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  1. First game took me 37 hours to platinum the first game. Luckily Blackagumon medal didnt give me any trouble. I look forward to this game.
  2. Thanks for this update going for platinum again now, started when the game came out but stopped when i found out it was dungeon 100
  3. Yeah i did the same thing. Seems like the first game save is glitched, also couldn't get the sit trophy.
  4. I bought it and enjoying it. Reminds me of super mario 64. Its pretty much the same thing.
  5. For some reason no trophies are unlocking and i already did many of them. I tried to delete and reinstall the game and nothing. Anyone else having the same issue?
  6. Not sure if you guys are aware of the Sony Rewards program. They recently updated the program and now you can get ps credits for your hard earned trophies. You have to link your account. I recommend everyone to do it and get started. Good luck fellow trophy hunters! www.sonyrewards.com
  7. Got platinum and didnt run into any problems at all. Fun game and looking forward to dlc.
  8. The only current way to get this trophy is to get 100 heals in 1 game. You have to boost this trophy.
  9. I don't think it's glitched. I think trophy descriptions are wrong. Guy who platinum the game said it was well over 400 heals.
  10. Not glitched anymore. Add someone and exchange items.
  11. Already have it. Best way to get it, have a friend join your party, exchange items with O, and thats pretty much it.
  12. Fixed "It Gets Boring After An Hour" and "The Number of The Beast" Just giving you guys a heads up! Good luck fellow trophy collectors!
  13. i hope they fixed these glitches
  14. It's been confirmed. The chrome dragon is on dungeon 100. This is at least 100 hours + in this game. The lower you go the more tedious it gets. It's so annoying.
  15. You think level 50 is the chrome dragon?