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  1. I just barely started it - late comer. Finished a first boss/beast last night.
  2. @CLOUDO720 it worked fantastically. Had to try twice, one of the colossi slipped past while I wasn't paying attention the first time and had a freeze. But second round worked like a charm. Thank you!
  3. Thank you for this, I'll give it a shot tonight
  4. I'm redownloading the game now to see if it helps, but in case this doesn't work - has anyone had issues where the game would freeze in the end credits and found a way through? I've played through the ending 3 times now, trying to adjust the camera and skip certain things to see if that'd help. Nadda. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Edit: Reinstalling did not work. Still broken in the same spot.
  5. when's your last cloud save? might be less painful to play through a day of content than to go back to the start.
  6. I find that collector makes the grind trivial. I used the collectors map for 2 days, getting the full gambit of turn ins. Went from 40-49 in 5-6 hours is the map
  7. uzhitz is super easy if you're not going for virgin. the best sermon options from a guide will get you to 100 just from the main quest edit: also it's a lot less buggy than before if you have royal edition/from the ashes. priby counts. so i got charming without merhojed and monastery
  8. it's got everything, yeah.
  9. oddly and sadly enough, sound shapes. there was one challenge level i couldn't beat and I said screw it.
  10. I put this in another topic. Hope it helps
  11. Pulling this off of memory, was a little drunk in my playthrough last night, so not 100% sure of everything
  12. June 4th it seems
  13. I booted it up a night or two ago, was kicked 3 times without making it into a match and re shelved it. 2 trophies left and I really can't be arsed - bonus xp or no.
  14. it didn't pop for me until well into the next cutscene - this was just a half hour ago. in select mission, see if both missions mark as veteran complete, just in case.
  15. this. 23 and 46. You get 600cr each level.