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  1. Please just add crimespree, overkill, and don't add a trophy for doing every mission on death sentence or something.
  2. Why are practically all of them popular triple a titles everyone either already bought, or isn't planning on buying.
  3. Well that's not a gaming experience, so no
  4. Hit Infamy 13 in Payday 2, 12 to go

  5. Off the top of my head, Fenix Furia. I finished the entire game except the last world, and then while trying to get deaths, I accidentally deleted my save file. Then I beat all the levels again, and somehow got it deleted again. Then I got the US list, did the entire lit except the last world again. But the death trophy is glitched, and I've tried every way of getting it, but nothing worked. I never got the plats, they never patched it, and I hid them.
  6. My PS4 controller is not charging like at all, but sometimes it shows the bars moving like when it charges, but when I unplug the charger it's not been charged at all. I've tried many different methods, but was wondering if anyone had reasons.

    1. BlackSquirrell1


      Could be the battery in the controller has left town.


      If you plug your controller into the PS4 with the cable that was provided, does it charge?

    2. KingGuy420


      Have you tried charging it off other things like a PC or a wall socket? Or using other charging cords?


      Could just be the battery is shot though.

    3. BlazikieronUS


      It doesn't charge with different cables or sockets, I can manage to charge it with an incredibly small charger with it stood up on the ground, but I can't play with it like that, and it doesn't even work 100% of the time. It might just be the battery or port aren't working anymore.

  7. Trying and failing to avoid the right lists
  8. Does anyone know if I get the ps now trial on an alt account, if it'll let my main account use the games?

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    2. DamagingRob


      True for streaming games, but is it the same for ones you can download? Would think any account on the system could play those, but I haven't tried it. But I also think they'll block your IP from doing it, eventually. Otherwise, people could get free Now and Plus trials and never pay up. :P

    3. Vyxra


      You can't stream them on your main, but you can download PS4 games from PS Now and those will work.

    4. BlazikieronUS


      okay, thanks

  9. Alright, I finally finished J-STARS, which means I get promoted to the Ultimate Sidekick rank, and get the Director of Jump Force emblem. I enjoyed the wide range of characters, and wish some of them got into jump force, but overall it was fun. Bleach will probably be my next game, but who knows.
  10. Omg you evolved

    1. ferginator88


      After two or so years I finally hit level 16!!!

  11. #6171 Guessing Game (that one trophy) from Payday 2. Feels pretty good getting this luck based fiend, so I can get the platinum (hopefully) soon. i don't know how to get the trophy image so it's not here.
  12. How am I supposed to wait a month for the next Attack on Titan chapter

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    2. NERVergoproxy


      Can't wait for the game AoT2 expansion but no trophies...

    3. PSXtreme_
    4. AlchemistWer


      How am I supposed to wait 5 month for another berserk chapter.

  13. Pretty please🤔
  14. That's you/knowledge is power are really easy If you can get the 6 player trophies. Pox Nora is easy if you can find a partner, otherwise nom nom galaxy is the easiest of mine.