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  1. I can't seem to find any info on release date for the ps4, anyone know about it? Looks fun so far after watching a few trailers and forward to it
  2. Same here and couldn't find anything about it either
  3. Name caught my attention, as far as trophies, they seem pretty easy
  4. I can't find a release date for the NA. Is this exclusive to EU? Looks fun from seeing a few trailers.
  5. Going Friday the 13 and Battlefield 1 at the moment.
  6. I think its the pig mask guy but i could be wrong.
  7. I dont have a vr, sucks i cant play this game without one
  8. Not sure what to expect from jigsaw but this is awesome. I got platinum a while ago and still play this game.
  9. Looks cool, anyone know the release date for this?
  10. Since patch they lower most of the requirements for the trophy. Its actually a decent game, but its missing online multiplayer.
  11. This eu only right? I dont see it in na store yet
  12. I actually like this game and wish there was more to do. Too short but extremely easy trophies and got it under 40 mins. 11 Gold and 1 Platinum 😁
  13. Just have to start a new file.
  14. The season pass came with my game, just downloaded dlc and no trophies sadly enough. Fun game but gonna sell my copy soon