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  1. Also if anyone wants more information, it seems that if you equip a weapon with their upgrade and then sell it, the weapon will still have its upgrade. So for instance if you fully upgraded the Lemi but do not want to sell it in fear of having to buy the attachments again; you don't have to worry.
  2. So just got the trophy for S ranks. (Actually have SS ranks though for the bonus) Here was my strategy. First 3 I used the V61 upgraded damage, rate, and reload speed. For the fourth I added in the shotgun no upgrades. The first four are actually harder in my opinion to get SS ranks because it wasn’t as forgiving and you needed to compete all areas. For levels 5 and 6 I tried the knife strat and it wasn’t working so I went handgun. Upgraded just the damage, fire rate, and reload speed. Clip size didn’t really matter to me as the reload speed negated the need for a bigger magazine. 7-8 I knew that I didn’t really need to compete the whole area. So I also bought the magnum and used it liberally on the sub boss type enemies and the daughters. Same for mad village just used that thing on every big enemy. Died on stage 2 or 3 and still got SS. That being said I did have a full combo at the end of each area. Don’t be afraid to use the magnum on a weak enemy if you think you’re gonna lose your combo. For abilities I mostly used handgun master, Lightning Speed, and any of the defense and healing buffs. I would also like to say to save your pipe bombs and mines. As they can get rid of the armor on armored enemies pretty easily. Also, also if you can get past Factory 2; you can 100% get an S rank on mad village.
  3. Is the settlement tent/building free to build? Or do I need to find more supplies and raw materials. (Hate this aspect of the game)
  4. I actually enjoyed the the first Village, Castle, and Mad Village levels. The rest are a miss for me, however saying that, it still doesn't have the replayabilty that 4-6 Mercenaries have or the Revelations Raid mode has. As for how hard it is? My take is that it isn't that difficult but don't expect plow through the mercenaries trophies in a couple hours. The first 4 levels have easy S rank requirements, but the last 4 seem to hard but can be forgiven at times, still want to keep that score multiplier up. For the first 3, I just used the V61 and upgraded it to the max; and for the 4th "easy" level I used the V61 and SYH-12. For the last 4, it seems like the knife strat wasn't working for me so I'm just using the handgun with fully upgraded damage, fire rate, and reload speed and the magnum. I don't really upgrade the handguns ammo because the reload speed negates the need and I would rather use the money for other items.
  5. Looking at some gameplay this mode seems more akin to Raid mode from the Revelation series. And like someone else said, memorizing enemy spawn and types will go a long way it seems.
  6. Ahh, I see so it's easier to get S ranks if you just start at Village 1. Even if you have an S Rank earned on it, Thanks.
  7. So, sorry if this what you meant, upgrades keep carrying over. You don't have to start with a level 1 pistol every time you start an area over.
  8. Okay, everybody. I reverified the license and Observer is now back in my library. Strange why this even happened in the first place. But now another issue, while logging in I found that someone tried to log in repeatedly making Sony lock my account, not only that they tried resetting my password. Not too worried as I just changed my password and have 2-step auth. Epic Games apparently has had a data breach and a lot of user info got out. I would recommend everyone also change their passwords, especially if your passwords are the same and if you linked your Sony and Epic Games accounts.
  9. I'm not gonna lie, I'd be disappointed if they don't add in DLC trophies as I bought the season pass. However here's hoping they don't add in multiplayer trophies, especially any Raid mode trophies. But I'm with the others, if they only add in DLC trophies for specific DLC's it'll probably be only for Bloodlines as I think that is an actual expansion with a whole new storyline. A big maybe, if they'll add in DLC if or when they release invasion PVP. I don't think they'll add in trophies with the Assassin's Creed crossover DLC, because it'll be much the same as this (4.0) update in terms of content.
  10. Yeah, that's what stumped me for about 10 minutes until I tried that and the title Observer_. I even looked under Layers of Fear to make sure it wasn't in a bundle.
  11. Thanks, I'm assuming you mean on the original PS4 version on PS5. So you still have the download in your library. I'll just do what I said earlier, tomorrow I'll reverify licenses and check my download list. I'll keep your guys posted.
  12. I don't think it's possible to hide games in your library. But either way I'm sure in no way did I go into any setting to hide games. What baffled me the most was the message I got after I re-verified my entire library license. I can't 100% restate it, but it did basically say it could not find Observer in my library. I should mention that Observer isn't installed either. (It's not the message that says that it cannot verify license) I could be going into conspiracy theory territory here, but I think the publishers purposely did this as with Konami and P.T. It's too much of a coincidence to me that it's taken from my library and the same week a re-release of the game is announced. But if someone can check if Observer is in their library after being uninstalled, we can maybe chalked it up to just a me situation.
  13. Oh don’t get me wrong I agree 100%. Physical games are more and more becoming collector items, something I don’t really care about and believe to be more of a hassle to obtain and play than a digital game. I just hate how everyone’s fall back to anti-digital is “you don’t own it” and “it’ll be lost one day” as if physical games can’t be physically lost or damaged. But I digress, to each their own, it’s a matter of preference. I believe they said that the redux ps4 version is NOT a free upgrade. Closest thing that they’ll do is give a “veteran discount”.
  14. I believe they are fully aware of the issue as it was the publishers intent to delist the game in the first place, as well as re-release this "new" game. Though since this is more of a publisher issue, this situation is taking me back to the days of Konami and the P.T. demo. As for removing purchases, I don't really know the legality of it, don't really want to go into the whole "you don't really own digital games spiel" I'm not really worried about getting a refund of the sort. I've played and platinumed the game. Maybe this is just an issue I'm having so tomorrow I'll re-verify my licenses and check if the game is in my library. Maybe it has something to do with me purchasing the Layers of Fear/ Observer bundle; though highly unlikely since they were separate downloads. I am curious and want an explanation if it is gone for good, doubt Sony can give me an answer, probably will have to go to the Publishers.
  15. Some time ago Observer for the PS4 was delisted, however if you purchased the game prior to being taken down it was still in your library. Some time later it was "remastered" and repackaged for the PS5. Though now, while re-verifying my licenses, I was hit with a message stating that Observer could not be found in my library (or something a long those lines). I checked my library and was bamboozled to find that it was actually missing. The real kicker is that this situation is occurring just after I saw a trailer stating Observer on PS4 is back, but being touted as another "remaster" of the game meaning that if you have purchased the game prior to the first delisting, you still have to purchase this new listing. I actually don't know what about this. I could be jumping the gun, I really hope I am, if I'm not my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.