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  1. It’s not working, that’s for sure and it’s a fact. I’m very regularly manually updating profiles that have not been updated for several years ! (Many French profiles like mine, I imagine that’s because there is very few French people visiting here) i agree that’s a pity....all other trophy hunters websites do not have this issue...
  2. Hi ! I confirm that the arcade mode is the biggest challenge in this game. It's not very difficult but it will require training and luck (bonus drops). So keep trying and it should be ok. The best character is Erika, no doubt. Good luck !
  3. Hi, my rarest trophy is the Farpoint platinum I'm very proud of it, it's really difficult to get all 3 stars challenges and I had to practice a lot ! In addition, it's a very closed club, barely 200 players in the world ! (in game stats)
  4. Warning ! This game is really not easy at all and requires either strong skills in style or a lot of training. Frankly I don't understand that trophies are generally so common. And I'm not talking about the gold trophies which are downright super difficult and require knowing the game by heart! You are warned....
  5. Hi ! This game is really very difficult. The gameplay is old fashion and it's skill dependent.... personally I've abandoned before finishing the story…. So I would say 7/10 difficulty.
  6. #237 NIOH Enjoyment: 8/10 Difficulty: 7/10 - 5/10 if you abuse of other player's help It's a great game that I've enjoyed a lot. Thx a lot to the PSN+ !! It's a souls like game, similar to Bloodborne in terms of gameplay, that I've enjoyed very much also. The beginning is very difficult but developing your skills and character makes it easier and enjoyable.
  7. Hello ! I've just got the platinum. It's not a bad game but quite disappointing. It's very arcade like and totally aleatory, your success depends on the bonus that you get. Above of that, it’s always the same : running away and shooting. Dead Nation was a great game, far better 😊
  8. Hi ! So they share the same trophy list or it's a new one ?? Yes indeed, their is a new list.
  9. When they launched the trophies system, the rule was : - only digital release = no platinum - physical release = platinum it has been applied all ps3 period but it become a mess over the last years.... and it looks like there is no rule anymore
  10. Yes Moss is quite easy, and yes it’s true that statistics are more relevant than one person opinion
  11. Hi ! Shooty Fruty and Time carnage are not so easy.... they have some challenges that are quite difficult !
  12. Hi ! I’ve just tested it and it is still working
  13. For me, it has been “Farpoint”, such a great VR game and very difficult Platinum but very satisfactory
  14. Excellent tip !! Thx a lot
  15. Once I had all my characters, I went back to the menu and the character select, that’s where the trophy pop up. If it it doesn’t work, try to finish a stage with the character.