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  1. Good to know. Sadly for me my 2500 zombi kill trophy seams to be buggy and wont pop despite close to 3000 kills. So for the time being i have given up unless something changes.
  2. Added you let me know what times work for you and lets figure something out.
  3. Battlestar Galactica would be so awesome.
  4. Dam good to know I usually don't mess around with this kinda stuff. Such a good and fun game with one of the worst trophies I have ever scene.
  5. I have it digitally but that actually not a bad idea. Ill upload my saves and try deleting the game and re downloading it and then pause the patches. Worth a shot at the very least. I not still looking for some sad souls to punch each other over and over.
  6. Unfortunately I missed out on the trader glitch for player kills and am having some trouble with this plat. Knowing how long I would have to grind to do this the single player way is kinda killing my momentum for the plat. Im looking for some people who would be up for killing each other over and over again to grind out the player death and player kill trophies. We could do this in more then one playing since I am sure it will take a a few hours. Leave a message in the post and maybe we can get a group of people together and get this rare plat. **Side note** If there is any easier way to grind out this trophy please let me know I would be super grateful.
  7. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice. I need to buy this game and finally get this plat.
  8. LittleBigPlanet 3
  9. Likes it easy or long and hard.
  10. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Fun game that didn't get much love.
  11. Enjoys indy games and actually commits to finishing them.