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  1. All of the milage related trophies did not unlock for me even though I've reached their requirements 🤦‍♂️ I'm sure Codemasters have broken those types of trophy in every single game they added it to... Edit - So the trophies unlocked for me finally, apparently the game doesn't like you using career events to unlock the milage stuff, went into Arcade and did 2 races with the DLC required cars and the trophies popped. Still hate these trophies though
  2. I believe the DLC is planned for this year, although there hasn't been a full announcement yet. The Switch version of the game did also release in March (I think) so it'll probably be safe to say that we'll see the DLC around Oct-Nov.
  3. I was originally considering making an argument against this... but then I hit the championship finals and jeez they get so boring, especially the Rally Cross ones. Having to do the same track for 28 laps, then repeat for the next track, and again... The rally stages themselves are still pretty enjoyable, but looking at the historical rally section is really putting me off. This is definitely a game where you should be playing it on the side of another main focused game if you're looking to work towards the platinum.
  4. I haven't got one in the year yet but I'm pushing towards getting Titan Quest + the DLC completed. Depending how things go though, I may just work towards something quicker haha
  5. Remnant probably has a different platinum name because I believe Darksiders 3 was developed after this one, however they did work on the ports of Darksiders 2 so unsure if that was the case. Darksiders Genesis was developed by Airship Syndicate instead of Gunfire Games hence the change in name there. Maybe after doing DS3, Gunfire just thought "f' it, lets stick with BFA" haha
  6. Have a look in your game library tile at the end and filter to PS5, it should in theory be there as when you buy, it should have given you both versions at the same time.
  7. Been playing it since Wednesday afternoon and so far I've been really enjoying it. I've seen some visual problems and events not unlocking when they should have (you can spend a bit of extra in-game money to unlock them though so you are not completely locked out) but gameplay wise, it feels somewhere in the middle of Driveclub and Forza. The trophy list is also way easier compared to the previous two so that's also a bonus!
  8. Pretty quick platinum, I found it fun although the gameplay does get a little repetitive which personally I didn't have a problem when compared to the time spent playing the game. I'd say pick it up if it drops less than £25/$32
  9. I'll be dipping into mine for a few years yet I think unless it dies or the BC on newer gens covers PS3. There's still a large collection of games that I would like to experience even if a lot of the servers have gone. With more and more remasters occurring though, that PS3 backlog does slowly go lower and lower.
  10. While I can understand the appeal to do this and have considered this myself in the past, I'm just going to stick with what I have. What I would like to do instead is go back in time and tell my younger self to jump on the bandwagon sooner because it'll be worth it (I skipped a lot of the PS3 generation as I switched to the X360 during college).
  11. I tend to have a rule when it comes to buying a new console which is there has to be a game I'm interested in for every £50 ($62) of the consoles price. So if the console releases at £350-400 (probably wishful thinking) then there would need to be around 7-8 games on launch I'm interested in for me to consider picking up day 1. Otherwise, I'll wait and see.