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  1. I've many things since, including beating the next couple chapters and still getting nothing from beating chapter 9. Also how do you back up saves? I thought you could only have autosave on?
  2. Yakuza 3, Nier and Lollipop Chainsaw.
  3. Nowadays whenever I want to sync my trophies, my PSN avatar goes back to the default smiley avatar. I know I could just go to avatars and select my avatar then but it's becoming a giant pain in the ass to do it after literally every single sync.
  4. So I just completed DNA Sequence 9 of this game but the trophy did not pop up. I completed all the objectives asked of me but nothing has popped up 🙁
  5. I'm seeing the COM taking the ball after getting tackled without forming a ruck so many times but I can never seem to do it. I've pushed every button and none of them seem to do it 😕 Is there something I'm missing?
  6. The game isn't playing any music for me. I'm playing the game digitally so it's not a scratched disc issue. It's not my headphones as they are working fine whenever I use them for anything else (including playing other PS3 games). The music volume is 10/10 and even if I bring it down to 8 it still won't play anything. Does anyone know why this is happening?
  7. Besides games from PS+, it was probably Sonic 06. Because when you hear about a game being trashed about a lot some people are VERY curious to play it. Oh and Sonic Unleashed alongside it because I've had been wanting to play the 360/PS3 version for many years.
  8. I believe it was the Resident Evil remake on the Wii. Sadly I had parents who knew how ratings so I've had to play catch up with the horror genre since. 😅
  9. Cricket has never taken any interest to me. Even though I prefer Rugby overall I'll have to say Football in this case.
  10. Terminal Velocity
  11. "Just a box!"
  12. Portmanteau of Blackjack and Jock. Blackjack because of a surprising lot of things about me that relate to that word. Jock because I'm Scottish born plus I'm a sportsball fan. AC's just a random letter combination. The 0 replacing an o is just in case I some come across any site where someone already has ACBlackJock 😅
  13. The $1 games in the WB Classics Humble Bundle. Amusingly the only ones that interested me (that I don't already have).
  14. Back in High School I played Rugby Union and in College I played Rugby League. Switched codes because the Union team folded and League was looking for new players.
  15. Swansea's home and away kits from 2012-2017 Ospreys Home 2013, European Home 2015, "BatJersey" 2015 Wales Football Home & Away 2016 Wales Rugby Home 2015 Scotland Home 2011