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  1. it didn't pop for me until well into the next cutscene - this was just a half hour ago. in select mission, see if both missions mark as veteran complete, just in case.
  2. this. 23 and 46. You get 600cr each level.
  3. I pulled a fully kitted eva 8 out of a supply drop 3/4 the way through the match. Open every one you see,
  4. hell yeah, glad for you.
  5. Damn. If that doesn't work, I'd try to do them all a second time. Finish the first level on each and make sure to get a bit of points before throwing. Otherwise, try B levels or something.
  6. Did you do all three in a single match? Also, just to make sure, did you do the second page?
  7. the one that is track and field and like hurdles needs to be played where you do all 3 events. that's the only one i can think of. edit: it's like a dash, hurdles, and triple jump
  8. actually not that bad. You'll get enough credits to unlock the last 2 characters on your way to 50. The XP they dole out seems really rewarding, mostly based on staying alive. Just pick a character and work for a win... then pick the next character.
  9. I've used Crystal Snow from the moment I've got it well into postgame. Both finish forms are fast moving and ignore defense immunities. It also has a really high magic stat, which I prefer to go with for spamming thundaga.
  10. I can't say for sure, but I think the command is different if it's maxed versus not. Maybe try doing it with one target locked on and one set fully locked on (like a couple versus 24 for a keyblade). I think the name of the attack changes (very quickly) as the counter fills up to max. But I could be wrong.
  11. Just got the update on my system. 1.14 - Future Foundation Suit and Bombastic Bag-Man Suit.
  12. regs old model with a 2tb sshd I put in myself.
  13. You'll get some larger bills every 5 levels with the treasure maps. A completed series match or story mission should give you approximately $12-20 depending on how you do. Some of the quicker modes/matches and stranger missions offer 4-6. I think there was a looting grind method before the rebalance, but you're likely better off with series as of now.
  14. My crew is disappointed in the posse system, and I'd love a rehaul. There were hopes that we'd be able to all put cash in for camp upgrades and whatnot - it actually being persistent and more in lines with the single player. Now that we've seen what the systems entail, that doesn't seem like a possible reality in it's current shape though.
  15. The Pink Eye Gang