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  1. Who do you prefer?


    Deku from My Hero Academia, or Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist?

    1. Lagoon Aris

      Lagoon Aris

      I would chose Edward but it is a tough choice. Edward is more mature in some points but Deku makes a lot more progress during the story

    2. Beyondthegrave07


      Deku. I think his story of being bullied but trying to stay positive hits pretty close to home. I like a good underdog story.

    3. KyLo491


      I prefer Deku, I find Edward really irritating and I don’t feel the same about Deku, he’s not a great character but he is watchable, something I can’t say for Edward.

  2. The sound of Bacchus belching in Hand of the Gods
  3. I mean I've got this really good image from Attack on Titan
  4. Payday 2's trophy has been fixed
  5. Cadence of Hyrule on the Switch
  6. A screenshot from a PS4 game?
  7. Yes, I'd delete all the unobtainable games I've hidden
  8. Thanks for the info, if only more games were like this 😒
  9. I caught up to One Piece, now I've read every chapter. I've watched the anime before but the manga is so much better.
  10. PS3 and PS4 physical are the same list, and then PS4 digital is a separate list
  11. Separate lists for physical and digital
  12. You won't get any borderlands 2 trophies popping if you're just going on the pre-sequel
  13. DK Bongo Drums as my controller. I normally go for a couple of games at a time, normally not past Platinum/100% but occasionally I will play past that. I like a grind occasionally, and a bit of a challenge. I'll normally only go for easy common platinums when i want a milestone. I hate missable and collectible trophies so i don't normally do those.
  14. Nintendo had the best one, the Ubisoft one sucked, and the Squire Enix was boring for me other than the FFVII Remake. I didn't watch the others, and I don't care about anything from them.