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  1. I'm sure it doesn't take almost two years just to make links to a list of games work, and considering all the staff seem to do here is make new shit that adds nothing of value to the site like a discord or ribbons and censoring every other opinion on the site, they can probably free up some time to do it.
  2. It would be cool wouldn't it but we need to keep introducing new features and options instead of fixing probably the most requested thing on the site.
  3. Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash
  4. Did you come up with your ID after experiencing the most heavenly thing a man can feel, diarrhoea?
  5. Already own it on Wii u, but it's more expensive physical so I might just buy it again anyway
  6. Everyone's saying how they got their money's worth, or you're getting given these games for free, but a lot of people don't get their money's worth or play the games unless they're giving out games like borderlands and sonic mania. So the only reason to get plus other than the games is to play online, so you're paying 60 dollars or whatever a year for playing online and getting a couple good 20 dollar games in the entire year while basically every game is garbage. I don't care what you say about the plus sales, I don't remember ever buying a game with a plus discount. Also you can probably buy a dirt cheap USB instead of using cloud saves.
  7. You should do it and then give me the money
  8. 50%. I like the new ribbons, but putting even more stuff on the sidebar seems like a bit much. Not sure about customising though. Using the original platinum design seems better though, considering the normal platinum symbol is already in places on the site, so putting it here as well seems unneccesary.
  9. You forgot about the 0.01 ultra rare gold trophy for keeping up a controversial opinion you posted
  10. What happened to the 9th site rule about no sexual oriented discussion?
  11. Knack 2 and mr massagy
  12. A man walks into a bar and says "I'm gay I would beat off a guy" and proceeds to deal a devastating right hook to everyone in the bar

    1. Rally-Vincent---


      "Barkeep, I have a large one."

      "Are you ordering or boasting?"

  13. A quarter of everyone on the site
  14. I played overwatch way too much before I occasionally go back to tricky towers I cannot stop playing apex, send help