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  1. I believe an overwatch trophy specific to mercy fully changed. The requirements changed and everything.
  2. I brushed up on the rules, and just played. It's not very hard in this one. The requirements are very lenient. It's just that the ai is still extremely talented for some reason. I saw a lot of 1st/2nd turn richii from the ai, even on the easy table. That said, I have no doubt that the substory, and 2 tournaments are pretty hard if you don't use the cheat pieces. I didn't even attempt those legitimately.
  3. Some of these sound like the person didn't like the platinum, and not the game. That said, I hated ether one. I know some people like it, but I just couldn't stand it. It was a boring slog for me. Ive probably played worse games. My buddy and I have had a few good laughs over dollar platinums in the last month or two, but those are usually 5 minutes tops. For what I consider to be legitimate games, that's my personal vote.
  4. Here's the thing: I'm just a completionist in most games. The trophies are just another hurdle of completion, but that doesn't mean I'm not gonna 100% this game fully. You can get the most out of your games without having a trophy list tell you how to do so.
  5. I would add that if you are using Trish on the wolf levels (and you aren't super close to dying), you can speed it up drastically by getting in the corner and repeatedly jump and slash down with the sword. Just quickly pressing the two commands seems to work. It seems to trip up the wolf A.I., and you get devil trigger relatively fast from doing it. You take some hits here and there, but you end up net positive in health from the dt. Just activate, and keep pressing x to fly and heal. Trivializes the wolves and you get healing, but still takes a bit. Definitely faster than just shooting. Of course, you need the appropriate amulet loadout to do it like that.
  6. This is an artifical platinum length extender at best.. I like this game, but this trophy alone is pretty much the embodiment of what not to do with a trophy list. I'd rather bear the game without dying than this disaster. Even worse for new players, we don't really know when the servers will eventually go down.
  7. I had some luck getting it to spawn yesterday. I had to fiddle with the internet connection a bit. For whatever reason, I've noticed some things spawn differently when you turn off internet and play. So I loaded the game with network turned off, and had no luck. Then I turned it on in game, and it spawned after backing out a few times from the war table. It's finicky, but I would recommend fiddling with the internet connection for people having trouble. Of course, what happened with me might be coincidental. Worth a try, regardless.
  8. I'll get it sooner or later. I just don't find the mode very fun. I'm certainly no stranger to harder platinums either. It's just exhausting when the optimal technique is to copy a guy who did it on YouTube, pausing every 20 seconds or so to replicate the technique. Either that, or much trial and error. Even then, there's a little luck involved in the last 4 if you try the knife method. Great game, but this mode is just kinda a buzzkill.