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  1. Just wondering if this has been checked @BlindMango Appreciate the massive effort. The only reason I chose PSNP as my main trophy tracking website is because its presentation. The banner makes it look clean
  2. Thanks, I hadn't tried this yet. Thankfully this game doesn't have any online mode. Just Buggysoft things
  3. I recently purchased Far Cry 3 Classic Edition. When I tried to run the game for the first time, I couldn't get passed the system loading screen (the image with the bloody knife in the ocean). After scouring many forums for a fix, the only one that I could find and worked for me is: PLAY THIS GAME WITH WIFI / ETHERNET OFF. For some reason this game struggles when trying to sign into the server, so it loads indefinitely.
  4. Thank you very much. I fgured it later that day. I have Nioh 2 in my library now. Cheers!
  5. I dunno if this is the correct thread, but today I bought PS Plus Essential and I can redeem all games BUT Nioh 2. Does anybody knows if there is a special edition that I can reedem?
  6. Tales From the Borderlands should be "Stage 4" in the Borderlands Series: Considering the chronological order of the Borderlands Series, Tales from the Borderlands should be "Stage 4" and Borderlands 3 should be "Stage 5". TFTBL take place before Borderlands 3 and after Borderlands 2.
  7. Considering the chronological order of the Borderlands Series, Tales from the Borderlands should be "Stage 4" and Borderlands 3 should be "Stage 5". Correct me if I'm wrong but stages are related directly with the canon of the game series. TFTBL take place after Borderlands 2 and before Borderlands 3. I still don't know the plot of New Tales, but they'll probably be Stage 6 unless it's a prequel. Tiny Tina's Wonderlands series is a spinoff, and (probably) after the statements made by Gearbox, it will probably become its own complete series.
  8. I'm not sure how to tackle the Conqueror trophy requirements. I'm yet to find a game mode that has 10 point that can be captured. The only that comes to mind is "Capture the Flag" with 3 points that can be captured by either side, but I feel like there is no enough time to make 10 capture due to the difficulty to capture just one. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  9. I have done this in multiple occasions and I´ve never encountered issues. I´ve being able to log back in every device, that being 2 PS3, a PS VITA and 3 PS4 without problem. If you're hard stuck with your issue, I can't imagine doing this making it worse. As far as I know PS4 and PS5 servers are working fine
  10. Another suggestion I found is to try to log in another PS3
  11. Yes, that´s what the device setup password is
  12. Try to enable two factor authenticator with a cellphone number, that might fix it. Then use the device setup password
  13. Just asking because you don´t mention it in your post. Do you have two factor authenticator in your account? Do you have the password generator for PS3 and PS VITA enabled?
  14. Men playing while their wife struggle with their kids. I´m a parent myself, I know the feeling of wanting to play more than ever, but parental duties come first. I cringe so hard when I can hear mothers struggling with their kids while the father just sits there playing. If you do this, believe me, your partner needs your help in some shape or for. The time for gaming will come eventually.