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  1. HITMAN 2 Training Escalated Complete Level 5 of an Escalation Contract set in the ICA Facility.
  2. Thanks for the answers @Sicho . I have another question; I was wearing a legendary hat of x animal I save the game and the outfit on my horse however every time I go to bed and sleep and when I wake up my hat is not with me anymore! I sit on my horse and load the outfit but the hat is not there anymore!.... also when I have a legendary coat looks like you cant find it in your inventory (or im doing something wrong?) Please let me know
  3. I asked another friend from USA and he told me he does t have escalations available. How i can post a picture from PS here? HITMAN™ Legacy: Bonus Missions is not available for me... i can se so many people with the trophies... is there a way to download it? Also Where i can find Sarajevo 6 ?
  4. How i can attach a picture In here?
  5. Not the silent one? you can find the Silenced one on Hokkaido . I have a big problem im trying to find the weapons from the Patient Zero GOTY here on Hitman 2 and its not clear for me where I can find them... - Before was: Paris / The Corky Commotion (Bat) Marrakesh / The Cheveyo Calibration (Sniper) Hokkaido / Dexter Discordance (Gun) - All of the escalations and I can see the even inside of the Legacy maps or Inside of Patient Zero Capaign I Hope you can help me to find them. I dont have any escalation available and I dont have an update available (weird) I will try to take a picture and post it here.
  6. - Im playing Legacy first because I know the maps already and Im trying to reach level 20 to unlock good weapons for the first Elusive Target. Do you have Hitman Game Of The Year? do you know if the missions (escalations of Patience Zero) are available? (there are escalations but I cant see them) - The problem is I cant find any escalation to do. If you do and you know the name of the creator please let me know. - Same... im glad we have good people here to help us out.
  7. I was checking the Mastery of the weapons and they make so many changes! The electronic Key Hack is not anymore in Bangkok now its in Isle of Sgail ... im wondering what other changes they did. - It was fun to Master 20/20 Hokkaido. I think i will start Mastering all legacy before i play Hitman 2. Is it me or the guns weapons are almost the same?
  8. Or you can pay $20 and u dont have to do all that
  9. I know how to play Hitman but i never did escalations before on Hitman 1 thats why im still having this kind of questions. If you find a good contrac lvl 5 let me know please.
  10. Let us know please, where i can find an escalation lvl 5 to unlock the trophy Training escalated?
  11. Thanks for your help guys, do we still having saragevo 5?
  12. Hello friends: - Im a little bit lost with this new version and I was wondering if you guys can guide me a little bit. Im playing the basic game right and I dont know how I can unlock the following trophies: A New Profile: Complete a Featured Contract. (where I can find it?) Top of the Class: Set the high score on a Contract. (Its not clear to me how to find contracts I know how but maybe im doing something wrong?) Training Escalated: Complete Level 5 of an Escalation Contract set in the ICA Facility. (How I can find on the contracts a Level 5 escalation?) Thank you for all your help. (Sorry for my bad English)
  13. You are right ! You just need to download the new version of Hitman 1 then load Hitman 2 and it will ask you to login your User Account. After that you will unlock one outfit and briefcase... the quit then exit the game and load Hitman one (after the new version 1.36 is done) and you go to the store an redeem the game... you are right thanks for the info you saved me $20 - Last Question... can we erase Hitman 1 now?
  14. Wait i have to launch Hitman 1 and the what else? Quit the game and load Hitman 2? Send me the instructions please. There is a new update for Hitman 1... Version1.36
  15. You are not going to believe me! Must to be a mistake i wanna think that, i own Hitman 1 full version plus Game of the year and its telling me now that i have to pay $20 to own legacy pack ! Damn i thought they said we are gonna have it for free