I will say this, the online community is somewhat dead it's not impossible to find games but it won't be instantaneous either. But I don't think that is what the problem is, the problem is everyone is off doing their own thing. You'll have a guy doing every single thing there is to do on the map, one guy is getting chests and materials, and one guy who think it's a racing game rushing to the end taking. (and it's possible to take everyone with you to the next area even if you're alone) And you can bet at least one of these players will leave during the match. You will also be put into matches with other high level players. So either you're not doing enough damage and getting 1 shotted or your teammates are. Also if both of your mains are Iron-Man and Thor be prepared not getting your main picks. While this game was and is designed for multiplayer, I had more fun playing solo or with 1 other friend.
  4. It's called Ubisoft Connect now, and for all of the older games and non-live-service games they just gave all the Ubisoft Connect rewards for free as well as removed challenges for those games. This goes for all platforms and will be given even if you don't have the title in your library. You won't be refunded for anything you have bought however. For the majority of Ubisoft titles the rewards are automatically redeemed in game except for when it says, like in this case, progression is needed. I don't understand the confusion you have, it says that you can will get it when you reach sequence 4, as you are in sequence 2 you don't have it yet.
  5. If they went back to a single collectable trophy I would be disappointed, I enjoyed having to play on Hard mode.
  6. The game is hard at the beginning but when you start collecting Chalices rewards and Life bottles the game becomes a lot easier. I want to say you'll pass the border when you beat Enchanted Forest. But I do think that the Plat difficulty is a little low, I would say its a 3/10 at most a 4/10 but that's a big at most.
  7. If it's an IP ban try going to a friends house or using a friends device and go to the Playstation site and see if it works. I don't know if your country has it but I think the live chat option is tremendously better than phone calls.
  8. That's strange I can't access the Belgium France page either, it's given me the error that I can't access this server from my region. Maybe there's something going on near the France servers for Sony? However, here is the assistance page for Belgium Netherlands. Probably won't be of any help though sorry. nav%3Amsg-help%3Ahelp-en-ondersteuning
  9. I don't care if someone refers to the PSPlus games as free, but I don't think people should say that the PSPlus games are free. You can't say that the games you get are a free bonus because they are part of a service that is given out in a routine manner and not given out for special occasions. If it is part of a service that you pay for then it is not free.
  10. Except for the fact that streaming services does exactly that too. Most subscription based networks add in shows and movies every month and you dont know what your gonna get. So I’m sorry that doesn’t really apply here. But I can see it’s view though.
  11. It doesn’t matter what the reason is for you to get Plus. Monthly games is included in the service that you pay for. You can’t get Disney’s Plus and say you’re there for marvel movies and everything else is a free bonus just cause you don’t care about National Geographic or Star Wars.
  12. Well you can look at it this way. It’s a free PlayStation plus game, look at it like a double negative of a sort and cancel out the “free”. You either have to buy it for it’s original price, or buy PlayStation Plus to obtain access to it, either way it’s not free. (But what’s I think I saw being said here is, their intention was to buy Plus solely for the reason to play online. The games are a free bonus) if that’s the case that just proves the point you are buying access to play a game like you are buying access to play online. But if you really want to get technical it’ll make more sense to say you’re renting the games for a steady fee. Saying you received something for free means that you own it, but when your plus expires you no longer own it. Therefore it’s not free. On topic, I thought the game kinda looked alright but then, like someone else said, it looks to be populated with the Fortnite crowd. After that I lost interest in the game. Not saying it’s bad but it’s not for me.
  13. Well to be fair, the Kojima mission can be understandable if they required permission to put it in their game and maybe their license ran out. As for the pre-order it wasn't sold separately before so why would it need to be included? However it would be another story if the pre-order bonuses were not compatible with the Ultimate Edition.
  14. Yes, you can game share the weapon unlocks with multiple accounts but again only for users that share the game and DLC regions.
  15. If the users account is a different region of the game, the weapon unlock won’t work. I’m fairly certain that other users with the same region can use the weapon unlocks. But only if the weapon unlock is purchased with a primary account. I’m not 100% sure, but if you give me a couple hours I can check for you if no one else has a definitive answer. Yes, you can game share the weapon unlocks with multiple accounts but again only for users that share the game and DLC regions.