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  1. PC master race is infiltrating our way of life, this is the beginning of the end! 😂
  2. Goddamn Fortnite cause my brother bought the save the world thing on release and got me to try it with him, and in doing so I unlocked a few trophies. Now that stupid crap is a smear on my profile
  3. To agree with most who've already posted, Elements and AMG are the hardest, but that is only due to a few specific races or trials, not the whole package. By the time you hit AMG assuming you've left it for last it should be pretty simple anyway. I've had the best time with this game, just have to do some more drift events with a car type and I've got my final trophy with the level 6 accolades!
  4. Basically yeah, it's not as good as the 2 machine games titles that came before it, but it is by no means terrible. I really enjoyed it and it deserves a lot of praise. I hope it is therapeutic for you, wouldn't want you to be having PTSD flashbacks of Wolf 2 while playing it 😜
  5. Please tell me you're being ironic, a game having a hard, albeit near unobtainable trophy in it's list is the most pathetic form of discrimination I have ever heard, if you want to call it that. Do Uncharted games discriminate players because some people aren't good enough to beat them on crushing? Does FIFA discriminate against players who like other sports? Does the PS1 discriminate against current children because it was released and surpassed before they were born? They are some examples of the logic you just used. I liked and finished Wolfenstein 2, had a good time and then moved on after I was done. I have the plat for The Old Blood and The New Order, but I accepted this one was out of my reach and a massive time sink I can't be bothered doing. I congratulate anyone who got the plat and I'm happy you get to show it off. I'm sure that people who have finished mein leben also, despite the profile you have created for them, would have girlfriends/wives, kids, jobs etc. I agree with people in the sense that the game could've done it better, skipping cutscenes, being a fairer challenge rather than using glitches and rng to make it through, but you just have to take it in your stride and either move on or go for it. The part stopping me is that these games much like Doom are some of my favourites, as even on harder difficulties you are encouraged and rewarded for going dual wielding guns blazing and wrecking havoc, and it is so much more enjoyable. The New Colossus punished you if you tried to play this way, which I was not interested in. No way should the trophy be removed and they shouldn't be discouraged from putting it in their new games either, as long as the game is good, I will buy and play it, despite a difficult trophy possibly halting my plat or 100%. I suggest you try the same Anyway I will be playing this for sure, probably not at launch though as I am more focused on clearing some of my backlog. Please don't discriminate me for posting in this thread
  6. Upwards of 30 I reckon, had to wait a while to see some as they need to tour out to Australia, but some of them include: Foo Fighters x3 The Eagles Guns and Roses Arctic Monkeys Basement + The Story So Far Bloc Party Foals x2 Gang of Youths Foster The People Northlane x2 Ball Park Music x5 Royal Blood Jamie T Last Dinosaurs x3 DZ Deathrays x3 Violent Soho San Cisco Midnight Oil John Butler Trio Weezer Everything Everything PUP City Calm Down x3 MGMT Franz Ferdinand That's everything I can think of, with a bunch of other smaller venues and bands peppered everywhere else I love gigs so yeah, more expensive hobby than my gaming for sure 😅
  7. I think there's a better way to argue the point and disagree without being condescending and insulting the guy, you wouldn't want people to think you're TOXIC! 😅 But I think everyone has pretty much covered all the bases, I definitely agree with the guy on about R6 Siege haha, don't play it very much for all the reasons, also one game I still play with a friend all the time is Rocket League, my god there are some shockers playing ranked in that game too. Obviously there would be a lot worse around, but from my tonne of experience with that game, it's some of the worst behaviour I've encountered.
  8. I'm sure op appreciates your suggestions, but why mention 2 playthrough games when the thread topic specifically asks for single playthrough games? I would say Murdered: Soul Suspect is a good choice, also Doom only requires you to beat the first level on a higher difficulty after the first playthrough so no actual second playthrough. Others include: Hellblade Rage 2 South Park games Pyre Modern Warfare Remastered These are some that I've played within the last year that I enjoyed
  9. Completely agree with this, I found it extremely simple for something bordering on ultra rare, even though it was on plus. Another would be playroom VR, and yeah you could also argue that it is a demo type thing for VR so it makes sense, but the 100% for it took sub 5 hours just messing around in it with my gf who rarely plays games. The plat is at 7.09% and the 100% completion is at 4.56%, go for it if you have a VR, plus it's fun too not just easy
  10. Despite what you may think of football, it is a pretty good decision on their part as the majority of plus subscribers play casually and football is widely accessible to a lot of audiences. I have PES 2017 on my profile and played 18 with a friend, they are quite good so I'll add it for sure. Lot of people in here talking up Horizon which has me somewhat interested, but I have many racing games in my backlog already and I'm not the biggest fan of racing anyway. Lots of people knocking the games as usual, understandable and it is annoying when they give out stuff over and over that has no appeal to someones tastes, but from a neutral standpoint, at least they are covering all the bases, in the last two months we've gotten an fps/rpg collection, old school sonic game, sports game and racing game. It's not for everyone but hey that's what a subscription is!
  11. Awesome job completing Hitman 2 mate, really fun game that I have to return to it at some point
  12. I wanted to necro this thread cause I went back and finished Uncharted Golden Abyss on vita and it is now by far my longest completion time sitting at 7 years and 1 month
  13. I've never let it lapse without payment so I can't be sure, but maybe there is a feature where it gives you a week lapse of plus, kinda like a 14 day free trial. Unlikely but maybe that's the case and you will get an email from them saying you won't lose any features or anything if you pay by a certain date or whatever. If not could always try contacting Sony and enquire
  14. What are you expecting Sony to do? You might dislike big companies and all that, but I'm pretty sure you don't have to fear Sony stealing from you haha. Some people take this big company fear way too far. Are you 100% sure you only have the one card linked to the ps store? Maybe it has a memory of another and diverted the payment to that card instead?
  15. Looks pretty cool, anything that has looking through a scope on the ps aim controller has me interested. They seem quite happy that there is full movement in the game, but honestly I think I would prefer it if it was more on rails; set up a sniper nest, finish off everyone, game takes you to new set up nearby, continue from there. Should be fun regardless