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  1. The generated code given to me is considered inappropriate. Can I get a new one? Here's the code: XDTX3
  2. Can you revive the same person over and over?
  3. Make sure you guys build near water. You need to put your purifier in it.
  4. Beat 4 events at 3 different locations and no trophy 😡
  5. Lots of bugs but dont hate this game, always been a fan of Fallout series. I'm sure people played Fallout 3.
  6. For people wanting to get this new game, it's on sale till November 29th for $30 at Target.
  7. South Park Stick of Truth, got it one playthrough and it kinda boring
  8. Do lunchboxes unlock pets as well?
  9. I can't seem to find any info on release date for the ps4, anyone know about it? Looks fun so far after watching a few trailers and forward to it
  10. Same here and couldn't find anything about it either
  11. Name caught my attention, as far as trophies, they seem pretty easy
  12. I can't find a release date for the NA. Is this exclusive to EU? Looks fun from seeing a few trailers.
  13. Going Friday the 13 and Battlefield 1 at the moment.
  14. I think its the pig mask guy but i could be wrong.