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  1. The server shutdown it's still months away but definetly a game worth earning it's Platinum. The multiplayer still holds up nicely and I highly recommend juping into as soon as possbile.
  2. Hatoful Boyfriend. A pigeon dating simulator. Not even joking, this game has some intense writing and you get to like the pigeons / characters. Also, another way to get $1 cheap Vita games with Plats, is to sort any Sale there is by Order: Most Downloaded, Price: $1.99 and Platform: PS4. Some cheap PS4 games have cross-buy with PS Vita, some are good, some descent.
  3. I hope they do add new maps. That would be my only complaint so far with this game I´m glad I tried this game 2 years after launch. This feels more like a game that recently launched and needs a bit of patching instead of the hot mess it was launched. Battlefield games definetly need at least 6 years of development
  4. I was gladly surprised to see this game in Popular Games this week. 1k isn't a huge deal compared with Hogwarts Legacy's 7k, but considering this game can only be played on PSVR, this seems like a sign for PSVR. What kind of sign? That's up to debate This game flew under the radar for me. I'm not invested either in the Horizon saga or VR games. However, after tons of content about this game and the new PSVR2 features popped up in my feed, I realized this has the approach of Half Life: Alyx, and I do have the latter on very high appraisal when it comes to VR games. Is this the begging of a wider adoption for VR games? (Referring to the PlayStation ecosystem). Or was this just a one hit wonder? What does current and Platinum owners think? Would you be interested in owning a PSVR2 to play this game?
  5. Super late reply, but I wanted to know admin still works in 2023. I'm about to post a review of this game's Platinum and needed confirmation this still works. I believe people expect it to eventually go since some people call it cheating for trophy hunting, as well as generally cheating since you can activate it even in MP lobbies and claim this ruins the entire game experience. I personally think if it wasn't for admin the Platinum would be far more rare, but only because the game, in my opinion, is just bad.
  6. This description works for me. I'll probably buy it for this cheap so it can sit in my library for days to come
  7. https://store.playstation.com/es-mx/product/UP2047-CUSA01012_00-HOMEFRONT2000000 Homefront: The Revolution is just $1.99 in the US PS Store. Deal ends March 16th 2023. I´ve heard mixed things about this game. Mostly bad things about boring gameplay and annoying bugs. It would be interesting to hear what Platinum achievers have to say. This game is also part of the PS Plus Extra catalog.
  8. This game had a... rocky launch, (if not terrible) back in 2021. Two years have passed, which for me is enough time to fix a broken game. What's the state of this game? Is it playable, is it enjoyable? Is going for the Platinum a unbearable grind or just more Battlefield? Now that it is coming to PS Plus Essentials, it'll be nice to have some opinions.
  9. Has someone else tried this and can confirm it works? I'm not questioning if this is truth or not, but rather if this has any negative repercussions. I'm willing to try this since I'm just missing one freakin trophy for the platinum, but if my PSN account gets locked out of my Epic account, I feel this will bite me in the ass in the near future.
  10. The Birth of the Looter Shooter genre 3 years passed between the release of Borderlands 1 and Borderlands 2. Both games where release during the same generation of console and run in the same engine (Unreal Engine 3). But the jump in quality is abysmally evident. While BL1 feels like an early PS3 shooter, BL2 still holds to this day. Still being played by a loyal fanbase everyday and stablishing Gearbox software (it's developer) as a household name in the gaming industry. This placed the Borderlands franchise on the radar of many players who've never heard of Borderlands -myself included- and maid it mainstream. While BL1 sold 6 million copies, BL2 sold 27 million (according to VGchatrz). Borderland's sequel was the entry point to the franchise for many, and relegated the first game to a more niche game. Some seemed to enjoy it since release, while others revisited after playing it's sequels. I've gotten the Platinum for both versions of this game, the original release and the remastered version. While the remaster definitely gave the game a much needed polish, the core gameplay and mechanics where still present. I won't hammer the original game for what it was, as I mentioned previously, this was an early PS3 shooter. But the fact is this game feels outdated in every single aspect. However, while I was playing this game, I couldn't help to notice, this is where the Borderlands essence was born. This the game that gave birth to the "Looter-Shooter" genre. Everything that came after this game was and is still picking up from this game. The concept that gave form to BL1 wasn't perfectly executed, but in BL2 they turned the dial to 11 and made everything worked. It seemed it was only a matter of improving on what was done right the first time and experiment with new and fun ideas. Which is what -sort of- happened with Borderlands 3. The -no so subtle- sequel 7 years passed between the original release of Borderlands 2 and Borderlands 3. BL2 was a PS3 release while BL3 was released on the PS4. Developed on the improved Unreal Engine 4, the gap is noticeable in every aspect of each game. Gameplay, graphics, design and the art department got a huge upgrade. Story wise, it's... debatable. At the time of writing this post, BL3 is the latest main release in the Borderlands franchise. It's development and content release seems to have ended (for now), and what we got in this game gameplay wise is the best we can experience in the franchise. I really enjoyed playing BL3. The gameplay loop, mechanics, sound design, playable characters and RPG elements made me enjoy it from start to finish. I won't even mention the story because I don't think It will add to the argument. But as the title states, it wasn't subtle, more like right in your face. After the Platinum for BL3 popped, my first thought was "I wish there was more of this". but since DLC's aren't' my thing, I left it at that. When the Platinum for BL1 popped, I thought "this game deservers a remake", because for everything outdated this game has, the main essence is there, wanting to be developed to the max, but limited by the container it was... well, contained in. But what if it wasn't? What if the main essence that gave birth to a new genre could thrive again in a new, modern, better looking, running on UE4 environment. One that could show the true potential this game was designed to have, but it wasn't until it's sequel that it really shine. A remake for BL1 on the current build for BL3 -at least for me- is the perfect move. The great gameplay of BL3 could help the original story from BL1 reach more players who didn't truly understood what Borderlands was about. Because lets face it, we are all here to shoot stuff in the face, and gain more powerful loot to shoot faces at. Improvements to the original story are obviously needed, but a remake could -and should- help with this. From tying up loose ends, to making nods and callbacks to different characters who were not present but appear in later sequels. Bringing the polished gameplay from BL3, new skill trees and customization options for the original vault hunters, and a better world design should make this remake a success, Lately, major entries in popular franchises are receiving remakes and being release instead of new IPs. Resident Evil, Death Space, Metroid, Final Fantasy, Grand Theft Auto, even The Last of Us received a remake, each one with a varying level of success. But the ones consider successful have one thing in common; when they are made to bring new life into an old game, instead of repackaging it to sell it as new, makes it successful. Everything good a remake does to a game, I feel could help bring attention once more the franchise, which in my opinion, could come in handy. The Movie A Borderlands movie is planned to be release... soon TM. You can visit the official website to learn more. Although very little has being said about it, other than the cast and the general synopsis. In my opinion, a remake of the original Borderlands could bring some needed attention from the mainstream audience to the franchise, releasing it days before the movie to bring the eyes of the public to everything Borderlands. Such marketing campaign isn't new either. Lately spin offs in the form of TV series are produced to promote a video game franchise. HBO's The Last of Us, Cyberpunk: Edge runners, and Arcane from League of Legends are some examples. TLDR A remake for the original Borderlands game would, in paper, be generally beneficial if done correctly. Specifically, a remake made with BL3s build, to bring the original story to today's public and in the process, create a marketing campaign for Borderland's upcoming movie.
  11. Since there is no guide, I'm curious what difficulty would everyone give it. I would give it a 3/10. | 7 hrs | 1 playthrough.
  12. I came here looking for answers and help, but it seems the information on the official PS Store page is misleading. It does say this game can be played on PS Vita. However it seems only the Add-ons are cross-buy. The game itself isn't. The image is in Spanish, but the bottom text does state the game can be played in the Vita. I don't mind since I bought this game for PS4 only, and never intended to play it on the Vita. But I can see somebody falling for this trying to buy a cross-buy version. It's a shame to this day, it's still advertise as such
  13. Seeing my man here worked on the Division, an attempt at a live service game by Ubisoft (twice actually), I would say this comes from the fact achievements actually puts a goal in a game that shouldn't have one. As soon as I got the plat for the Division, I deleted it and forgot about it. No money spent, no more time wasted. Trophies definitely narrow down a game that is designed to be played over and over indefinitely. The fact that the Division was a meh game, doesn't help with this either.
  14. I never said it was a great game. I said that out of the 3 modern NFS games, this is the best one. RNG based, yes. Heavily, no. I didn't liked that aspect of the game either, but you can move on through the game without dealing with the RNG. Buying better cars and using the legendaries is a better way to progress. For me, Heat was close to beating Payback for the number 1 spot. Some driving mechanics, the longer grind and the reliance on meta cars didn't cut it for me. When playing Heat, I missed payback more. I definitely Platted that game too quickly.
  15. https://store.playstation.com/es-mx/product/UP0006-CUSA05999_00-NFS1800000000001 Need for Speed Payback is just $1.99 in the US PS Store. Deal ends January 19th 2023. For me, this is the best of the modern NSF games (excluding Unbound, cuz I haven't played it). The gameplay, story and mechanics are really enjoyable. The road to Platinum isn't as grindy, but a bit challenging. In October 2020, this game was part of the PS Plus Essential free games. If you weren't able to nab it back then, I think is a good time to get it for this price.