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  1. Just an advice. If you´re having difficulties with "Inmortal Trophy", make sure you have completed "SSDD" mission without restart. I didn´t realized I had a couple restarts beacuse I killed Shepherd first time and then just exited the second time. I know, pretty dumb.
  2. 19.50 after many tries. Could definitly improve it https://www.twitch.tv/rinkustarth/clip/DrabTallEelKreygasm
  3. Got this Trophy March 5 2020. It popped after 5 won matches. I´m from México but I think I play in North American Servers. The only thing I did differently is have 2 victories a day and then play couple days later. Might be patched for new players since I started playing this game´s MP recently.
  4. Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered. Good and Fast Campaing. Little cleaning up to do. Overall good Platinum
  5. Do it on normal or lower difficulty. I tried to enjoy it on Survival but its still is a buggy mess that will brake you experience. Follow the guide from the get go, and you should have the plat in no time and enjoy it more
  6. Sombra, Moira and Brigiite are not on the poll. But doesn´t matter because D.Va is best gorl
  7. Please keep me posted. I threw away the 100% cause I couldn´t get myself to care about anything in the game, not even the story. If they did a better job on the DLC´s I might give it another try.
  8. Sorry I forgot to do a follow up. I got the plat and I married Mjoll. Now we have two beautiful children and a dog (JK I´m basically a psycopath)
  9. I didn´t liked the game either, but I´d suggest you still go for it. Once you finish the story, the cleaning up is rather easy. specially with all the upgrades. Don´t bother with difficulty and you´ll have a plat very soon
  10. For those who are still waiting for this to happen. The real solution to this "puzzle" is to save the "Love your opponent" (or something like that) trump card until the last round. When he uses "Perfect Turn" and "Dead Silence", "Love your opponent" will leave him above 21, winning you the round inmediatly, since he doesn´t have any other trump cards.
  11. I´ve being trying to make progress on these Trophy, but none of the contracts that Konzu gives me make progress on the in-game Trophy. Another player told me he has also experienced this problem I also noticed the latest achiever got it back on October 23rd. Did it got bugged out with the recent update? Edit: Not anymore
  12. Nah The plat is an unnecesary grind that has 70% frustration, 30% enjoyment. The multiplayer is a hot, broken mess, and the story is pretty "meh". Not worth in my opinion.
  13. New hot fix rolled today. Still nothing for the bugged trophies.
  14. 3/5 dunko points.
  15. Best: 1-Sony (All those exclusives) 2-Devolver Digital (haha, that's funny) 3-Bethesda (finally some word on TES VI) Worst: 1-EA (nobody is buying their bullshit) 2-Microsoft (not a fan of XBOX) 3-Ubisoft (so much cringe)