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  1. But without the Captcha how will we the self-driving AI cars be able to learn what is or isn't a sign
  2. This to me reads as modifications to S/M marages in the form of Lann and Reynn, plus some new mirages. So aside from the mirages there's only one minigame added? There's no other gameplay or story? Or am I missing something.
  3. the real reason I bought a flight stick! Can't wait.
  4. Elite Dangerous - the multiplayer to 50 trophy. I've got a few others left, but what really keeps me from the extra step is knowing I have at least 30-50 hours of sitting in a lobby waiting for people to show ahead of me. And I'm already 44/50. Real shame is, there was a group of solid folk going after it while I was busy with uni. Now, they all seem to be done or have given up themselves.
  5. was heavy rain. I was a 360 player other than that. Right after Heavy Rain it was Demon Souls. Didn't really touch a ps3 other than those two games for many years.
  6. probably Amalur or Demon Souls
  7. I think it was a good value for the sale I got it on. Maybe sub 20 or the same price I've seen here. Curse of the Pharoahs is brilliant. Tour is free though, if I recall correctly.
  8. rain is the true final boss
  9. that was the RROD trick back in the day. Wrap in a towel and put for 10 seconds in the microwave
  10. I also had this happen exact same way. Tried everything. Ended up just getting a new one.
  11. It's still 12-24 hours (for anyone trying to figure it out), so don't feel bad Dark. One can't know when that counter starts, as it's from the most recent kill. I've been playing on PC for way too long and I'm still missing a handful of Shara World BAMs because of the competitiveness on single channel areas.
  12. finished up second son a day ago. working on the ps4 god of war and those daily vs battles in everybody's golf
  13. Economic reality would put that they'd maintain physical copies as long as there continues to be a profit margin for them. As much as the companies, both individual studio and console producer, would like that bigger slice of the digital pie without production middle-men - losing a significant amount of store-browser/retail type customers wouldn't help anyone. There's a major incentive for the Best Buys/Targets/and so on to keep pressure on the video game industry too. They want their bit. Data caps might be an issue too. I've never hit mine, even downloading a few games a month - but still, games keep getting bigger and bigger.
  14. I did have to go back a few chapters to university and try pick up some more parts to finish it out. Set that difficulty back down to something easier and you can blow through after grounded. University is the first time you get access to the full weapon list if I recall correctly - so that might be a good place to start up.