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  1. Wonder if this would work on digital version. No idea which "disc" version it is.
  2. For cabal missions trophy you can do solo after getting good deal of fate. You can make your own cabal with 100 fate and do easy cabal missions like donate materials. Requirements are low either because cabal size or cabal level. If/once you get cabal mission involving enemy specific loot, abandon cabal and make new one. Repeat as long as necessary. I tried this and after 6 or 7 missions I got trophy.
  3. How many players are needed for matches to start. Everytime player count is mentioned everyone talks 10 players to lock lobby. Havent been able to find that info by google.
  4. https://store.playstation.com/fi-fi/product/EP9000-BCES00727_00-UNCHARTED2BUNDLE Thats from finnish store, it might redirect you to one at your store. Found it by typing Uncharted 2 to store search and it was on search results.
  5. Ps store on eu side released free dlc which supposedly unlocks dlc content. Anyone knows if it will work on digital version? Earlier digital goty version's dlc didnt work on digital version for some reason. I cant test it atm. @ExdeathXIII I found separate dlc unlock item at ps store eu side.
  6. I never played C3 (only 1 & 2) on nes. Does it really warrant 4 playthroughs (1 for each character)? Might get it once it gets on sale
  7. All dlcs need to be purchaced separately or subscribe to Eso plus which gives access to (almost) all content. Not sure if newest big areas are part of eso plus. Game does hold free eso plus events for few days occasionally and you can access everything eso plus has during those events. Other option is to buy dlcs during their anniversary events for discounted prices.
  8. I can relate to this. I usually buy games from bargain bin and digital sales, but by the time I have finished (or got to as close as possible to finish/plat game) single game, I have bought 3 or more games. Stressing out on trophy hunting is somewhat issue for me to. I occasionally wonder why I keep playing Neverwinter and Eso mmo's instead of other games. And after playing other games for some time, I find myself back on playing Eso and Neverwinter daily.
  9. Steep season pass and most other dlc are on sale atm (Eu side atleast), but Road to Olympics dlc which isnt included to season pass is still full priced. RtO dlc costs same as season pass foe some reason.
  10. I did 50 dragons kills trophy in similar fashion as spark-N stated. You dont need to have ranged attack, just after killing small dragons, log off for 5-10 secs. This will reset boss and puts you back to fireplace inside boss encounter. If you log back in too fast, then boss havent reseted yet.
  11. I got to year 2 without guides on original version and few years later on next attempt I got to year 3. Few more year laters I played again with guide to finally finish game. Remaster version I played with guide straight away. These adventure/point and click games are usually quite random on how to progress. Try games like Monkey Islands, Maniac Mansion and Full Throttle and you find weird solutions to problems.
  12. When 1.15 was issued? I played yesterday without any crashes or problems. Was able to do newest dlc in one sitting.
  13. All trophies are missable but are either choice or action related trophies. Dlc can be done in 3-4 hours. Not as funny dlc as Hans Capon dlc was.
  14. I have managed to find it physical for 15€ but 20€ seems ok price too for it. Check local sales first.
  15. I couldnt get reunion trophy to pop when I joined random lobby and where host had builded base. I spend over 30minutes on his/her base and nothing. Trophy popped once host disconnected and I was left alone on his base. After I logged out I was back to place where I was in own playthrough.