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  1. It looks like there are some new trophies this time around. The Immortal trophy seems like the one that could cause some trouble. Even on regular difficulty a random grenade could kill you or a enemy can melee you rather quick. Besides that this trophy list seems rather easy like most COD games. I can't wait to play MW2 in full 4k HD!
  2. FYI. I found out that if you start the game and go to episode 2 in the menu, it will direct you to a private page on the PS Store where you can download the episode. That is the only way you can download episode 2. I'm assuming this will also be the case for episode 3 (which release this Tuesday, January 15) and episode 4. Shoutout to Skybound who told me how to access episode 2 and a huge thanks for finishing off the final season!
  3. Is there any news on when episode 2 will be put back on the North American PS Store? I wasn't able to download it before they removed it.
  4. I wonder if the trophy list will include the base multiplayer trophies from Uncharted 4 ("Continue the Adventure", "Get in the Game", "Trials by Fire", "Friends Forever!", and "Medic!") since the mp carries over from U4. If so, it will probably include the survival trophies as well ("Get Train Rekt", "The Mad City", etc). The base multiplayer trophies and most of the survival trophies are easy but the two crushing survival trophies are a pain to unlock.
  5. I did a manual save on my original playthrough, this way the new game + won't auto save over that. When the Frozen Wilds releases I'll play that on my original save which is on normal difficulty. I'd prefer not to play the new content on Ultra Hard difficulty. Just wait until The Frozen Wilds releases later this year
  6. This issue started yesterday for me. I got the platinum trophy for The Walking Dead: A New Frontier and it synced fine on PSN. It went to the top of the list on my PS4 and everything. I then came to PSNProfiles and noticed it was out of order. The date was correct but I had previous games still above it. Today I checked and The Walking Dead was on top and in order but the trophies I got today didn't move to the top. The only sites/apps that are wrong are PSNProfiles and the PSN App. PSN is fine on my PS4 and the PSNtrophyleaders site is in order.