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  1. Thanks for the info
  2. Hey guys i have a question, i lost my data from the game (i was done with the full story mode) do i need to complete the main story to play the DLC?
  3. ITs out now!
  4. Dont buy the dlcs they are a waste of money i bought The Super Deluxe Edition (pre order) and I regret it. I expect more of Rebellion! Sniper Elite 4 had better dlcs
  5. Do you guys know if we are gonna have a New Game Plus ?
  6. I have to say its confusing because you/we think its another side mission. i wasted my time collecting all 80... thank you for sharing that map! amazing job!
  7. You dont need the banners to platinum the game.
  8. Platinum # 40 Ghost of Tsushima
  9. It was Seattle day 3 i missed the last work workbench (i have that trophy now) i just need to play with abby to unlock 4 more skills and master 2 more weapons (guns) Thanks for your message.
  10. Thanks for the fast answer.
  11. Im missing one workbench in the chapter (X) should i re play that chapter to unlock the gold trophy or i can unlock that trophy in the NG+?
  12. Thank you so much for sharing that info.
  13. Thank you for your answer. I have the last question if i finish the game plus in normal mode after that ill be able to start another game plus? (Choose another difficulty?)
  14. If collectibles dont carry over the game plus there is no point to do that now... can someone confirm me this please?
  15. Hello I have the next question; I finished the game (easy mode) and I was trying to do the collectables before the game Game Plus it looks like I cant because some areas are locked. what can I do? should I start the G+? and if I do that should I play it on the hardest mode? (how many times you can start a game plus after you are done with the full story mode?) thank you for your answer guys. Note: Sorry for my English (is not my main language)