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  1. Not to sound creepy or anything, but I kinda want to see the bottom half. It's killing me to know whether they stuck with the skirt or gave her pants. Would be kinda cool to see it be a bottom half of a police uniform or something
  2. Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime. Though it might take them a while to get use to the game, it'll be well worth it for them when you complete a level together.
  3. Also, if anyone is wondering, the deluxe content is non-game shareable.
  4. Seems a little early to me. I love Resident Evil as much as the next fan but ReMake 2 just came out this year. I'm not gonna count the Resistance project as a major release since there is always a side release with a main one. Plus if there's anything true to the ReMake 2 DLC leak, then it would be weird to do DLC and a third game at the same time, at least to me.
  5. Hmmm, I don't know I didn't really experience any buggy trophies while I played. But if you did the 5 gold medals and all the other multiplayer trophies, unlocking the same trophies with the single player requirements instead should be a cakewalk.
  6. You didn't play story mode at all? Maybe you have to unlock the Tempest first?
  7. I believe you also get more glory depending on the gear and level of the revenant. And usually Player revenants have better gear and are higher levels than NPC revenants. Also, I can be wrong about this. There are only player revenatns that sometimes give 200-300 glory if you can defeat them.
  8. I don't really remember, since I was a teenager at the time and didn't really play it as soon as it came out. I buy remasters for the same reason, except for thing for trophies. I also buy a remaster if I played it as a kid, since as a kid I feel like I didn't really appreciate the game or if it adds new content.
  9. They probably mean something along the lines of getting S+ on Hardcore which isn't necessary. If there is more DLC I hope it's something a little bit easier than the Ghost Survivors. I still haven't gotten that damn DLC trophy for beating that 1 mission. Get to around 90 before succumbing. Getting a nice breather DLC would be nice. Nothing too easy where it's not worth playing on its own, but enjoyable and not something like just step above in difficulty
  10. No Problem.
  11. No, you have to turn it on. And then go into the device settings, and I believe you press options or there's a setting that says something along the lines of, Stop Using this Extended Storage. BTW, you may need PSPlus or another hard drive. Since save games and certain aspect of games don't save onto the external hard drive.
  12. Yeah ok, do you know how to safely remove the external hdd? Don't just unplug it. After you safely unplug it. Go into your account and deactivate it as your primary ps4. You're done with your old ps4 Set up the new PS4Pro, you know, the long process of signing in and all that and make sure it's set as primary PS4 Make sure you're connected to the internet. Plug in your HDD into the PS4Pro and set it as primary install if that's what you want. If it's not reading, you may need to find it in the Device settings. It may take a while buy your games will start to show up, there might be a little symbol next to the games PLAY button. But that's normal until it fully reads the HDD.
  13. Did you sign in to your account on the new ps4 and activating it as primary ps4. While also deactivating your account on the old ps4? Cause that's what happened to me and that's what I did to fix locked games.
  14. For a platinum? Color Guardians. In general? Payday 2. I can't even say I played it because literally every other missions I couldn't throw bags or invisible walls prevented me from completing a mission. It was and still is a bug fest.
  15. I don't get this. Aren't usually remasters for players who didn't have the previous generation or for those who never played the game? Though I do get some companies like to overdue it. Resistance I feel like doesn't really need a reboot. It just needs luck, I might be remembering it wrong but didn't it always change its game play and ultimately failed because it was always going against some serious competition?