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  1. Yes it very probably does 👍, it worked for me playing game+ on invincible
  2. Fully agree with that. Setting up a large and complex trophy list is a real effort and I appreciate the developers who take the time to do it, it also makes me enjoy the game even more by making me discover things. Those short trophy list reflects generally the poor quality of the game, it’s not automatical but very connected to a botched work.
  3. Well done !! it's really an hard platinum.... LOL... Do you have any tips to share ? Thx a lot :-)
  4. Hum… impossible indeed !
  5. Excellent 😅✌️🤣
  6. Survival mode was the more efficient for me, when the situation gets complicated, you die and start again (in normal mode you loose too much time cleaning everything) it looks like the 10 000 trophies are buggy I had to do them in one session, meaning not closing the game !!
  7. 4 minutes survival is not vert hard, just apply more or less same tips that 45 seconds ☺️
  8. This mission is also longer and more difficult that the other DLCs... It's a kind of open world mission and I guess that many players have started to play this mission and gave up before finishing it.
  9. Looks like I don't do it correctly.... can somebody explain ot precisely please ?
  10. That's it, I've finally earned the trophy 😆 Here are some advice : 1/ It is obviously easier to play in 3 color and line mode. Also prefer the back wall. 2/ In my opinion, it is imperative to play in VR with the aim controler in order to be able to react quickly and move quickly. (Switch to rotation and free movement mode as well) 3/ Isolated blocks are your worst enemies, do not hesitate to move them to stick them to others and create lines. 4/ And then it takes a/ some training b/ a little luck ... the first 2 or 3 shots can destroy a large majority of blocks in cascade! Good luck to everyone
  11. Hello trophy hunters, Some players are starting to get the platinum, do you have any tips or advice for the under 60 and under 45 trophies? Frankly I have tried a many times and it seems hard to go under the minute .... Thx a lot Lucas
  12. It's still an absolutely absurd and dangerous trophy list ... what is the meaning of 1200 fights? They want players to go crazy, LOL ... Sony should pay a little attention to the consistency of the trophies of their games offered in PS +! They could easily be taxed with fostering and fueling the so-called video game addiction ....
  13. Hi All I strongly recommend : "Deliver us the moon" It's a fantastic exploration / adventure game on the Moon ! Exploring the moon is great and the game several different missions that are really enjoyable. Moreover, it's a easy platinum :-)
  14. The atmosphere is extraordinary and the exploration phases outside are great. I really recommend it !