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  1. Hi ! I’ve just tested it and it is still working
  2. For me, it has been “Farpoint”, such a great VR game and very difficult Platinum but very satisfactory
  3. Excellent tip !! Thx a lot
  4. Once I had all my characters, I went back to the menu and the character select, that’s where the trophy pop up. If it it doesn’t work, try to finish a stage with the character.
  5. You have to run into so it drops and then take it
  6. Hi ! They just released the 1.02 version.... let's see if it's really fix the problem.... and YES it is working ! Just got the platinum have fun
  7. Hello, so.... no news from the developers !??
  8. Ah ah it’s vacation time and I’m looking on some nice 100% to complete :))))) not especially heading for platinum but looking for 100% on Bombimg Busters and Exile’s end ! I want to get those ultra rare trophies !
  9. Good question ! Any release date ? It looks great and changes vs the stupid Ratailka games ! I’m pretty excited with this challenging trophy list that avoid the current horrible 11 gold trophies games
  10. Hi ! I’m missing also 3 ! The two you are mentioning and one more. I imagine we have to seek them somewhere dancing in one of the clubs LOL
  11. Ok good to know ! Thx
  12. Cheat :-( Looks like there is an issue there !!
  13. Hi, it looks like there is a problem with 4 trophies that are not popping : Pelvis / Bernard / Laverne / Paris. I have them but not the trophie . :-(
  14. Definitely A plague tale innocence, great story, a lot of emotions, nice graphics. Some gameplay limitations but I’ve loved it anyway and it’s so cool to play without any stupid multiplayer trophies.
  15. Yes it is ! And its really a great game, I’ve loved it. I got both platinum with a great pleasure, Vita and PS4