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  1. I'll give it a go! Piece of Cake Award: Finished some easy and straightforward stuff this year but I had so much fun relaxing and finishing Donut County. It's Like Dark Souls: Nothing too incredible and I have some hard games I've played but haven't completed yet, but Bioshock Infinite and it's 1999 mode tested me a decent amount and was a great challenge that I really enjoyed. Badass Award: There have been a couple great moments but I'd have to go between Celeste and Yakuza 6. Getting through a particularly tough section in Celeste felt incredible, either getting it first time or getting past a spot where you die 50+ times, and Yakuza 6 because there are just so many great moments and combat scenarios as with every Yakuza game. Grind of the Year: I'd probably just say Fifa 18 because I left it for quite a while before coming back to finish it earlier this year, and getting through all the modes trophies and stuff can be quite tedious. I also don't play many very long winded games as I'm pretty busy most of the time and tend to drop off long games and never return to them, which is why I don't have a finished game this year with a very big grind. King of the Internet: Either Tekken 7 or soon to be plat Battlefield V. I'm not great and never have been at fighting games but i found myself playing Tekken 7 online long after getting the online trophies and had a blast with it, even in heavy defeats to people I had a good time. And then Battlefield V because I'm a big fan of the series and the multiplayer fits my style a lot better than a cod or faster paced shooter, I also like the larger scale and how different class play can be. Worst Online: Fifa 19 cause getting to division 4 in rivals was a slog and I sat just under the required rank for over a week could not string together the wins for a while, but I got it eventually. Sleeper Hit: Not necessarily a small game but definitely deserves more recognition, me and my best mate had an amazing time with A Way Out earlier in the year. So much fun and it is hilarious fucking around in it with a friend, I would definitely recommend this if you have a friend or partner to play with. Biggest Bomb: I didn't plat much crap this year so I guess I'd say The Walking Dead S3. I thought the story was weak and boring, and I found myself not caring in the slightest if something happened or someone died or whatever, was bored from start to finish. Best Plat Image: Tie between Tekken 7 and Yakuza 6 for me, I really like the look and style of both platinum images. Worst Plat Image: For sure Infamous Second Son, just has a boring and bleak trophy on it. Best Female Character: I love Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite but I had played that in the past on ps3 so the obvious choice for me is 2B from Nier Automata, I really had an amazing time with Nier and 2B was a great character who had a very interesting arc with the themes at play through the story. Best Male Character: Has to be Kratos in God of War, don't think I need to say much for people to understand why he is the best choice. Best Plat of the Year: Either God of War or Yakuza 6, for obvious reasons I had a great time with both from start to finish (as you can tell my answers are getting shorter as I get more bored with typing). Worst Plat of the Year: Fifa 19. I've always been decent at Fifa and I am a huge football fan which is most of the reason I bought it every year, but even that can't make me want to buy it anymore. I always bought it out of habit but there's no way I'll continue with that any further, just not enjoyable anymore whatsoever. It's ultra rare but they dont exactly garner the same acknowledgement when it is a sports game in question so oh well. Most Anticipated Game of 2019: If it is for a game I want to plat next year that I have started I'll say The Last of Us Remastered, I was really loving it and went straight into a grounded new game + after my first playthrough but I dropped off a while back around chapter 6. Keen to get back and finish it off. As for a new release next year, I would like to try my hand at getting the platinum in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. I also want to get back to Bloodborne all I have remaining are the Chalice dungeons, but having a From Software plat would be great, so Sekiro for that reason.
  2. I quite enjoyed my time with Battlefront 2 as well, but the hate for that was sparked by some very different points and dealings with the game, other than a bit of unbalancing and usual server hiccups the game ran and played quite well. It copped it's criticism from the dodgy pay to win shit and got obliterated the week before release, which same as Fallout 76 for it's problems, it deserved. But yeah as many people have said already criticism is fine and all that, but obviously the idiots who scream hatred at devs and send out all the death threat crap shouldn't be tolerated at all
  3. You're right, but it should be able to run at least kind of smoothly and not drop below 10fps, plus the amount of videos I've seen of random ai enemies spawning out of thin air or the ai just being broken and standing in front of people not shooting is insane. Straight up forget about 4K and stuff as that was never a factor in the discussion, this is about a triple A title being a mess upon release and that warrants criticism without a doubt.
  4. I agree with this section of your comments, that it is best to do your research and not blindly expecting it to be exactly what you're wanting and imagining you will be getting. However above you're making it sound like people aren't allowed or warranted to criticise the game at all. If people are bitching about it being a multiplayer game then that is stupid as they knew all along what is was going to be, but to say people are butthurt and ridiculous for expecting a better performing game with at least average framerate and little to no crashes is in itself ridiculous. There are many other options to try when it comes to games, limitless really, but to say that people are being uncalled for and ridiculous for wanting a game that is not a buggy mess is such a backwards way of thinking.
  5. I agree completely with this haha, this exact game I put aside the hate and bought it on release cause I love the alien movies, and yes the game is terrible but I enjoyed it anyway. Everyone playing Fallout 76 and enjoying it, good for you, but you have to concede to the fact that despite you enjoying your time with it and it having promising mechanics and ideas, the game itself is objectively bad. There is a difference between enjoying a product for whatever reason be it personal preference or attachment etc. and the product being objectively good and worthy of AAA standards from a massive developer at this current time.
  6. Outside of the game itself, cause I haven't played it nor do I intend to, you have to have a bit of give and take in discussions like this. I get that you want to get your point across to some maybe overly stubborn people, but in this thread I've seen quite a lot of replies from you and others saying what's quoted above or something very similar. Wish I could walk around all the time just straight up tell people they're wrong and their opinion is unacceptable with a badge of justice and honour! Focusing on the game now, even though I'm not a huge fallout fan and only dabbled in the series, I have played enough Bethesda games to know that regardless of a new format like Fallout 76 and multiplayer and other new avenues for their series, it's pretty clear to me and lots of others now that their engine looks very dated and not up to scratch with current AAA standards and other big releases of the year. If their next developed game is not a big graphical and performance leap I don't think anyone will care what type of game it is or what franchise, after a while they will fall behind and people will realise and stop paying for it. Refusing against comparing this to God of War and Red Dead 2 earlier in the thread might make some sense because of the different genre and gameplay, but if more Red Deads and God of Wars and Horizons keep coming out, Bethesda will have no excuses left for their deficits in gameplay and graphical performance compared to these new titles. The metacritic score might be a bit harsh, but I believe you have to take into account other huge games coming out at the same time, and this is vastly behind in comparison, so maybe people shouldn't be outraged or surprised.
  7. So looks like I'm having a much worse bug in the singleplayer campaigns, I've tried upwards of 10 times starting up the different war stories, the game plays through the opening cutscene or allows me to skip it (I've tried both), but before I'm supposed to be handed the controls and start playing when the screen is black, it stays black and doesn't do anything! Anyone else had this problem, when it does this I have to use the home button and quit out as I can't access the pause menu or anything it's just stuck on a black screen please help. Also haven't seen anything online about this happening to others or being a problem so I have no idea what's going on
  8. Started Battlefield 5 last night, despite the hate and backlash this game received a lot before release and some questionable choices that have been implemented, I would advise that if you are slightly interested in this game to give it a try and not listen to the masses telling you to avoid it. I am not a defender of EA at all, but despite their practices and dodgy dealings, I am having a fantastic time with Battlefield 5 and will continue to. The gameplay feels very fresh and updated since BF1, even though they are similar, the gameplay and class tweaks they have made and welcome additions in my opinion and allow for greater variety. Being able to revive teammates as any class, but the medic class being able to revive a lot quicker is nice for squads that can revive without forcing some to play medic.

    Even the building mechanic introduced isn't some fortnite clone, it is only available around objective points and in certain scenarios. All in all if your'e on the fence with this game and doubting it because of bad publicity, I would recommend that you give it a shot, I think it's a great Battlefield game so far and that it will only grow later on and the tides of war content will keep it fresh and fun.

  9. Bruh they said 100% is way more commendable than a LOT of platinums out there, not every platinum ever including the most notorious plats on this website, thanks for providing us with your insight
  10. To be honest I wasn't really excited to jump back into it for new game+, however I played the heist which was over quite quickly and I thought I'd just smash out the playthrough on ultimate new game+. If anyone is sceptical on another full playthrough, just rushing through the story even on ultimate took me barely 5 hours with skipping cutscenes and I only died twice, mostly by rushing into a crowded area with multiple rocket launcher enemies. If you have any doubt maybe knowing it is easy and sub 5 hours might push you to hop in and rush through it
  11. Awesome mate sounds sweet, I'll hopefully have a major holiday to Japan and other places when I finish uni next year and get some time off work, congrats! Look forward to seeing your growing plat collection
  12. Yeah pretty random haha, around Western Sydney, I see you have a lot of Japanese titles in your backlog. That's great, I've been steadily getting into Japanese media and I love it, exploring some Japanese games lately but I have a premium subscription to AnimeLab and I love it so much amazing stuff on there I'm yet to watch.
  13. Hold up bruh think we might be clones haha 🤔, anyway hope your venture into trophy hunting is very fun and rewarding, I also feel like trophy hunting got me interested in some games I never would have considered playing, definitely a great way to explore new games and genres!
  14. Listening to Last Dinosaurs new record Yumeno Garden constantly, met them at a listening party last weekend they were so chill to chat to and have a beer. This is one of their singles it's brilliant!
  15. Not sure mate that sucks, if you have gotten the rank 3 trophy you definitely should have the placement matches trophy too, maybe wait for some other cases and confirmation on if it is a known glitch. I had a glitch on Fifa 18 with the play 20 games in ultimate team, had over 400 games played but the trophy never popped, the only way i could fix it was to delete my club and then the 20 games popped when i played the 20th game with the new club. Deleting your club sucks though as a fix so I'd try that as a last resort.