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  1. To add to all this, I have my trophy cabinet on my profile filled with my favourite plats, because they are games I love. I'm not ashamed to showcase them there in fear of someone telling me they aren't worth showcasing because they are easy games. They are my favourites that I have platinumed regardless of their difficulty and time requirements, such as God of War, Nier Automata, Bioshock, Doom etc. Wanting every game to have a hard trophy list is unnecessary and not reflective of the specific game or audience, sometimes it's nice to just sit down with something that doesn't need a guide to regularly check back on, and a story and world that shows you everything it has to offer and shows you the finish line to the plat. Sprinkling in Spidermans and God of Wars amongst harder AAA games is much better than having all hard or all easy.
  2. Imagine hacking the plat to something everyone knows is unobtainable and has been for years, popping such a rare and unobtainable plat is like asking for people to report you 😂
  3. Are you missing the gold or silver trophies though? They weigh more into the percentage than the bronze trophies
  4. I think Monster Hunter World is too massive and daunting for a newbie like myself, but that guide has almost convinced me to have a try, amazing effort on the guide the information and detail is incredible!
  5. I thought that might be the case, I'm about to beat it this playthrough and grind while it's flu season, and then yeah beat it early next time a bunch with some op persona Yeah wow that is a decent decrease in time, thanks for the replies! My save file is at 93 hours and I think I'm on the 7th of December so travelling well, would be a decent chunk of idle time in that 93 hours too I reckon, I usually never persist with long rpgs and massive single player games because of time constraints and I eventually move onto something new, but I knew P5 was something I had to finish completely and I was not wrong, it just keeps getting better.
  6. Hey everyone, I'm almost done with my first playthrough of Persona 5 and I've loved it so far, by the time I hit New game plus the only trophies I will need to get will be the new game plus secret boss, fuse satanael and 100% the compendium. If I begin the second playthrough with 99% of the compendium done best equipment and gear and all that, and a ton of cash for fusing satanael and anything else I'll need it for, how long will these last trophies take and what is the best level grinding method before attempting the boss as I have heard your characters level resets? Thanks in advance.
  7. I had some trouble with this too, I got it after a few tries and I think i hung there for over 10 seconds before it popped. Try to hold onto the top not the rope when you drop the gondola and hang for a while, it's not glitched or anything so it should work eventually
  8. I definitely agree, the ping system is fantastic and every class seems diverse in abilities but nothing completely better than the rest. I haven't won a game yet, played 12 I think, but I've come 2nd twice and third twice so getting pretty close, but I can see myself playing this a lot more, exceeded my expectations for sure.
  9. I'm a big fan of Titanfall 2 so trying this out was a no-brainer, and the few hours I played last night were great I think it looks and feels great especially for a free game. However I've never tried a battle royale game before till this one, and from personal preference at least, I think this game could've been even better if it didn't include every typical setup mechanic you find in the genre. I really enjoy multiplayer shooters and play a lot with my best mate, but I just can't get behind the intial loop of these games dropping with nothing and possibly finding trash weapons and gear, get killed within 2 minutes of dropping and then having to get into a new game. But that's just my opinion, I do like some mechanics like picking up better gear I just wish you started with something, the closing circle I like as well. Regardless I haven't tried many free to play games but this one seems to be very polished for what it is, let me know if you think the gameplay loop is perfect or there's something else you would prefer.
  10. The most trusted news source in the world 👏👏
  11. Superhot VR is fantastic I'd suggest that, played it without vr for ages before I got a VR and the VR version is even better. Makes you feel like a ninja, lots of dodging and stuff. It gets pretty hectic so I think it will fit into what you're looking for. Also Creed: Rise to Glory is decent enough and is a workout, I find the tracking for move controllers can be pretty dodgy sometimes but it is fun to play
  12. Nah all pretty straight forward, you'll have all the time in the world to get miscellaneous trophies while reaching the rank 50, it is quite the grind. Only at rank 39 myself, and I had every other trophy in the game before I hit rank 25, it is fun though so hope you enjoy
  13. I played a lot of PS3 but only 8 out of my 74 plats are from that console so I voted for ps4 instead, got a lot more into trophy hunting on ps4.
  14. How much xp average do you get for extraction when x3? I haven't played anything other than HvV in a long time and took a long break off of that as well so completely forget what amount of xp I'll be looking to get. I only played the HvV 3x xp for the last day and a bit since I heard about it late and had to reinstall the game with sub par internet so I only went from level 30 to 36 with that, hopefully I can reach 50 with this event and the next weekends one as well.
  15. If you're sick of EA maybe stop buying their games, time will tell if you continue the cycle of buying them and then complaining or you stop the cycle from repeating itself. You have the 4 last mainline battlefields and both battlefronts plus various other EA games so you obviously don't hate them enough to stop giving them money. I personally enjoy their games battlefield series in particular, and while there has been 3x xp in battlefront 2 I've been playing it to slowly reach rank 50 and despite it being a slow grind I still enjoy playing the game, but if you don't like them don't buy them simple as that