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  1. Outside the city.
  2. As soon as my Capture Card arrives, I will try and do a trophy guide for this game. Please be patient.
  3. This feels so good to see, so glad I'm first now!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. DamagingRob


      Didn't even know you changed usernames. :/ But nicely done being the fastest!

    3. Maxximum


      Well done on the speed run. Congrats! 👏 

    4. Artful


      Games for Heavy Rain PS4.


      (Forgot to say).

  4. Might do a guide eventually because I really enjoyed this game.
  5. Currently having this same problem on ps3 on my 100% account, will edit if it pops sometime whenever. Never mind got it.
  6. I brought this at the same time except digital.
  7. Never mind, started a whole new game and got up to where the last weapon was a got it, admins can close.
  8. Says it in the title, I’ve used every weapon and now I’m very close to get all level weapons to level 3. What do I do? It’s not unlocking I’ve used every weapon.
  9. Yeah Australians get it amazingly quick pun intended.
  10. It says it’s available before it even is available, yes you do have to wait until midnight your time for the DLC to come out.
  11. I would save at every Letter, so have four save files.
  12. Yeah I know what you mean, I played it day one and platinumed it in five days and twenty two hours, on my alt account, I softlocked the game three times, lucky I had extra saves. I would just do it again, just speedrun the game or try different save files, this game is so unbelievably glitchy, but you’ll get it.
  13. Can confirm there is multiple Missable Masks.
  14. I was the first to get all the zombies DLC and I can confirm that killing 5000 Zombies took me 4 hours+ The gold Medals are easy, I think 5000 Zombie kills should of been Gold.