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  1. If you enjoy watching twitch streams, would you consider viewing mine? I would like to have fun twitch viewers who enjoy talking in the chat to the streamer. I really would like a few people to talk with while streaming. Plus I could really use a boost. I generally stream around 4/6pm pacific time everyday. My twitch is /EdwardCookieBox
  2. I would say this is one of the few games that is fun to play. Do people enjoy Doom online enough to watch the gameplay? I ask this because I stream this on twitch and I would like to have people view my stream. I stream everyday from around 4pm/6pm pacific time. Would you like to watch me play? I would really like to have more genuine viewers who I can talk with while streaming. I should mention my twitch handle is /EdwardCookieBox
  3. No use. Tried this. Reinstalled it over and over. I just give up. ☹️
  4. Hay guys. I’m having a problem with two trophies. The problem isn’t exactly with the trophy, it’s with the game itself. The game WON’T show me anyone else’s name on billboard, so I can’t get billboard trophy. And it WON’T give me autolog recommendations from friends so I can’t get the autolog trophy. I have been trying to plat this game since over two years! Can someone help? Has anyone has a similar issue? Thank you 🙂😊
  5. This game is so much fun, I’ve played it almost 10+ times since it first came out. On PC, on PS3 and also on the PS4. Never have I ever experienced any glitches. 🙂