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  1. I cant find hoboken tenements map on rotation nor chosable in private mode. Is it behind some dlc perhaps? I can find hoboken alleys and rooftops. Couldnt get method to work in alleys (as mentioned on video's comments) and rooftops is separate map.
  2. Nice to see variety on dlc trophies. Wouldnt have minded if survivor trophies werent included as survivor difficulty doesnt have much leeway how to do run. Also why no rifts dlc? It was first dlc on pc. Anyway will return to Frostlands. Edit: there is Rifts dlc, it just doesnt seem to have trophies.
  3. Thanks, I do "know" what I'm getting back into. I did manage to get 2 challenges to silver. Those challenges are hard, but might ease up bit with guides.
  4. Thanks for posting these. Might return to game after all. After struggling with every challenge I decided that 100% was not worth it.
  5. Wonder if killing rat ogre is one of requirements along with getting to end in time. Rat ogre despawns (same as killing it gamestate wise) in method where one (usually handmaiden) rushes to shadow bridge and others gets killed. Handmaiden needs to be far enough so rat ogre despawns.
  6. Ok, thanks for answers. At least I can get 25 stat char from bg1 to bg2. Gotta test pause at start trick once I get to bg2.
  7. Latter question was about exporting bg2 char to bg2 new playthough, do you keep items do you have to bypass getting stuff stripped by method I mentioned. That question is more for duplicating bg2 items.
  8. Thanks for confirming that bg1 char can be exported to bg2. Can bg2 items be imported aka duplicated to new playthrough? Are items and gear stripped away at start and can you bypass that by pausing game at start and dropping everything at your feet like in original?
  9. Heya. I would like to know if it's possible to import character from bg to bg2? I planned to try to make 25 on all stats char on bg1 and import it to bg2. Also can you keep your imported items by pausing game right at start and drop all items to ground so you can pick them up once you can control your char? I would want to carry golden pantaloons from bg1 all the way to end.
  10. Have everyone else gotten Moonbase collectables trophy without problems? I have now done it 4 times (twice online and twice solo game) and trophy doesnt pop after shooting 10 targets. Game and console at newest updates. Edit: few hours later fifth attempt online and trophy popped.
  11. I wouldnt mind completing new map on hard. It was nice change of pace when they did that endless hard trohy. Havent managed to do Hell on Earth without glitching.
  12. Can this be used after blind playthough?
  13. Went and bought Postal redux for pure nostalgia trip. Remember playing it on friends computer as young teen. Reviews says that its faithful adaptation but nothing special as todays twin stick shooter standards.
  14. HaserPL did also answer your question in full. You will need 4 for Full monty and Sweep trophies as atleast gang wars game mode requires 4 players to start. Most of the grind can be done with another player.
  15. Time trial trophies doesnt doesnt require you to upload your ghost to servers. I recently did all time trials and couldnt upload any of my ghosts nor download any of my friends ghosts. I did see their times at menu but couldnt see their ghosts. This might means that you cant get ectowin if it actually requires you to win ghost. Also no idea if you can still get to mp race.