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  1. Selecting and uploading the USB save to your system storage will revert back to whatever save you had on the USB. For example if you haven’t saved for 3 missions and you die. If you choose to revert back to that USB save you will be back 3 missions. Saving and uploading to and from a USB forces you to close the game. So you do have to close the application and restart it if you want to save and load.
  2. You can’t turn off permadeath in the new difficulty. Either they misspoke or is talking about permadeath in general. But for Resistance Mode it is always on and the difficulty is set to hard, no way to change it. to save scum there are two options you can do. if you have PSPlus you can upload saves to the cloud. You do that by hovering over the game icon and pressing options. or alternatively you can use a usb. To do that you have to go into settings and application save data management. To save into the usb select save data on system storage. It should say system storage-> usb. To revert to that save on the usb (when you die) select save data on usb. It should say usb->system storage.
  3. I don’t really have any really if you’re using Aiden use one of his LMGs and make use of his Blackout ability. If not stand where you pulled the lever. Don’t worry about Bagley he may say stuff about you protecting him but it seems he never really resets his hack just goes slower. Focus on the drones that shoot at you first. If they’re humans focus on them first if their shooting at you They spawn either on the bottom left or right (if you’re standing at the lever) and will never go towards you. From the bottom right they’ll go up the stairs or stay on the bottom to shoot at you. from the left they’ll either go up the ladder towards Bagley’s platform or to one of the sides.
  4. I don’t know If this was a glitch on tied to the download percent, I noticed that killing Albion guards they eventually stopped spawning. So maybe focus on them and then turn your attention towards the drones interrupting the download. After a while though combat drones spawn in instead of Albion guards.
  5. There's already a thread about this on the PS5 version of this game. I recommend checking it out as there are a lot of tips and tricks and information by those who've beaten the mode already.
  6. Yeah, my trophy popped right after the post credits screen where Bagley survives being "killed". I was awarded the trophy after gaining control of my character again and when the Mission Complete banner popped up. This was on PS4. So in theory you can make a save right before walking up to Bagley's server and ripping it out. However, I don't know if making a save mid mission 100% would work. If anything you can make a save right before climbing the scaffold and starting Hard Rest.
  7. So, they're 3 hacks that will send waves after you when you initiate them: the Clan Kelly Hack that acts as a Mary boss fight, a hack in an Albion building (sorry forgot the mission), and a hack on a bridge during "Defanging the Flock. As for the Nigel fight, a lot of the difficulty can be alleviated if you remember where the hacks are going to be and their solutions. For the Clan Kelly hack, I stayed outside and staying unseen when I initiated the hack. When I started it and they were alerted it I quickly turned on the spider bots cloak and ran into the room in front of you. It's an L shaped room though I noticed that you can go into the elevators room so maybe that's a safer bet. After the hack though the hard part is having to go into the mansion and make it to the elevator. For the Albion hack, again I stayed outside. When I started the hack I dropped down to the lower levels. In one of the corners is a couple of boxes and a table the spider bot can go underneath. They can still see you but at certain angles they can't hit you, you might have to do this in multiple tries however as I might have gotten lucky with only 1 person in a position to shoot the bot. For the last defense hack, I stayed on a scaffold that leads to a window just entering the red area. Make your way to the top and initiate the hack. When you start drop down the ladder and find some crates that allow you to jump in between a layer just underneath the top floor. The combat encounters that were mandatory that I remember were: the fights in the Prologue, Into the Void, The Malik Dossier, The Face of the Enemy, and Hard Reset. Also during Hunting Zero day you have to tail Emma Child. The problem is the checkpoints still alert authorities, however I failed in tailing Emma but still completed the mission. Also, also. Some mission objectives are strange. Many times when I'm about to die I just quit to the menu and restart. This is inconsistent but as an example, you have to physical hack a terminal to get into Nigel's boss fight. I got caught and was about to die. When I quit and restart, I just had to open the door to his arena with all the enemies de-agroed. Might help with some missions.
  8. I picked up 0 tech points all of the tech points I received were from missions, not every mission gives them but those that do gives out 20 points. Like most games on hard mode the beginning is the hardest, but as you near the end it does get easier. The last 3 missions (not counting the party mission) gives out a warning of sort where entering certain areas of the game lock you out of changing operatives. I believe these sections of the game allow you to die and restart at a checkpoint with no permadeath. I say "I believe" because I died on the Nigel fight and the final mission, where you swap between 2 operatives, and was allowed to continue, not so sure on the Zero-Day bunker mission as I did not die there. Also, not sure if you want it, but here are the tech point upgrades I invested in: First and foremost I upgraded the Spider-Bot to level 3. Second, I decided to get the armor upgrade for 60. Thirdly, I got the ability to jam targets (not weapons) as distracting enemies allows for a free takedown even if they spot you. Fourth, I decided to get the AR cloak to level 3. This isn't needed at the beginning but it might help with combat encounters especially the Nigel fight. Fifth, I got the pistol upgrade. This was a mistake on my part so you can skip this unless you use an operative with a default pistol. If not save it or invest it in something else, maybe the weapon jam ability. Sixth, my last ability was the turret disable ability. I got this on the second to last level which worked out well, because they're a lot of turrets but you can skip this one as well as there is plenty of cover.
  9. Resistance Edition has nothing to do the the game mode or trophy, it's just another version of the game that includes an operator and one week VIP status. Resistance Mode is acquired for free through updating the game to the latest patch, then it is accessed through the Campaign option, selecting new game, and selecting Resistance.
  10. So I'm also on the last 3 missions (saving for tomorrow) and I can say that the mode isn't that hard, but will kick your ass. The Nigel fight is probably the hardest fight in the game and they're 4-5 mandatory fights but they provide good cover and vantage spots. There are also 2-4 mandatory police chase sequences but these start off at 1 or 2 stars and shouldn't pose that much of a problem. You can cheese through 80-90% of the missions by using a level 3 spider-bot, yes, even the mandatory defense hacks where as initiating the hack will call reinforcements. For normal hacks just stand outside the red areas; for the defensive hacks tuck yourself away in hidden places outside the red areas as riot drones patrol after you initiate the hack. Spider-Bot can also physically interact with things that don't have to do with technology such as investigations with a couple of exceptions. I used Aiden like a lot of people here, and the be honest I kind of think he is a requirement for this mode. I barely had ammo left after all the mandatory encounters, keeping in mind that Aiden has access to 2 weapons' and can buff his damage. Also his Blackout ability causes all drones to shut down as well as distracts humans giving you time to switch cover or do damage. Update: Couldn't sleep finished the game and got the trophy. The final time was 11h 49, not including having to upload cloud saves.
  11. Damn another one? I'm on the East Coast and we were rammed by a Category 5 hurricane named Henri. Luckily it died down to winds of 35 when it hit me. Still, good luck out there. Stay safe.
  12. I'm in the same boat, haven't beaten the game but I would say 5/10 if you're an offensive player. It doesn't matter when Ubisoft says stealth is the main option that players should keep in mind. Gung-ho, fully offensive styles is 100% not an option as you die very quickly. I would also recommend the spider-bot rather than the A.R. cloak, as I found that the spider had more use and the cloak felt inconsistent. Also you should learn how to ride a cycle as I found that a lot of areas to bypass checkpoints were too narrow.
  13. Yes permadeath applies to paid operators, the only way to get them back is to start a new game. I believe you can save scum though using USB/Cloud. Also I read somewhere you can just quit out before choosing a new operator when you die, can anyone confirm this?
  14. Free. The only paid thing in this update is a new DedSec operator.
  15. Well, look at the bright side. No multiplayer trophies. Also, Resistance doesn't sound harder per se, just more of a hassle.