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  1. Thank you so much for sharing that info.
  2. Thank you for your answer. I have the last question if i finish the game plus in normal mode after that ill be able to start another game plus? (Choose another difficulty?)
  3. If collectibles dont carry over the game plus there is no point to do that now... can someone confirm me this please?
  4. Hello I have the next question; I finished the game (easy mode) and I was trying to do the collectables before the game Game Plus it looks like I cant because some areas are locked. what can I do? should I start the G+? and if I do that should I play it on the hardest mode? (how many times you can start a game plus after you are done with the full story mode?) thank you for your answer guys. Note: Sorry for my English (is not my main language)
  5. I was about to buy it on day one.. however after all this problem with the virus they cut my hours at work so I think ill safe that money for food and bills.
  6. can we still earn this trophy? I just need this one to platinum the game. The guide we have in the community is don't tell to much about this trophy.. I didn't kill any soldier, animal, I helped the poor's and give them money I just killed the bear of the forest... I was happy because almost at the beginning of the last mission the little one was going with me on the train!! (at the start of the last mission he vanished)…
  7. Fixed
  8. Its not fixed... i still need to pay for all the content. I bought the super deluxe edition... this sucks i hope they can fix that problem.
  9. I played the first mission just with a pistol and full headshots, I didn’t let a zombie come back and at the end of the chapter the trophy never unlocked the trophy
  10. We had an update yesterday night, do you still having this problem?
  11. was before the Terminator update?
  12. Platinum #36 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint
  13. Last question... how many weapons and attachments are they? this looks endless !
  14. Thanks for the info this version is different from the first one... i didnt know that i have to buy the weapons after i have the blue prints. i have one question im level 98 how or where i can find Elite Weapon Parts? Im missing a couple to upgrade my sniper to MK3
  15. Thanks for the the info, looks like this is going to be a pain, the map is huge and it have a lot of places to check and explorer.