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  1. Lighten up dude, just a guy sharing his opinion, which he is well within his rights to do
  2. While I completely agree with the general sentiment, I feel people in this thread are very quick to discard highly popular games as braindead trash. I play a lot of newly released games, and dabble in many different genres, both indie and AAA. Like you mentioned, yes there are many casual gamers that only have a console for the yearly iterations of games such as FIFA, madden and CoD, and yes, they will pretty much buy these no matter what. But how is it fair to say they suck or aren't worth paying for? I have a massive collection and backlog of wonderful games a lot of you would also have played and enjoyed, but I also really love football and watch it religiously. So because of this, I buy Fifa when it releases, because I know that whilst they are usually very similar and don't have incredible upgrades every year, I enjoy it for what it is. Am I now classed as a stupid Fifa fan to you? I know that these companies and developers do some dodgy shit and I know how greedy they can be, but there is a market demand for sports games that needs to be supplied, and they supply it, and that's how this stuff works. I don't really know where I am going with this, it just pisses me off when popular releases are immediately ridiculed and ignored because the people on this site don't play these types of games. CoD copped backlash for an empty BO4 with no campaign, and in turn they focus on creating a high budget and quality single player campaign that is receiving its fair share of praise. But people instead of being happy they listened and provided something that was wanted, like removing loot boxes and making all new maps and content free updates, which is what CoD has done, they just throw it in the garbage pile in their head without batting an eyelid. Games that shit the bed really do need to be called out I agree, along with the ones that are extremely greedy and deceptive in their monetising, but it is just lazy to keep rolling out the same franchises just because they are large and easy targets. As for the original future of gaming crap, does everyone remember like 4 years ago when multiplayer was in everything and people were starting to get scared that single player games were going to die out, but heaps of developers kept saying that they aren't going away, and now we get a steady flow of them every year, as we always have and will continue to get? Good games aren't dying, stop overreacting
  3. Hard to beat FF XV but I'd also add all the Yakuza Games, KIwami's and Yakuza 6 in particular
  4. Sounds like you're doing well now congrats, definitely the worst thing you can possibly do in this game is rush out of your defense line with a centre back, it almost never ends well haha. I recommend as using drop back in custom tactics as someone mentioned before, saves you from a few counter attacks, and have your cdm stay back while attacking. Most of the 4-3-3 formations are really good this year, I use the one with a CAM and 2 CMs. One CDM is stay back and very defensive the other balanced, and I have an agile player Lucas Moura at CAM to pick up the ball and carry forward. The formation is really good at stretching teams, carry the ball up the wing with your left and right backs, and often you can thread your wingers in behind if you take your time and play nice passes, hope all that helps. I started at 850 or so, and I'm at 1130 now, so shouldn't be much longer before I string some wins together and crack 1250
  5. You could just not stack 20 minute plats over and over, add the time up it took to do those 4 times each and you've got yourself more than enough time to smash over a fantastic multiplayer mode inside a brilliant game
  6. Very happy with MLB was looking to pick it up soon and now I'm glad I waited a little, can also trade in TLOU now I'll have it on Plus, great month. Just cause you don't have an interest in them, doesn't mean they're jokes. Is there any reason why you will never play TLOU? Just curious why you said you never will even if it's free
  7. Can't wait!! Pre-ordered the one with the Ellie statue, sorry FF7 Remake you'll have to wait your turn
  8. I have a large amount of PS3 games on my profile that I never finished before I started hunting, so that's always going to hurt my completion, especially since I don't have a PS3 anymore to go back and clean up. I'm sitting around 56-57% at the moment which I'm pretty happy with, remember I was below 50% late last year so it's going well. It'll take a long time but ideally I'd like to crack the 70% mark, no rush though haha
  9. Yeah, I usually would prefer d-pad mapping for gun switching, but I'm getting pretty used to quick switching with triangle as @danceswithsloths mentioned above. It helps a lot if you try keep the same weapon types in the same slots when changing or upgrading to new guns, such as a pistol in 1, shotgun in 2, sniper 3 etc. The quick double or triple tapping once you know what you'll be switching to is less cumbersome than the old d-pad switching now I am used to it, worth sticking with and getting accustomed to it
  10. PC master race is infiltrating our way of life, this is the beginning of the end! 😂
  11. Goddamn Fortnite cause my brother bought the save the world thing on release and got me to try it with him, and in doing so I unlocked a few trophies. Now that stupid crap is a smear on my profile
  12. To agree with most who've already posted, Elements and AMG are the hardest, but that is only due to a few specific races or trials, not the whole package. By the time you hit AMG assuming you've left it for last it should be pretty simple anyway. I've had the best time with this game, just have to do some more drift events with a car type and I've got my final trophy with the level 6 accolades!
  13. Basically yeah, it's not as good as the 2 machine games titles that came before it, but it is by no means terrible. I really enjoyed it and it deserves a lot of praise. I hope it is therapeutic for you, wouldn't want you to be having PTSD flashbacks of Wolf 2 while playing it 😜
  14. Please tell me you're being ironic, a game having a hard, albeit near unobtainable trophy in it's list is the most pathetic form of discrimination I have ever heard, if you want to call it that. Do Uncharted games discriminate players because some people aren't good enough to beat them on crushing? Does FIFA discriminate against players who like other sports? Does the PS1 discriminate against current children because it was released and surpassed before they were born? They are some examples of the logic you just used. I liked and finished Wolfenstein 2, had a good time and then moved on after I was done. I have the plat for The Old Blood and The New Order, but I accepted this one was out of my reach and a massive time sink I can't be bothered doing. I congratulate anyone who got the plat and I'm happy you get to show it off. I'm sure that people who have finished mein leben also, despite the profile you have created for them, would have girlfriends/wives, kids, jobs etc. I agree with people in the sense that the game could've done it better, skipping cutscenes, being a fairer challenge rather than using glitches and rng to make it through, but you just have to take it in your stride and either move on or go for it. The part stopping me is that these games much like Doom are some of my favourites, as even on harder difficulties you are encouraged and rewarded for going dual wielding guns blazing and wrecking havoc, and it is so much more enjoyable. The New Colossus punished you if you tried to play this way, which I was not interested in. No way should the trophy be removed and they shouldn't be discouraged from putting it in their new games either, as long as the game is good, I will buy and play it, despite a difficult trophy possibly halting my plat or 100%. I suggest you try the same Anyway I will be playing this for sure, probably not at launch though as I am more focused on clearing some of my backlog. Please don't discriminate me for posting in this thread
  15. Upwards of 30 I reckon, had to wait a while to see some as they need to tour out to Australia, but some of them include: Foo Fighters x3 The Eagles Guns and Roses Arctic Monkeys Basement + The Story So Far Bloc Party Foals x2 Gang of Youths Foster The People Northlane x2 Ball Park Music x5 Royal Blood Jamie T Last Dinosaurs x3 DZ Deathrays x3 Violent Soho San Cisco Midnight Oil John Butler Trio Weezer Everything Everything PUP City Calm Down x3 MGMT Franz Ferdinand That's everything I can think of, with a bunch of other smaller venues and bands peppered everywhere else I love gigs so yeah, more expensive hobby than my gaming for sure 😅