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  1. The only current way to get this trophy is to get 100 heals in 1 game. You have to boost this trophy.
  2. I don't think it's glitched. I think trophy descriptions are wrong. Guy who platinum the game said it was well over 400 heals.
  3. Not glitched anymore. Add someone and exchange items.
  4. Already have it. Best way to get it, have a friend join your party, exchange items with O, and thats pretty much it.
  5. Fixed "It Gets Boring After An Hour" and "The Number of The Beast" Just giving you guys a heads up! Good luck fellow trophy collectors!
  6. i hope they fixed these glitches
  7. It's been confirmed. The chrome dragon is on dungeon 100. This is at least 100 hours + in this game. The lower you go the more tedious it gets. It's so annoying.
  8. You think level 50 is the chrome dragon?
  9. This game is impossible without cheating. I thought this game was gonna be a lot easier to platinum but I was truly wrong. Long and tedious at best! Anyone have ideas on what to really upgrade? Dragon wand blows.
  10. Does this game have online trophies? Thanks. i can't find any roadmap
  11. I can't wait to download this tonight. I have such a terrible back log 😣
  12. It's not hard at all. Chapter 5 is the most frustrating. Took me about an hour to do.