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  1. Any real update? At this point i willing to pay the premium for my new ID again! Its better than to be wasting our time waiting for a fake update.
  2. This s*** is funny xD!!! hmm I wonder if after 2 weeks we have any update?
  3. My new account is not working anymore.. feels like i wasted my money (was on my own risk) really hope they can fix this soon, its getting a little bit frustrating... at least if they can enable the option to create/join sessions will be cool..
  4. Lets hope not because i did the same thing.. I couldn’t wait a month. It will be great if they can erase this account ill keep the new one...
  5. Some of the set player post don't work... maybe im doing something wrong?? from where did you start?
  6. Nice, thanks. It will be super cool if he can add a dark skin for the site/forum 🙄
  7. Platinum #29
  8. im missing 6 trophies to complete the Explorer Notes I have the first 4 trophies because of the trophy Veteran Paleontologist . I saw a couple of pages online with the locations but I think the coordinates are not working anymore. Is not just me I saw a couple of people having the same issue as me. I will really appreciate if I can have some help here.
  9. Could take another 2 weeks?
  10. Yeah nothing good to buy, you are right i can find the same games at gamestop for less price
  11. I couldn't wait more longer so I created a new account w my new name and pay again for the Premium. Works fine the only problem is I cant login in the forum with the new id just with the old (its fine) I just wanted to update my profile (trophies) Update: don't do it guys its not working was a bad idea to do that
  12. Yeah nothing good to buy.
  13. I didn't start playing the game.. should I wait until they finish releasing all the DLCs?
  14. They are still working on it... we need to wait.