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  1. Have you tried going back to the safe house, starting the main mission, and then reselecting the side mission? It might force a restart. Personally for Opium Wars 4 I killed everyone in the outpost first. You'll know you did when you get a dialogue stating you've done so and then to release the prisoners. Then you can exfiltrate.
  2. The 50% damage thing isn't part of the trophy. You NEED to hit first in order for it to count for the in game feat, and in turn to count for the trophy. Doing 50% damage only ensures that you get the loot drops. I'm sure this is true because 1) I was in a group who did not hit first but did more damage, no trophy but loot drops. And 2) I hit first but barely did any damage by myself, got the trophy but no loot drop. If you are aren't lucky enough to hit it first there is another way. If the person fighting it is nice enough, if they or you add each other to a group then you both will get credit for the trophy.
  3. So I was right. The new weapon is the claw.
  4. Are you asking for help or are you asking for games to list?
  5. Sohayamaru? Hopefully it fleshes out Mumyo's story a little bit more. Anyone know when this story takes place compared to the main campaign and The Tengu Disciple? New Hand to Hand weapon you say? If Ninja Gaiden taught me anything it has to be the claws.
  6. I would say that the game is still lively in both PVE and PVP. It's still getting updates too, in fact there is a new update this week that requires you to go up 100 floors in one go. It's more on the shooter side than an MMORPG, still stats and builds do matter especially for raids and harder difficulties. Is it new player friendly? I guess? You don't really need to play the first one in order to get into the second. Though the matchmaking is kinda broken, if you try to match-make or respond to a distress call it might match you with a high level player. It's a pretty decent game for PVE if you play by yourself (in terms of solo play and playing with randoms) and a great game with friends. Though like most MMORPG's after you hit end game the open world aspect of the game just ends as there's nothing for you to do, instead you'll be re-doing missions and eventually 8 player raids. And now the new Summit mode. Though PVP will be a nightmare as a solo player. It is no way necessary in order to get high level gear though. Like the first game everyone in the PVP section of The Division 2 have gear optimized solely for PVP and run tight coordinated groups. But like PVE if you have friends and love PVP this one will be right up your alley. Of course there's the traditional PVP, where its 4v4 but I don't really have much experience in this aspect.
  7. Honestly, at most I can see Bethesda games being a timed exclusive for Xbox and PC eventually coming over to Playstation. I don't think the existing IP's will be Xbox exclusives, only new IP's that Microsoft helped finance or something along those lines. If this is the case I'm fine with that. Bethesda isn't my favorite company and none of their games are really a loss to me (other than The Evil Within), and waiting a year or so in order to get the ultimate edition is what I like doing anyway.
  8. I didn’t see it said yet but to make some situations on Akumu easier you can actually manipulate enemy spawns to an extent. An example of this is during the chapter with Joseph Oda where you must protect him while he opens door and you’re in a small house. Normally you’d think you have to kill everything that comes in the house. But if you do that 4-5 enemies start swarming you. But if you play it carefully during both phases if you kill 1 enemy you only have to contend with 2 or 3 and then you can just kite them around. Sometimes it’s not about playing better but rather smarter.
  9. Well you can think about it this way. The guide, at least the PS4 version, says that it is a 5/10. Without platforming gaming knowledge, it'll still be a 5/10. (Though I'd disagree, I'd say it's a 4/10 at most)
  10. Are you guys sure the feat requires you to hit the monster first? I hit Nyx first but didn't get the feat... I know holding aggro the most gives you the items, but I'm not interested in those. Never mind figured it out. Apparently, as I was told this through in game chat, if you have a party member that has gone offline (still in your party) your feats will glitch out and not be awarded.
  11. Thanks. Are the new ones required for the plat? Also do you know if the open world bosses trophy require you to hit them last for it to count?
  12. I know the trophy descriptions says to complete the dungeon solo, but does that entirely mean I can't just get it out of the way during the story with a group?
  13. Did this am a couple months ago on PC. Was it hard not really, suspenseful for sure if it’s your first play through. Akumu though is another story, in short it was fucking bullshit but I guess Shinji Mikami loves his bullshit difficulty modes. (Love him though) RE5 and RE6 Insta death modes were “easy” cause of the partner mechanic and the relatively open spaces. The Evil Within is another story. There is still one hit kills with no buffer zones and a lot of the arena battles are confined spaces with 3 to 5 infected. Not to mention cheap enemy position and infected with guns. RNG also factors a lot in many of the battles and you need to figure out how enemy spawns work. The sequel on the other hand is a lot easier even without the cheats but still relatively hard unless you know what you’re doing.
  14. I missed the monster of the week format it had during its first season. After that every other season has been a miss for me. I liked the Leviathan storyline the most. The only thing I don’t want the ending to be is predictable. And that means Sam and Dean dying or God winning. Think outside the box and I hope that the writers don’t try to end on a cliffhanger to try to get another season or show greenlit.
  15. There's no difficulty setting that you can choose from. Some areas are easier than others, and some bosses are huge difficulty spikes in terms of raw game play. I didn't hear about adaptive difficulty for this game, and I never felt that was the case either. But I could be wrong. As the story and game progresses you can upgrade Jesse with other abilities. If you don't upgrade the enemies will get harder and harder, as they will do more damage and have more armor almost requiring you to get health and energy upgrades. Before the update that was the closest you had to a difficulty adjustment. The harder you want, the less upgrades you get. The problem was that the more upgrades you had didn't mean the game was going to be easier, just more manageable as the enemies will always be on par with you.