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  1. I also had this happen exact same way. Tried everything. Ended up just getting a new one.
  2. It's still 12-24 hours (for anyone trying to figure it out), so don't feel bad Dark. One can't know when that counter starts, as it's from the most recent kill. I've been playing on PC for way too long and I'm still missing a handful of Shara World BAMs because of the competitiveness on single channel areas.
  3. finished up second son a day ago. working on the ps4 god of war and those daily vs battles in everybody's golf
  4. Economic reality would put that they'd maintain physical copies as long as there continues to be a profit margin for them. As much as the companies, both individual studio and console producer, would like that bigger slice of the digital pie without production middle-men - losing a significant amount of store-browser/retail type customers wouldn't help anyone. There's a major incentive for the Best Buys/Targets/and so on to keep pressure on the video game industry too. They want their bit. Data caps might be an issue too. I've never hit mine, even downloading a few games a month - but still, games keep getting bigger and bigger.
  5. I did have to go back a few chapters to university and try pick up some more parts to finish it out. Set that difficulty back down to something easier and you can blow through after grounded. University is the first time you get access to the full weapon list if I recall correctly - so that might be a good place to start up.
  6. got AC origins last night. workings towards the 100% now
  7. I used the trophy walkthrough on gamefaqs.
  8. I hope the pricing scheme isn't as ridiculous as 5.
  9. Yeah, just the one time. After that it auto-queues the next unlock.
  10. Noticed it was bundled with Heavy Rain, which I've wanted to replay for a long time. Couple hours in and I'm really enjoying it.
  11. it takes less than a half-hour. might as well do it soon as you unlock it
  12. My bracket is doing fairly well. I've got the Knights to win. Hype is real.
  13. Mechanically, it's a sharper 4. The Ubisoft collectathon is in full force though for the endgame, as the story is significantly shorter than 4. Still, it's a blast to play. Loads better than Unity
  14. I know this is still a bother for some out there. Trophy fix has not quite made it's way, but denommenator, an EME Admin, commented directly on the progress today. Here's the link:
  15. Once you hit 65 you'll get a set of idoneal in highwatch (from Dougal I believe) and you can start working towards Slaughter (tier 9). Equip the Idoneal and the matching jewelry to get into dungeons passed Catacombs and Sabex. Do the Red quest lines that are 65 that have you trying the dungeons to get a bunch of feed to help you make that gear to +12. Guile is Tier 10 and dropped from HM dungeons or grinded out from Ace. And Visionmaker beyond that requires the VM designs from HM dungeons. Right now it's not worth it to shoot towards this VM. Would advise waiting til the servers mature a bit and the high level players get used to the dungeon mechanics before dropping the hours needed to VM and +15 A full set of Slaughter and jewelry will take you to ~415. 2 pieces at +12 and the rest at +9 will get you into the hard dungeons (410).