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  1. Platinum #34 Tom Clancy's The Division 2
  2. Platinum #33 Marvel's Spider-Man
  3. Thanks for the info
  4. Question... Im not super good to unlock silver and gold in all the challenges to unlock all the suits (im missing 5 suits) can obtain more Challenge Tokens with the DLC? or Can I do this while im playing Game Plus? (I have to play the G+ anyways)
  5. The 3rd DLC is CTNS: Turf Wars
  6. Platinum # 32 Days Gone
  7. Sniper Elite 2
  8. Thank you for the answer.
  9. Are they done? Can i play the game noe and finish it at 100% ?
  10. Weird this trophy was easy to unlock for me and i didnt have to do anything at all! I left my player standing all day while i was at work. When i was back home i had the trophy. I was following one video if i can find that video i will post it here.
  11. I will recommend you MrFreeze2244
  12. Im having problems to unlock this one
  13. The game is not that hard! you will be wasting more time doing that glitch than actually playing the game.
  14. It doest matter if you are host or not in order to unlock this trophy you have to do it solo.
  15. Yeah that would do it. I had this problem because I bought a couple of good weapons and attachments from the store. So every time i was trying to pick up the weapon/attachment from the map(ground) they just disappear. Remember to erase your previous data, start a new game (offline)