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  1. Not that it matters in this situation but ingame achievements are account wide these days. Some achievents are still character bound (like public dungeons' public events and presumably pvp ranks which gives skill points). It should have little benefit of not having to do everything with same character. Edit: nevermind, earlier post already said everything I said.
  2. You cant join public games on split screen and cant earn trophies in custom games of diner turned. I tried to do them in offline with 2 controllers. Unfortunately you need four people for them.
  3. Soma was ps plus game in 2018 and should be available people who claimed it back then even after it leaves ps extra.
  4. If this is implemented as that you join someones game in coop ( as extra player), wouldnt that require extra work from developers to implement this? Or if its pretty much as shareplay then you would still have connection as potential issues in some twitch reactions requiring sections. Or would it be that you both require same game and then otherone "sends" his save info to you and after you stop your part, info gets sended back to original gamer (who needed help). If last option then it would be safer as you woundnt need to give your account info to other one. Hard to think of anything from this with current info.
  5. Mayby they dont stack because of survivor mode is "separate" toggleable mode. Also guide here specify that difficulty trophies doesnt stack besides endless mode.
  6. Normally ad hoc is local connection so you need to be close by. You can supposedly use Xlink Kai to create imaginary ad hoc/lan connection where people can connect and play ad hoc games togerher. I havent yet got to try it myself though.
  7. Digital ps5 was option for some who dont buy physical games, but as far as I know Sony manufactures those models on lot lower scale than regular models. I havent seen digital models on my country store fronts but I havent been on look out avidly on either models so that basicly means nothing. Those links do sound crazy, but second hand market is still happening on ps5. Minor thing, but decision to lock discs to single console would ruin library's games collections. That's a thing in Finland atleast.
  8. I got interest on this game after seeing review of it (and Pathologic 1) by youtuber Mandaloregaming. I rarely buy games over 10€ but this one was one of them. I have love/hate relationship with how game treats you. Usually after several hour session I have to take week long pause from it before I can continue it. Stress of trying to do all/most of day's work is horrible. Problem is that I have hard time continueing as I cant remember what my plans were. Combat is like in real life: if you see knife, run away fast. Unless you have firearm. This is really hard to recommend to anyone as it's so different from most games. I mean there isnt really palette for this game that if you like these games, then you (will most likely) like this one too. Guide on psnp suggests to do blind run first on original difficulty which I'm currently doing but it will make you regret it (in good way if that is even possible). I know this makes no sense, but game really doesn't really fit in current gaming landscape and I'm glad that I picked it.
  9. Wasnt that mainly developers move against second hand market and not Sony's? Also many (if not all) ditched that model later and changed online pass free if I remember it right.
  10. Hmm then I have no clue why it stated that you unlocked it. Ouch on missing it twice. Did you miss same thing on both runs or did you even notice that you missed something?
  11. On what difficulty did you play? Ez gun can also be in your backbag if you play on very easy difficulty.
  12. If Slay the Spire is true. That would be awesome. Almost started it from ps now but then noticed it's going away. Now there would no reason not to start.
  13. @quickfoozlle https://inara.cz/galaxy-communitygoals/ Use this for cg related (and almost every other) info. Unless Fdev separated console and pc already.
  14. Yes platinum is still possible. It is long route, but it's been like that from beginning.
  15. Unfortunately one game mode looks like to be permanently taken off (War Stories) so getting 100% on new account is impossible still. Also there is one trophy related to ribbons which were taken away too making that unobtainable. But yea atleast mercenary related trophies are currently doable. I have also seen some talks about bringing back mercenary contracts so this might not be just one time deal either.