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  1. Well from what I’ve seen it’s fully unobtainable. Even if you do find a game, it just disconnects you straight away and it’s impossible to get into a game.
  2. Fully legit, not the platinum. The platinum is maybe a 5/10, 6/10 pushing it. The dlc is stupid though. The doom fist trophy, the Baptiste trophies. They’d be super hard legit, but even then, id say it’s a 9/10, maybe even an 8/10
  3. I have never heard of the medium
  4. Honestly that didn’t really help lol. As far as I can tell from reading that, you still need the game, which I already knew. Guess I’ll add it to this account later, even though they’re obviously a hacker.
  5. No clue how to report trophies, but the fastest achiever clearly hacked. Their penultimate and final trophies were the dire subjugation trophies, getting the trophy for the first kill and completing all kills 20 minutes apart. But you also can’t complete the gallery without doing all of them. also they got the tutorial trophy 30 minutes before the platinum ☠️
  6. Is it possible at all to get this now? From my memory, I remember there being no physical and it was included with a ps vita or ps tv I think?
  7. The same as every game included monthly on ps plus
  8. Finished breaking bad

    1. Abby_TheLastofUs


      Now go watch the prequel, Malcolm in the Middle.



  9. Is the game still on the store? I can’t find a physical copy either. Also the dlc, can you still get that?
  10. You don’t need every gold coin if that’s what you mean
  11. The games fine, nothing special. Dark as shit and impossible to see though at points.
  12. Yeah I didn’t understand the objective properly
  13. You can still play online
  14. No
  15. Finished black clover quarter knights