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  1. Does this game have a lot of puzzles like RE2 ? Or its easy to play like RE7?
  2. Still with the same enemies... the only good are the maps
  3. Does this trophy glitched? i checked/finished all the locations and the trophy didn't popup do i need to do the ones of the DLC or they don't count for the main game? Do i have to do them all of them in one single gameplay? (im playing offline)
  4. Still works, Make sure you mod your machete before you do this. You can do what he said or fast travel from the tunnel to the arena (as many times you need until you unlock the trophy)
  5. #41 My Name is Mayo 2 #42 The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series • NA #43 Control
  6. How i can activate this challenges? is there an easy way to complete them? i just need this 2 trophies and Master Parautilitarian. The guide of the page doesn't help to much. If you wanna help me with advices or videos will be nice. Thanks
  7. Ah ok thanks for your answer.
  8. ~ Closing the topic because i have the answer ~ Is it possible to go to the floor six seven or eight? i couldn't find my way up.
  9. At least its more fun than watch dogs 3
  10. Yes, i saw the other night a random person shooting like crazy a modded weapon (hack) i wonder how i can do that?
  11. In the first game i saw so many people with mod weapons is it possible to mod weapons in this second part of the game?! if the answer is yes how i can do that?!
  12. Thanks ill buy the PS4 Version, also it will be nice if we can have double trophies for the price of one To buy both versions?!
  13. I have one question... what version should i buy? (ill be buying a PS5 around december) There are 2 Ultimate Versions one for PS4 and the other one for PS5?! i thought you can play your PS4 games on PS5 with out any problem. What should i do?!
  14. My God!! i have to play the main story all over because by accident i made a bad save and i dont have access to the DLC !!!
  15. Thanks for the info