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  1. Hi all, why is this European version is labeled PS4 whereas the US version is PS4 VR ?! is this an error or this is not a VR game ? thx
  2. No more news ??? Is it just very difficult or trophy issues ?? Or just very bad game ?
  3. Hi! I’ve got the platinum recently and no issue with this mini game ☺️
  4. Very good idea !
  5. Perfect video, thx a lot !
  6. Hi ! Here is a link for a trophy guide recently posted ! It's in french but you can easily translate it I imagine :-) Good luck !
  7. hopefully, Sony will do something to cure this cancer....
  8. For me, no doubt, it's FARPOINT, such a great game in VR !! And 0,36% platinum, my rarest plat :-)
  9. I was disappointed because the game is very repetitive and messy. Even if the fun of having the powers is nice, I find that we find ourselves doing the same thing often and in environments that are too similar ... not to mention that the fights very quickly become frustrating. yeeeeessss....... Going for the platine is really boring!
  10. Here is for the PS4 : 1/Bloodborne 2/Hitman 1 & Hitman 2 3/Resident Evil 7 4/Uncharted 4 5/Horizon zero dawn 6/Salt and Sanctuary 7/Dark Souls 3 8/A plague Tale innocence 9/Darkest Dungeon 10/Nioh The Last of us Part 2 will probably enter I my top 10 but I’ve not finished it yet. And PS4 VR 😊 1/Farpoint 2/Blood & truth 3/Arizona Sunshine 4/Astro bot rescue mission 5/Superhot Honorable Mentions: Titanfall 2, Rise of the tomb raider, God of war, Detroit become human, Call of duty modern warfare Biggest disappointments : Control, Borderlands 3, Metro exodus.
  11. Thx for the tip, I didn't knew YaPSNapp and it's really cool.
  12. It’s not working, that’s for sure and it’s a fact. I’m very regularly manually updating profiles that have not been updated for several years ! (Many French profiles like mine, I imagine that’s because there is very few French people visiting here) i agree that’s a pity....all other trophy hunters websites do not have this issue...
  13. Hi ! I confirm that the arcade mode is the biggest challenge in this game. It's not very difficult but it will require training and luck (bonus drops). So keep trying and it should be ok. The best character is Erika, no doubt. Good luck !
  14. Hi, my rarest trophy is the Farpoint platinum I'm very proud of it, it's really difficult to get all 3 stars challenges and I had to practice a lot ! In addition, it's a very closed club, barely 200 players in the world ! (in game stats)
  15. Warning ! This game is really not easy at all and requires either strong skills in style or a lot of training. Frankly I don't understand that trophies are generally so common. And I'm not talking about the gold trophies which are downright super difficult and require knowing the game by heart! You are warned....