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  1. 1/10 - Unpacking - 11th July 2/10 - Shadow Warrior 3 - 27th June 3/10 - Deathloop - 11th June 4/10 - Horizon Forbidden West - 25th March 5/10 - Resogun - 17th January 6/10 - Resident Evil 2 Remake - 28th March 7/10 - Dead Cells - 11th July 8/10 - Elden Ring - 30th April ❎ 9/10 - Vanquish/Returnal 10/10 - Fall Guys - 4th April Finished Unpacking and platted Dead Cells last night, just my 9/10 remaining now. Doubt I'll get onto that anytime soon as I want to clear some more of my backlog first.
  2. Been following this thread for a while and everyones been killing it with their lists, so I decided to have a look at how close I'd be to completing a 1-10 and post mine up as well. Hopefully listing my 7 and 9/10 choices will spur me on to finish them, have a couple options for each as I'm undecided on what I'll go for. If anyone has the new ps plus extra tier or higher you could play Shadow Warrior 3 before it leaves the service in a week or so, was a fun budget doom eternal clone and only took me 7 hours. Also props to the people with some insane completions on here, I'll settle for stuff like fall guys (got infallible legit at least) and only dream about getting a trackmania turbo or something like that on my profile finished! ❎ 1/10 - Unpacking 2/10 - Shadow Warrior 3 - 27th June 3/10 - Deathloop - 11th June 4/10 - Horizon Forbidden West - 25th March 5/10 - Resogun - 17th January 6/10 - Resident Evil 2 Remake - 28th March ❎ 7/10 - Demons Souls/Final Fantasy 7 Remake 8/10 - Elden Ring - 30th April ❎ 9/10 - Vanquish/Returnal 10/10 - Fall Guys - 4th April
  3. Another question, is there any simple way for me to get the Low Baller trophy in the current game? I don't want to sit through main show forever hoping for a team game that would allow me to do it and then not win with a score of 1. It's all I have left to do apart from 500 qualifications.
  4. I recently completed both stacks of this game, I started on ps4 but moved to ps5 early on. The game tracks everything server side so if you pop a trophy on ps5 it pops as soon as you log into the ps4 version. If you want to avoid a 1 sec autopop, just log into the ps4 version and sync your autopop trophies at regular intervals after you unlock them on the ps5 version
  5. I never had any save corruption issues and overall the game runs okay minute to minute, but it did crash out probably 6 or 7 times over my 100% playthrough.
  6. Personal preference really, I think the film grain really suits it and looks fantastic, especially in areas with a lot of foliage. Although I do agree some sections were extremely dark, a bit too much
  7. I already owned Yakuza Kiwami digitally from a Big in Japan sale a few years back for 15 bucks, but after finishing it, and loving the look of the steelbook so much I bought physically for 40 bucks haha. At least it looks great sitting next to Kiwami 2 as well.
  8. Can't wait, it's one of the best things Netflix has bankrolled
  9. Trust Colin to keep up the effort in supporting vita, I will be getting it on that assuming it's a decent price
  10. Thought of this game as soon as I saw the thread. I have a massive backlog but I still wish I could play this for the first time again over most games I own
  11. Many of us including myself dude, I remember too. Except I am able to realise that times change and some things that were free are no longer free. Now I am not defending Sony, nor am I saying that paying for online is great, but every service given by Sony Microsoft and Nintendo all have a paid subscription to play online. And believe me that as a vita owner I was disappointed that they stopped giving vita games out too, but after that initial disappointment I decided that it was alright and I kept paying for plus. Fast forward to now where plus has been needed for years if you want to play online, and the changes to the amount of games has been different for months and months now. I just don't understand why people who keep getting let down by this service keep paying for it anyway, almost like they do just for the right to complain more and more. Seriously either bite the bullet and pay for it, but then don't complain because it is your own choice, or stop paying for it and get proven right when the games aren't up to your standard. How many people come to these threads every month just to leave a quick reply like, oh this sucks these games are shit, leave, and then do it all over again the next month? A bunch of people is the correct answer, and it's just dumb. I shouldn't have to defend my opinion that plus is worth it but I find myself having to because if anyone doesn't stand up to the big mean corporations they get branded and shill and an idiot. Sony isn't robbing you, they're offering a service that you are buying and then feeling ripped off by, which is on you not them. Don't like it don't buy it, it is literally that simple. BTW this isn't necessarily aimed at you more the general rhetoric that is present in these threads and the one you based your argument on.
  12. I did see that, don't worry I really don't mind if you don't like multiplayer games in the slightest, was just offering my opinion as to why they're usually included in the lineups, which you probably had already known yourself 🙂 Titanfall is brilliant and definitely offers a challenge with the Becomes the Master trophy, it is overall very polished and satisfying If you still haven't had one you considered good yet, maybe you should stop subscribing cause your Cyberpunk 2077 and Last of Us 2 same day release free games aren't coming anytime soon
  13. You do realise that most people subscribe to plus for the ability to play multiplayer? So the most logical sense is to have some plus games that have multiplayer. Also like everyone else has said, Titanfall 2 is fantastic, and from memory the multiplayer trophies take like 20 minutes so you can knock them over immediately and never touch it again, but it is really fun also.
  14. I have the same statues, both amazing!
  15. Lighten up dude, just a guy sharing his opinion, which he is well within his rights to do
  16. While I completely agree with the general sentiment, I feel people in this thread are very quick to discard highly popular games as braindead trash. I play a lot of newly released games, and dabble in many different genres, both indie and AAA. Like you mentioned, yes there are many casual gamers that only have a console for the yearly iterations of games such as FIFA, madden and CoD, and yes, they will pretty much buy these no matter what. But how is it fair to say they suck or aren't worth paying for? I have a massive collection and backlog of wonderful games a lot of you would also have played and enjoyed, but I also really love football and watch it religiously. So because of this, I buy Fifa when it releases, because I know that whilst they are usually very similar and don't have incredible upgrades every year, I enjoy it for what it is. Am I now classed as a stupid Fifa fan to you? I know that these companies and developers do some dodgy shit and I know how greedy they can be, but there is a market demand for sports games that needs to be supplied, and they supply it, and that's how this stuff works. I don't really know where I am going with this, it just pisses me off when popular releases are immediately ridiculed and ignored because the people on this site don't play these types of games. CoD copped backlash for an empty BO4 with no campaign, and in turn they focus on creating a high budget and quality single player campaign that is receiving its fair share of praise. But people instead of being happy they listened and provided something that was wanted, like removing loot boxes and making all new maps and content free updates, which is what CoD has done, they just throw it in the garbage pile in their head without batting an eyelid. Games that shit the bed really do need to be called out I agree, along with the ones that are extremely greedy and deceptive in their monetising, but it is just lazy to keep rolling out the same franchises just because they are large and easy targets. As for the original future of gaming crap, does everyone remember like 4 years ago when multiplayer was in everything and people were starting to get scared that single player games were going to die out, but heaps of developers kept saying that they aren't going away, and now we get a steady flow of them every year, as we always have and will continue to get? Good games aren't dying, stop overreacting
  17. Hard to beat FF XV but I'd also add all the Yakuza Games, KIwami's and Yakuza 6 in particular
  18. Sounds like you're doing well now congrats, definitely the worst thing you can possibly do in this game is rush out of your defense line with a centre back, it almost never ends well haha. I recommend as using drop back in custom tactics as someone mentioned before, saves you from a few counter attacks, and have your cdm stay back while attacking. Most of the 4-3-3 formations are really good this year, I use the one with a CAM and 2 CMs. One CDM is stay back and very defensive the other balanced, and I have an agile player Lucas Moura at CAM to pick up the ball and carry forward. The formation is really good at stretching teams, carry the ball up the wing with your left and right backs, and often you can thread your wingers in behind if you take your time and play nice passes, hope all that helps. I started at 850 or so, and I'm at 1130 now, so shouldn't be much longer before I string some wins together and crack 1250
  19. You could just not stack 20 minute plats over and over, add the time up it took to do those 4 times each and you've got yourself more than enough time to smash over a fantastic multiplayer mode inside a brilliant game
  20. Very happy with MLB was looking to pick it up soon and now I'm glad I waited a little, can also trade in TLOU now I'll have it on Plus, great month. Just cause you don't have an interest in them, doesn't mean they're jokes. Is there any reason why you will never play TLOU? Just curious why you said you never will even if it's free
  21. Can't wait!! Pre-ordered the one with the Ellie statue, sorry FF7 Remake you'll have to wait your turn
  22. I have a large amount of PS3 games on my profile that I never finished before I started hunting, so that's always going to hurt my completion, especially since I don't have a PS3 anymore to go back and clean up. I'm sitting around 56-57% at the moment which I'm pretty happy with, remember I was below 50% late last year so it's going well. It'll take a long time but ideally I'd like to crack the 70% mark, no rush though haha
  23. Yeah, I usually would prefer d-pad mapping for gun switching, but I'm getting pretty used to quick switching with triangle as @danceswithsloths mentioned above. It helps a lot if you try keep the same weapon types in the same slots when changing or upgrading to new guns, such as a pistol in 1, shotgun in 2, sniper 3 etc. The quick double or triple tapping once you know what you'll be switching to is less cumbersome than the old d-pad switching now I am used to it, worth sticking with and getting accustomed to it
  24. PC master race is infiltrating our way of life, this is the beginning of the end! 😂
  25. Goddamn Fortnite cause my brother bought the save the world thing on release and got me to try it with him, and in doing so I unlocked a few trophies. Now that stupid crap is a smear on my profile