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  1. i've just finished a few hours ago - i can agree the windows on everything are much tighter. i think it's intentionally designed to force multiple runs, and can be quite frustrating. i ended up hiring 3 legendary bodyguards and mostly just letting them do the work
  2. for what it's worth with all the bug and glitch talk, i started a new game after completing the vet run. noted 2 missions where I killed teammates along the way, just in case - but no friendly fire game over. just kept going and wrote it down. got to the end and the trophy clicked. glitch may be there, but i don't think friendly fire is a deal breaker
  3. to add, coop with attack objectives on triple xp seem to be slightly faster than defense obj.
  4. with that close range sand-wedge, yeah - i agree it's bs. anything over 100 is great. but the sub-100 realm is all thumb math for me. putting too is extremely finicky. unless it's downhill i tend to just slightly go over the distance. the sectors are each 1/3 power - so if its 5m, i'll hit a halfpower putt slightly over the first bar. if it's 7-8, i'll do the same, half power between bars 2 and 3. i feel your pain though....
  5. i've been doing the head math for length of drive and sticking my thumb on the screen for where i want to drop the power marker. the rough and bunker have been entirely consistent at 70% and 50%, so i'll modify the math (and subsequent thumb) dependent on the circumstance. setting power to half with triangle and hitting max shots is often easier than trying to hit something very precise though. at the very least i stick as close to the markers as possible for percentages and accuracy. for hitting the green, short and rolling up by 15 seems to be the safest bet - 340 i'll shoot for 325, 130 i'll shoot for 115. wind is the limiting factor there. hitting a lob in even slight headwind seems to bring the ball short by a significant amount.
  6. I just barely started it - late comer. Finished a first boss/beast last night.
  7. @CLOUDO720 it worked fantastically. Had to try twice, one of the colossi slipped past while I wasn't paying attention the first time and had a freeze. But second round worked like a charm. Thank you!
  8. Thank you for this, I'll give it a shot tonight
  9. I'm redownloading the game now to see if it helps, but in case this doesn't work - has anyone had issues where the game would freeze in the end credits and found a way through? I've played through the ending 3 times now, trying to adjust the camera and skip certain things to see if that'd help. Nadda. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Edit: Reinstalling did not work. Still broken in the same spot.
  10. when's your last cloud save? might be less painful to play through a day of content than to go back to the start.
  11. I find that collector makes the grind trivial. I used the collectors map for 2 days, getting the full gambit of turn ins. Went from 40-49 in 5-6 hours is the map
  12. uzhitz is super easy if you're not going for virgin. the best sermon options from a guide will get you to 100 just from the main quest edit: also it's a lot less buggy than before if you have royal edition/from the ashes. priby counts. so i got charming without merhojed and monastery
  13. it's got everything, yeah.
  14. oddly and sadly enough, sound shapes. there was one challenge level i couldn't beat and I said screw it.
  15. I put this in another topic. Hope it helps