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  1. Does this make you unable to drink banana yazoo?
  2. Nom Nom Galaxy, at 1.23
  3. Dressrosa
  4. The game is the same, the fastest hacked the trophies in. There's no need to play the other two, if you've read the manga it starts from chapter 1.
  5. I finished rogue legacy
  6. Can you sign me up?
  7. Sign me up, I've done both guacamelee lists and teslagrad
  8. Finished One Piece unlimited world red so I earn the king of the Pirates emblem, and also sign me up for yonko in the one piece challenge gate.
  9. I'll stay in this
  10. Put me in for hokage Edit: Is my signature working?
  11. Counting up my games completed, shouldn't I have 13 done instead of 14?
  13. Oh I also finished this so I earn the "A Tale of Bonds" emblem
  14. Is this good?