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  1. Quest that guide mentions is just for Protectors enclave and is one of introductionary quests so you should have done it. If for some reason you havent, go to options and put check on show low level quests (or something similarly worded) to find quest. Other areas doesnt have quests for scrying stones. Use guide implemented on guide to find other scrying stones.
  2. Already have Cities skylines. Wish season passes sale prices would drop more. No opinion on Farming Simulator, kid might like it.
  3. Not sure if that's intented situation to pop caretaker trophy but on ps3t there are also some posts about that. Mayby it's meant to give options which caretaker goal set to go for. Dont know if you have to complete dlc stuff too if you have those unlocked. I had all dlc characters lvl 6 before reaching lvl 6 onlast vanilla char for caretaker trophy.
  4. Neverwinter nights was one I played least of AD&D games. Trophy descriptions are more cryptic than on BG1/2, IWD or Planescape. Hard to say anything meaningful. Will buy game eventually anyway.
  5. I have also experienced some slowdowns on mainly on Crimsom Court (and perhaps on Color of Madness) while on vita. Havent encountered any save corruptions but occasional crashes on dlc and vanilla content. It seems that Vita cant handle everything happening on background on dlc content.
  6. Original Baldur's Gate games uses Advanced Dungeon & Dragons 2nd edition ruleset from paper and pen variant (not sure if completely as I never played pen & paper games). Its more tactical turn/round based combat. Dark Alliance is more action oriented hack & slash so I dont think they have similarities outside lore.
  7. Wonder if all these games still run ADD 2nd edition rulesets. Would difficulty setting just alter hp, damage, saving throws and stats of enemies. Oh the save scumming on each level up to get as much hp as possible. Lots of fights at end game can be cheesing with bunch of wand of hold enemy and wand of summon monster unless they are modified on enchanced edition.
  8. There is good guide on trueachs which I used. I had to start third playthrough for women's lot dlc as I had used lot of alcohol during hardcore run (good way to increase energy) and went for selibacy run during first playthrough. Took little under 40 hours from new save to do all Johanka related trophies.
  9. I think it was after turning in quest Bonus Communae (one where you're tasked to find stashed treasure in woods and donate it Sasau). After turning that quest in Johanka will hold her second "sermon". After that event you go back to Johanka and trophy will pop during conversation if you have done all. It can be bit finicky as I had to reload my save few times and do more sins as Johanka didnt talk about all sins. I went to 4 bath maids before she talked about it.
  10. Wonder if this would work on digital version. No idea which "disc" version it is.
  11. For cabal missions trophy you can do solo after getting good deal of fate. You can make your own cabal with 100 fate and do easy cabal missions like donate materials. Requirements are low either because cabal size or cabal level. If/once you get cabal mission involving enemy specific loot, abandon cabal and make new one. Repeat as long as necessary. I tried this and after 6 or 7 missions I got trophy.
  12. How many players are needed for matches to start. Everytime player count is mentioned everyone talks 10 players to lock lobby. Havent been able to find that info by google.
  13. https://store.playstation.com/fi-fi/product/EP9000-BCES00727_00-UNCHARTED2BUNDLE Thats from finnish store, it might redirect you to one at your store. Found it by typing Uncharted 2 to store search and it was on search results.
  14. Ps store on eu side released free dlc which supposedly unlocks dlc content. Anyone knows if it will work on digital version? Earlier digital goty version's dlc didnt work on digital version for some reason. I cant test it atm. @ExdeathXIII I found separate dlc unlock item at ps store eu side.
  15. I never played C3 (only 1 & 2) on nes. Does it really warrant 4 playthroughs (1 for each character)? Might get it once it gets on sale