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  1. Looks like a lot of effort for a 100%
  2. 5 of the generation is really difficult, but from my experiences and from what I've seen around I think these are pretty underrated generally. 1. The Order: 1886, I agree with everything people have said about this already, I thought it was fantastic albeit short and a couple problems here and there. So much better than people give it credit for. 2. Titanfall 2 is one of my favourite fps ever, and ea suck for letting it die the way they did. It deserves the same amount of sales that CoD gets every year, unfortunately that can't happen. 3. Killzone Mercenary, this was well reviewed when it released on vita, but god damn this game needs to be played by many more than the amount of people who bought it and had vitas. Never platted this one but hands down it was one of the best handheld experiences I've ever had and is the best fps on a handheld, dunno if it'd be as good translating to console and might look dated if they try to now but it really is awesome. Although not exactly this generation, I think it is close enough to include and is worth noting. 4. Murdered Soul Suspect is in my opinion heavily underrated. It deserves some criticism, needed some more polish and better mechanics and writing to really boost most peoples scores, but for $4.50 I had a great time with it, thought it was engaging and interesting, and a really good package made by a smaller studio. It is in no way a 5-6 like most people reviewed it, the cheap price I got it for might have helped me feel fulfilled with it but I can usually separate the price from the experience anyway so I think full price I still would've really liked it. 5. Tales From the Borderlands is my favourite TellTale game and their best I think. They captured the humour and feel of Borderlands perfectly, introduced great new characters, added depth to the worlds story and surrounding lore, and was interesting and didn't get overly boring like other Telltale games. I think this came out when people were really getting sick of the constant TellTale bombardment, so this got missed quite a bit, and was connected to an already established series, but it is seriously great and should be praised as the best TellTale game, either that or TWD S1, and more people should give it a try. As for an honourable mention I'd have to say Driveclub, seen it mentioned as well and I'm currently playing it a lot now, after leaving it when it was first free quite early, holy shit it's good. The mix between drift challenges, race and time trial are really nice and the season pass is giving me some decent challenges whilst still being enjoyable. It is one of my favourite racing games, having not played a ton of them at least. So much better than I remember it being when it launched. Another one I haven't platted but did finish is Sniper Elite 4. This was my first Sniper Elite game and I had a blast with it. Far exceeded my expectations for it when entering without knowing much other than x-ray nut shots, really recommend it. @DrBloodmoney You can give yourself more praise cause I think you convinced me to try Prey also. Although don't expect it anytime soon cause I don't own it yet which means it is a little down the pecking order from my untouched collection
  3. 74/91 Above 50% are mostly telltale, Hitman + Lara Croft GO, Spidey + Spyro among other easy but good stuff
  4. Idk, I had a look at the list you can currently play on Xbox, and it actually looks pretty good assuming those games interest you of course. I own a lot anyway so wouldn't get it myself right away, maybe down the track if they add more I haven't played. I understand the typical ea stuff but aside from it being them, and most trophy hunters not being interested in their types of games anyway, this is actually a pretty decent option for some people, so I don't think people should criticise this move from them. Their other actions are much more crap than this seems to be. I get where your coming from, but there are a lot of people like me too, who aren't "dude bros", and play lots of games Japanese origin and indies etc. who still enjoy sports and playing online with friends enough to play these. Yes there are some people who will only play Fortnite and CoD every year but that's not everyone. Battlefields and Titanfall are pretty much like social chats with friends while playing so you could look at it from that perspective as well, just saying that even though you're not interested doesn't mean that these games are exclusively for the chads of this world. This also means that the games aren't all 'turds', some are, but some just don't appeal to specifically.
  5. They aren't shovelware they are great games. You're too woke for your own good bro Sony are gonna send agent smith after you to destroy you
  6. I'm going to go out on a limb and say yes he is indeed trolling, hope this helps when spotting trolls in the future!
  7. Go for Stardew Valley man, I see you knocked over the prairie king trophies so you'll kill the rest of it 👍
  8. Fuck yeah man, everyone do yourselves a favour and give PUP a listen, they're incredible!
  9. Bairuto - The next big thing Madden 12 doing bits for me haha
  10. I got the trophy earlier tonight, did it by sending them to my brother's account and ps4 then losing on his end. It worked fine just took a few in and out of menus to get it to send me to the reward page when it says you win. Also had to do 7 events for unbeatable as it didn't pop when I had won 5 against him, but no major problems.
  11. See, we will, a few months, you must wait
  12. I was excited to change my name but after seeing the lists of games with problems I will not be doing so, possibly losing progress in Killzone, The last of us, Everybody's golf, Bloodborne and more does not sound like a good deal for changing my name. They're just the games I'm playing/want to finish, let alone everything else I want to play, oh well
  13. All rumors but theoretically it sounds great, definitely welcome a parrying type system, will be much better than just spamming attack constantly, very promising if true. Hard not to have a better story than BF2 the campaign was crap in it, I liked the backpack droid though so hopefully this expands on it. Only part I didn't like was your personal note lmao, to each their own I guess! That poster looks sick too
  14. Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate, that ps+ game got boring after the first two levels and there were a lot more than two that you have to 100%