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  1. Yes you are correct. Guide here:
  2. Thanks all. this did the trick. I had all trophies except 13500. Restarted from 10,000. Got to just over 13500 and waited. Trophy and plat both popped. Thanks agian.
  3. Yup it's about 30 hours combined for Firefly and Hunter trophies.
  4. Agreed. The online trophies are really long and boring. Especially when you are as bad at multiplayer as I am
  5. 6 Days 2 hours 24 Minutes
  6. Ahh good to know! Thanks No worries! Glad it helped 👍
  7. Hi all. Not sure if there are others in this situation, game complete and a lot of crimes to finish before the platinum pops. I ignored the crimes during my play-through, so there are a lot to get through. Swinging around waiting for them to randomly spawn was something I wasn't looking forward to. I ended up finding this Basically, if you're swinging around all the time, the crimes don't have time to spawn. All you need to do is get somewhere high so you can see crimes spawn and wait. Keep pressing R3 to scan for crimes. Once the crime has spawned and you've completed the crime, move away from the area by a couple of blocks. Then get somewhere high, wait and keep pressing R3. I found this works really well and crimes normally spawn within 5-20 seconds. If they don't just move a litter further away and try again. This technique has sped up the grind towards the 'I Heart Manhattan' trophy dramatically. Hopefully this helps someone out
  8. Where is it found? I'm trying to get all collectibles and can confirm that there is no Hel bramble on the pillar in the above video/screen. Thanks for the help! scratch that, the bramble was not there, but collectable was just on the ground at the base of the pillar.