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  1. I didn’t see it said yet but to make some situations on Akumu easier you can actually manipulate enemy spawns to an extent. An example of this is during the chapter with Joseph Oda where you must protect him while he opens door and you’re in a small house. Normally you’d think you have to kill everything that comes in the house. But if you do that 4-5 enemies start swarming you. But if you play it carefully during both phases if you kill 1 enemy you only have to contend with 2 or 3 and then you can just kite them around. Sometimes it’s not about playing better but rather smarter.
  2. Well you can think about it this way. The guide, at least the PS4 version, says that it is a 5/10. Without platforming gaming knowledge, it'll still be a 5/10. (Though I'd disagree, I'd say it's a 4/10 at most)
  3. Are you guys sure the feat requires you to hit the monster first? I hit Nyx first but didn't get the feat... I know holding aggro the most gives you the items, but I'm not interested in those. Never mind figured it out. Apparently, as I was told this through in game chat, if you have a party member that has gone offline (still in your party) your feats will glitch out and not be awarded.
  4. I know the trophy descriptions says to complete the dungeon solo, but does that entirely mean I can't just get it out of the way during the story with a group?
  5. Thanks. Are the new ones required for the plat? Also do you know if the open world bosses trophy require you to hit them last for it to count?
  6. Did this am a couple months ago on PC. Was it hard not really, suspenseful for sure if it’s your first play through. Akumu though is another story, in short it was fucking bullshit but I guess Shinji Mikami loves his bullshit difficulty modes. (Love him though) RE5 and RE6 Insta death modes were “easy” cause of the partner mechanic and the relatively open spaces. The Evil Within is another story. There is still one hit kills with no buffer zones and a lot of the arena battles are confined spaces with 3 to 5 infected. Not to mention cheap enemy position and infected with guns. RNG also factors a lot in many of the battles and you need to figure out how enemy spawns work. The sequel on the other hand is a lot easier even without the cheats but still relatively hard unless you know what you’re doing.
  7. I missed the monster of the week format it had during its first season. After that every other season has been a miss for me. I liked the Leviathan storyline the most. The only thing I don’t want the ending to be is predictable. And that means Sam and Dean dying or God winning. Think outside the box and I hope that the writers don’t try to end on a cliffhanger to try to get another season or show greenlit.
  8. There's no difficulty setting that you can choose from. Some areas are easier than others, and some bosses are huge difficulty spikes in terms of raw game play. I didn't hear about adaptive difficulty for this game, and I never felt that was the case either. But I could be wrong. As the story and game progresses you can upgrade Jesse with other abilities. If you don't upgrade the enemies will get harder and harder, as they will do more damage and have more armor almost requiring you to get health and energy upgrades. Before the update that was the closest you had to a difficulty adjustment. The harder you want, the less upgrades you get. The problem was that the more upgrades you had didn't mean the game was going to be easier, just more manageable as the enemies will always be on par with you.
  9. If you have EA Access and then cancel you can still earn trophies during the remainder of your subscription time. I did it when a month was around 99 cents, canceled it, then earned trophies for Fe and Sea of Solitude. Unless, you are asking if UFC4 trophies are available as an EA Access title, the answer should still be yes if it has been officially released. Only games that are demos or are early access don't have them.
  10. Constantine Films again though, which really worries me. As they had 7 movies to get it right, but progressively got worse. I read the plot and wrote out what I think would happen in another thread of course they might've changed the plot around. In short just replace STARS with the kids, the new "nemesis" will be after them sent by whatever Umbrella replacement they have in the show. And it would be more like a CW show than a full on horror show. Or you can compare it to the later seasons of Supernatural rather than the first 2 seasons of Supernatural. Honestly to me it sounds more like show a teenager would watch at 7 - 9 PM on the CW or Fox or ABC. Rather than something that you'd watch when the kids are asleep at 11 or 12 on HBO. Can't see this getting a season 2. But regardless I'd watch it for the Resident Evil title, and see as I sat through all the films doesn't hurt either. My only hope is that don't try to shoehorn characters in, like having Sherry stay there as a teacher or something. Or have other kids with last names like Kennedy or Redfield.
  11. I didn't have luck with the 4 areas mentioned in this thread at first, but I think it's because I kept fast traveling in the Investigations sector. Fast travel out into another Sector (I traveled to Executive) and back into the Abandoned Offices point. If you see in front of you the hallway shifting, then the Vending Machines will be Altered Items. And follow the map that was given by wardragon989.
  12. I'm glad this is a thing. The game is tough but that's not why I'm going to use it. (No judgement if someone else does.) But rather to actually feel like I progressed in the game if that makes sense. I never got the feeling that I was evolving but rather stayed on par with the enemies. It didn't feel like I was becoming a bad-ass Director in other words.
  13. If you look at the rarity on PSN the trophy for getting 10,000 is about 1 percent more rare than getting 16,000. (As of August 27th)
  14. I agree that this is one of the modes that are bullshit, along with the luck based and team ones. The grab hit-boxes are atrocious. I literally grabbed a guy, the crosshair icon popped up, but didn't get his tail. Yet someone a cm behind me got the tail. I always thought that you had to specifically be behind the person with the tail and grab the tail specifically as well, if you're too close you won't get it.
  15. I might be the minority and this might not be the place to say it, but I still never forgave Epic for canceling Paragon so they can milk Fortnite. I don't even play MOBA's and I thought it was fun.
  16. Resident Evil 5 and 6 have simple platinum's. The whole game can be played co-op and both parties get trophies. I think Dead RIsing is still on the list of games, but they are a tad harder.
  17. Git gud scrub. (Kidding) I beat him about 50 levels underleveled in about an hour or two. He was the hardest boss by far if we are talking about the 1 on 1 fight. I felt like every time I fought him he had a different move set. Or he had attacks that can chain into another 15 moves at random. Not to mention his dark realm attack that traces you and can 1 hit ko you or at least my ninja build. Here are some tips. Don’t use sloth because a lot of his attacks have arks that extend to his back and have huge frames. Revive scrolls are a must because a lot of his attacks can do 50% damage or outright kill you. Get all 9 healing item slots and equip the herbal medicine in your favorite menu. Get behind him as soon as you see him charge up his attack where he shoots 4 Gold ki blasts at you. He won’t be able to hit you and you can get a few licks in or use any items you need to use, just beware his last attack has a hit frame behind him. Using your yokai parry when he’s on the perch can knock him off in 3-4 hits but beware when he uses his feathers and lock onto you. When he’s doing a combo wait until he lowers his regular sword to the ground, if he’s still in a combat stance even during a break chances are he’s readying another attack or about to take out his gold sword to do a ki blast attack.
  18. Yeah, the requirements for unlocking the DLC are different between the two difficulties. I speed ran Dream of the Strong so I'm not sure if this is true, but I think that the completion bar goes up more per mission compared to Demon. And I believe that what regions that are unlocked per tick of the completion bar are different. But I do know that Dream of the Demon has an extra tick in the completion bar meaning that you have to complete more missions to unlock the DLC. And on top of that the completion bar ticks are further apart on Dream of the Demon. The last tick is about 70 ish % into the completion bar and when you get to it you unlock Afterglow and Tengu's Disciple.
  19. In Nioh 1 they added a new difficulty with each DLC, but the only difficulty related trophies is tied to the Demon difficulty. I'm sure it will be the same here. Dream of the Demon also isn't a whole playthrough more like 65% plus DLC. You can expect each DLC trophy list to include: being proficient in the new weapon, equipping certain items, doing miscellaneous tasks/ collectables, and completing the DLC on Dream of the Demon, nothing too demanding.
  20. You just need a good team, winning one game isn't too bad. But getting a kill with all 4 original classes might be difficult. Just play it slow, peak corners with the camera, and have a high fire rate, fully automatic weapon. Attachments that reduce weapon sway and recoil can help too.
  21. I can't speak for the boosting, but if you're in a party you can queue up alongside them. The PVP isn't really dead so it might be a little difficult to try to get matched up against a friend. But as for weapons and armor everything is balanced differently in PVP than it is in PVE. Gear score (if you have it on) isn't calculated; so no 300 score player is going to one shot a 0 score player. Though certain weapons out preform other weapons, such as high a fully automatic weapon out preforming semi-automatic weapons.
  22. Yeah, I bought the game some time ago. I'm not salty that it's free or anything or that (if it did) people received the ghost pack. I was just going to be bamboozled by the fact that there are 2 versions of this game. No glitch here, there's two versions of the game because if you were to buy Modern Warfare 2 remastered you were able to get an in-game pack in Modern Warfare. The free Plus version does not give you said pack.
  23. Why are there two version of this game? PSPlus Version $19.99 Version Does the Plus version give you the Ghost Pack in Modern Warfare 2019? If it does, I wonder how many people were basically tricked into handing Activision 20 bucks.
  24. You could do what I did. Play a game with fewer than 40 trophies until you are 1 away from platinum and then play other games until you’re at 5,998 trophies. You need to be at 5,998 trophies because of the plat plus the trophy you will earn.
  25. If anyone wants to know in order to unlock the DLC on Dream of the Demon, you need to complete the first 4 regions 100% and about 25-30% in two other regions. Obviously you don't have to do it like I did, but I'm just giving you a ballpark figure on how many missions you need to complete. This time around I find that main missions and side missions give the same amount of completion rate unlike Nioh 1. Doing blue missions, demons scrolls, twilight missions, and dojo missions don't reward anything in terms of the completion rate bar.