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  1. It’s a 3/10 difficulty for me and it took me 15h for the platinum.... if you play it for the first time, I don’t think you can get it under 12h more or less.
  2. It worked very well for me by replaying the chapters where I missed a drink. You can see which character appears in which chapter
  3. Mine are both VR games 😆 Rarest trophy: The platinum of Farpoint - 0.33% (only 124 achievers out of 37K players!) I’m very proud of this one 💪😁 Fewest achievers: The platinum of Evasion with only 12 achievers !!! (2,84%)
  4. Cryo DLC coop 3 stars are easier than the ones of the main game that have to be done solo. I confirm that what takes long is to boost the weapons, the rest is relatively fast.
  5. I have the platinum : this game is great, probably my best VR game (aim controler is a must if you want to really enjoy this game) but be careful the platinum is really very difficult even if definitely doable with a lot of training. The videos made by Skroq are very helpful to understand how to get 3 stars in each level. Anyway, don’t hesitate to play this game and buy the controler, you’ll not regret it
  6. Well, you have not completed all Hitman and Hitman 2 trophies, so they logically don’t auto pop in Hitman 3 you have also two DLCs linked to Hitman and Hitman 2
  7. it may happen if the game is not yet fully downloaded.... my first auto pop gave me partially my trophies because of that. Once the downloaded was 100% completed, I’ve opened the game again and the remaining trophies came out.
  8. The game is great but going for platinum is really a pain.... with the stupid drops needed and all that tendencies mess bullshit.... it’s really a pity because otherwise I strongly enjoyed the game !
  9. Bravo ! And thanks a lot for taking time & dedication helping the trophy hunters 👍😁
  10. Hello, I think you can without the aim but it’s not recommended. This game is a masterpiece when you use the aim controller. One of the best VR game I’ve ever played.
  11. yes indeed ! sorry
  12. Have you exactly followed the objectives ? For example, in Mendoza you have to kill both of them at the same time with a gas, not only poisoned or sleep. I’ve made this story the last, because you fail the mission doing it (you kill also your ally)
  13. Hi, I’ve earned the platinum this week and I had no issue with trophies.
  14. Hi Guys, I've finished 100% Hitman 3 on my PS4, it's not very clear how to auto pop now the trophies on PS5... When I open Hitman 3 on my PS5, I have all challenges etc done but the trophies do not pop. Thx for your help, SOLVED ! Even if I was on my PS5, it was the PS4 version of the game.... So I had to look for the free "PS5 upgrade" on the PS Store and then the PS5 version installed and the trophies auto poped up !
  15. Hello ! As far as I've understood, it's better to complete all challanges on Hitman 2 and then transfer to Hitman 3. That way, all your Hitman 2 trophies and in game progression will come into Hitman 3. However, it will erase your Hitman 3 progress if you have one. You have to do this transfer on a specific IO iwebsite, with your IO codes. Hope it helps