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  1. Seeing my man here worked on the Division, an attempt at a live service game by Ubisoft (twice actually), I would say this comes from the fact achievements actually puts a goal in a game that shouldn't have one. As soon as I got the plat for the Division, I deleted it and forgot about it. No money spent, no more time wasted. Trophies definitely narrow down a game that is designed to be played over and over indefinitely. The fact that the Division was a meh game, doesn't help with this either.
  2. I never said it was a great game. I said that out of the 3 modern NFS games, this is the best one. RNG based, yes. Heavily, no. I didn't liked that aspect of the game either, but you can move on through the game without dealing with the RNG. Buying better cars and using the legendaries is a better way to progress. For me, Heat was close to beating Payback for the number 1 spot. Some driving mechanics, the longer grind and the reliance on meta cars didn't cut it for me. When playing Heat, I missed payback more. I definitely Platted that game too quickly.
  3. https://store.playstation.com/es-mx/product/UP0006-CUSA05999_00-NFS1800000000001 Need for Speed Payback is just $1.99 in the US PS Store. Deal ends January 19th 2023. For me, this is the best of the modern NSF games (excluding Unbound, cuz I haven't played it). The gameplay, story and mechanics are really enjoyable. The road to Platinum isn't as grindy, but a bit challenging. In October 2020, this game was part of the PS Plus Essential free games. If you weren't able to nab it back then, I think is a good time to get it for this price.
  4. There is already a thread talking about it HERE The counters for this kind of trophies are bugged. I reached 200 sabre turret kills before my trophy popped. You just need to keep phase locking enemies.
  5. It's worth 10x to keep that superslim up and running. They came out so late in the PS3 life cycle that they are still a good console after all this years. Also, a PS4 or even a PS5 controller can be used on a PS3, via Bluetooth or USB cable. I recommend cable.
  6. Meaning they finally reached the release version almost 4 years after release. This game and Fallout 76 where the pinnacle of half-baked (almost raw) games releasing in a sad state. My feeling exactly. There's a server shutdown announcement incoming in the near future. They are squeezing the last available dollar. Picking on this game was funny at first, then it became sad. There was a genuine community hyped for this game. Some people from Destiny tried to migrate to this, poor souls. Anyway, I bought it too and started the download. I might start a Gaming Session for everyone new to this game, like me. If anybody interested, reach me in DMs Feel like this is the most informative comment about the game. I won't expect an amazing game, but for $2 US, it's good. I've payed more for shorter indie games that are really good. If this game is "ok" for this price, I'll take it.
  7. https://store.playstation.com/product/UP0006-CUSA05364_00-ANTHEM1000000000 Anthem Standard Edition is just $1.79 in the US PS Store. Deal ends January 1st 2023. I know a hot dog has more value than this game, but is something
  8. I'll leave guides for every region as I find them. Westlands - Trucks and Tanker Solutions Central Mainland - Trucks and Tanker Solutions The Ridge - Trucks and Tanker Solutions Eastern Mainland - Trucks and Tanker Solutions Tamassee - Trucks and Tanker Solutions Tiltin North - Trucks and Tanker Solutions This should also help for budget and points trophies All guides by HannahBarbarian
  9. This happened to me earlier this year to 3 of my 4 controllers. I have to tell you before diving into the fixes I tried: -I ended up buying a third party controller-. If you wan't to try to fix it yourself, here are two things I tried: This didn't do jack shit with the drifting problem, but is worth a try. This is the one that temporally worked for me, until the drift came back months later. You'll have to disassemble your controller to the bare bone in order to clean the joystick sensors. It's simpler than it sounds, just follow the video step by step (Keep in mind this for the latest gen version, the one with the LED bar at the touch pad). The last resort is to bring your controllers to a repair shop, because you'll need a completely new board. They aren't really expensive, but they are scarce now a days. Hope this helps. PS. If you are wondering, THIS is the controller I got. I give it a 7/10. If you want a more detailed review let me know
  10. The Vita version for this game is really unstable. It crashed twice in just an hour and soft bricked my Vita. I had to force switch off, and of course, loose all progres. For what I can tell, running a simulation makes the game lag. My advice would be to finish building the bridge and running the simulation once to complete the level.
  11. Becoming a dad this year definitely had an impact on my available time for trophies 😅. But I'm still proud of my numbers this year. This was definitely possible thanks to my wife @Cheesecake_Oreo. I don't think Death Stranding being my most played game was a coincidence. This game's theme story and soundtrack had me in tears. i could relate 1000% thsi year specially. Can't wait for DS2
  12. I don't know if the game had "aim acceleration curve" previously, but for me, this was the issue. Tweaking this value to your liking seems to be the issue with unnatural aiming. At least for me, this solve all the issues
  13. Not quite. The variable here is still you. How good you are at the game. How good you are when holding the controller. It's not that the game promotes being bad to succeed, but rather it needs to keep good players away from new players so they don't pray on them. Remember Ranks in this new system are just badges, and they don't represent how skilled you are at the game. Low skilled players can aspire for a Gold Rank (Gold Badge) because they can get it before they become actually skilled at the game. Your perception of the system being tougher it's because you've been tagged as a skilled / Plat player, so the systems want's you as away as possible of low skilled players, and facing high skilled players. You might have the copper badge because every game is as sweaty as a grand final, but remember you're playing in high Elo. Meanwhile new / low skilled players are using the silver badge, but their games are still "no aim" lobbies. I know this because I face the same issue. I'm still in copper too because my matches are gold / plat lobbies. This guys spawn peak, pixel peak, quick peak, you name it. But it is what it is. If you keep at it, you might hit even higher ranks because your skill rank will remain the same, you won't feel a sudden change in your lobbies. They will always be as tough as rank is. That's what comp is
  14. TLDR at the bottom of the post I can actually relate to your experience. While I play in NA servers, my language is registered as Spanish (Latin-American). So when matchmaking starts, it forcefully looks for players who speaks Spanish. This makes my queue times eternal, and my gameplay experience similar to yours. My lobbies are a mixed bag of people in my skill rate, lower ranks and higher ranks that have no business being in this lobbies. You are right, the smaller player pool makes it harder to balance the skill rates. However, this is just a portion of the story. You have your MMR and your skill rating, two totally separate things. It´s easier because now it doesn't depend on your skill rating to rank up. With the old system, MMR was your only rating, In lower ranks, the game was always on the look for a player who did absurdly good during games, so the Rank system sends them to higher rank quicker and get more balanced games. The same was for higher ranks. When a player did bad in a higher rank continuously, they dropped quicker to lower ranks so they had to face climbing players. That's why they called it "Gold hell" or "Plat hell". This is where games became stuck and they ranked didn't moved a bit no matter how much they played. (I left a graph below to illustrate what I mean)- The devs probably picked gold as the required rank for the trophy because of this fact. This is where most players get stuck, or where they feel more comfortable. Your experience may relate to the fact that you where closer to "Gold Hell", so you where facing more climbing players, looking to get diamond, or falling players, trying to get back diamond. This is why diamond an champ players where rare, because they where in they respective ranks, away from the rest. With the new system, rank is just a badge and a scoring system. You win, "here is some points and a badge". You lose, "we take away some points and your badge". The skill rating, however, is a whole different beast. You can loose all your games, but the system still thinks you are a Plat. You can keep winning, and still be a silver. Why? Because this new system takes into account multiple variables. So much so that I can't even list them. I can only say that team killing, griefing, leaving or throwing will send you into a free fall of skill rating. In your case, you showed enough skill and good player behavior that the games thinks you should be in a higher skill rating than before, and probably the champs you face are good at the game but toxic AF. That's why they drop to your lobbies. This will make ranking up harder for you? Yes, because you are facing tougher opponents. Will this make it harder for newer or less skillful players? No. because they'll face similar opponents with less game sense and poor aim. Boosters are a different story, they'll still exist. But the person being boosted won't make it far alone, and will probably have an even worse experience than before. TLDR: Being good at the game throughs you into tougher lobbies, especially with this system, so ranking up takes longer. Being not so good at the game throughs you right at the middle, in this case, Gold Rank No, the old system always used your placements performance to assign your rank. Casual and even unranked were always a separate thing because they didn't matched the ranked scene