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  1. Yeah I didn’t understand the objective properly
  2. You can still play online
  3. No
  4. Finished black clover quarter knights
  5. Finished my hero ones justice 2. Was pretty boring doing the arcade mode, but at least the missions were easy thanks to Shigaraki.
  6. Platinum #130 My Hero One’s Justice 2 50 hour platinum, pretty boring doing the arcade mode. Shigaraki is broken.
  7. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  8. Most trophy hunters seem to just solely think about quantity over quality, and it’s just boring to go on so many peoples lists and see nothing but 85%+ platinums
  9. Hand of the gods, 5.16%
  10. Bloodborne, only played a couple of hours
  11. Glitched for me at the end so I guess I have to play it four times 😔 also it’s a pretty bad game so that’s why it’s rare
  12. Finished god of war 3
  13. It's not even bad, if you want to finish it you can.
  14. Finished dragon ball fighterz a couple weeks ago