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  1. Does anyone know if Playstation Plus is required for any of the trophies? Thank you!
  2. 1. Metal Gear Solid V 2. Until Dawn 3. Uncharted Remastered 4. Uncharted 2 Remastered 5. Uncharted 3 Remastered 6. Heavy Rain 7. Beyond Two Souls 8. LA Noire 9. Uncharted 4 10. The Last of Us I didn't realize I had finished my 10th platinum right after my 1 year anniversary on PSN. It's funny cuz I just finished my 20th platinum in time for my 2nd anniversary. I guess I know my approximate pace.
  3. Final Fantasy XIII I tried to get the platinum but asking for you to get every accessory and weapon takes so much time and you need to be super organized about it. I have a chart, of what I've gotten so far in my file, that I put in my FFXIII box if I ever decide to come back.
  4. #20 Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Don't Ruin The Moment Collect all the Trophies Got this just in time for my 2 year anniversary on PSN.
  5. I love the icons and the colors, the color palette does make me think of India.
  6. Final Fantasy XIII The Treasure Hunter trophy is a lot more work than I thought, I'll get it someday.
  7. 45 trophies left. 21 of those are from MGS: Peace Walker which I am just not skilled at enough to continue. I'm usually uptight and don't start a game unless I'm pretty sure I can get 100% or close.
  8. I'm gonna make this my 20th platinum, and hopefully get it by my 2nd anniversary on PSN.
  9. The 3 speedrun trophies in the Nathan Drake Collection, should at least be silver.
  10. Child of Light Great battle system, great art style, okay story. The characters speak in rhyme... felt a bit maddening by the end.
  11. Wow, this trophy list is longer than I thought it would be! Does anyone know about how long the game is supposed to be? All I've heard is somewhere between The Last of Us Left Behind (2 hours) and Uncharted 4 (15 hours).
  12. The Order: 1886 16 hours, 21 minutes
  13. Neediest for Speediest from Uncharted 3. I had never had to do any speed runs before so I remember having 3 different timed runs open on youtube and trying to remain with 5 minutes of them at all times. I have more rare bronzes but they weren't as tough as that.