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  1. Hmm then I have no clue why it stated that you unlocked it. Ouch on missing it twice. Did you miss same thing on both runs or did you even notice that you missed something?
  2. On what difficulty did you play? Ez gun can also be in your backbag if you play on very easy difficulty.
  3. If Slay the Spire is true. That would be awesome. Almost started it from ps now but then noticed it's going away. Now there would no reason not to start.
  4. @quickfoozlle https://inara.cz/galaxy-communitygoals/ Use this for cg related (and almost every other) info. Unless Fdev separated console and pc already.
  5. Yes platinum is still possible. It is long route, but it's been like that from beginning.
  6. Unfortunately one game mode looks like to be permanently taken off (War Stories) so getting 100% on new account is impossible still. Also there is one trophy related to ribbons which were taken away too making that unobtainable. But yea atleast mercenary related trophies are currently doable. I have also seen some talks about bringing back mercenary contracts so this might not be just one time deal either.
  7. Hey. Wargaming seems to have returned chance to earn get mercenary related trophies back. For next 3 months you can earn Chisel tier X medium tank. Grind looks like helluva long, but doable given long timeframe. Early stages require tier V+ medium tank but later stages needs tier VIII/IX light/medium/heavy tank. Also doable in Cold War mode, but not sure how populated that mode is. I should test if it's possible in Cold War pve mode tldr: Check's in the mail and Mercenary for hire trophies are currently obtainable.
  8. If you have bought some parts of dlcs, then you might not be able to buy dlc compilations (anthology upgrade pack for example, which contains every dlc: frontier pass and expansion bundle)
  9. Godfall Challenger edition will be free on epic games site on next thursday onwards. Those games offered by epic games are actually free so it's not as bad offer there I quess. Those who have played Godfall already was story (or road to endgame) worthwhile? Hope these endgame editions wont come as new trend.
  10. Hardest parts on fury runs are first few bosses as you dont have money for miltiple whetstones/matagamas. Rolling got lot easier after I switched it to L shoulder button. Latter bosses are easier if you cheese them by using secret arts constantly. Gale slash is strong on bigger bosses with unlimited spirit. Longer lasting spin attacks worked on most bosses but are better to be topped up by normal whetstones as you cant get as many uses from then on unlimited whetstones.
  11. Googling gave this as quite recent video, hope you have luck with that.
  12. Noticed that Wargaming kept eyes peeled trophy (15 assist ribbons) eventhough they have removed ribbons. Wouldnt that cause trophylist to be unable to 100% for new players (and older ones if it doesnt autopop)?
  13. https://terraria.fandom.com/wiki/Zenith Terraria wiki says that Zenith weapon was introduced bit earlier on desktop version and also on consoles. Achievement is introduced 1.4.1 (desktop). So weapon was available before. Wonder if zenith trophy isnt tied to same ingame achievent, but fae flayet trophy is?
  14. I played only on vita when I went for plat. No idea if I even put save on cloud. Then again not sure can you tranfer vita save to ps4 or are they separate on Terraria's cloud. Journey mode does seem to be faster method if you have to start from scratch. All items have to be found first before you can start to spawn them. God mode will make combat cake walk.
  15. It seems that only journey characters can go to journey worlds. Need to make new char to use that method.