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  1. Ah damn everything to Tartarus, I got hooked back into the Frustration of Risette(aka Persona 4 Golden, which I repurchased in lieu of Dragon Quest Heroes 2). 😠 I needed something to play because I am traveling to the Gulf Bay tomorrow afternoon so my parents can have a fishing trip in their old age. And they are taking their dogs. 😾 So yeah, I plan on becoming The *censored* Great Seal this year with the plats for P4G and P5 even if I end up like what happened to the hero of Persona 3 at the end of THAT game. (No spoilers) Those trophies for listening to 250 navi lines is NOT going to break me! 😣 But the Bonus Award? Don't make me laugh. 😝 Never in my lifetime! Fighting games are one of my least favorite genres, except for a brief stint with Nintendo's Super Cash Grab Crossovers(I played the original Smash, Melee and Brawl but found the fourth not so interesting). You son of a--- 😾 Oh, before you reply, I am going to be earning the platinums for P4G and P5 on my other account, MidnightCJ. I just haven't created a forum profile for that yet.
  2. Thanks for the support. I won't be able to sync my trophies for the next days as I am going abroad with my parents(to the coast) but I will be earning trophies and going back to Persona 4 Golden. Once I finish the platinum on my current game, I'll get started on other stuff.
  3. Love all of the comments here. Sadly, I won't be online for a few days as I am going to be traveling to the coast with my parents for three days and the only online stuff is on my phone there. But I got my Vita linked to my new account so I will be earning Vita trophies there.
  4. I have a quote from a book I am reading about that... "He is one to talk having long since sacrificed his masculine prowess to the joys of being a kept cat." I really wanted to get a cat but unfortunately, the dream I had of being semi-rich was flushed down the toilet when my dad showed me the truth. Oh well, I'll have to start prostrating myself before him and licking his boots - the apartments I live in have a steep price for keeping a free-roaming pet of the furry kind. I hope your cat recovers quickly. Also, I noticed that your post ended abruptly at "g." Anyways, my report is that I am 70% of the way to the platinum for LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7 in the PS4 collection. Sadly, I woefully underestimated the time it would take me to get through the remaining 23 stages and it was one AM by the time I finished. With my exercise regiment demanding rest, I have to go to bed now, but hopefully I'll get the platinum tomorrow - I only need to clean up the collectibles and do some miscellaneous trophies.
  5. Tasty! I will make note of HZD for May. Right now I am on financial lockdown because I purchased something stupid and wasted $120 of my grocery money. Luckily I do have enough Gamestop credit to purchase Dragon Quest Heroes when it comes out.
  6. Started work on LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7. Want to get that platinumed before I add more games on the account as this, Yooka-Laylee(which I have been working on the side) and World of Final Fantasy are the only incomplete games on my list and I want to keep the completion high. That's why I made blank accounts, so I wouldn't bog my main account with games that may be undoable. I forgot how boring the cutscenes were.
  7. If someone crossed a dragon with a cat, we'd have the laziest creature on earth as well as the most dangerous creature on Earth - I love cats but you really don't want to try to grab a cat when it's sleeping, especially one who isn't declawed. I know from personal experience.
  8. Got the first trophy on LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7 to rank up to Rank 11. I had 5 points to Rank 11 after getting the Buff Knight Advanced Platinum! Anyways... Even though it was a nice gift to me from my gym trainer, I had to trade the Wii U in for Gamestop credit because I was too poor to even buy groceries for the week* so I couldn't buy any games. I got $117.00 from the Wii U and new copy of Breath of the Wild. When I earn a Nintendo Switch this Christmas, I'll play it on that(and Pokemon Stars, which should be out by then). In the meantime, I purchased a new charger cable so my phone finally gets to keep the old charger cable, three months of Playstation Plus for my blank accounts, $25 in PSN store cash, and a used copy of Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below for a blank account because I want to get the platinum on both Dragon Quest Heroes games as I have the sequel, DQH2, on pre-order. So I'll be dedicating equal time to that and the Kingdom Hearts collection over the coming months so all the trophies I earn on my main account will be light. (I still have Oceanhorn to finish up, as well as Yooka-Laylee and World of Final Fantasy and the aforementioned LEGO Harry Potter.) * And then I get this Mazda cash giveaway flyer and I won 2nd prize - $2000! I'll be pick it up Tuesday morning. 😂 ** ** Nevermind, my parents showed me that the $2000 was nothing but credit towards A NEW CAR! 😈😾
  9. OH MY GAWD! OH! MY! GAWD! NO! 😱 J/K. 😁 Congrats on the speed-run. I really want to try this game but holding off until I am sure that the guide I found on GameFAQs works. I'll try to download the DLC Kaguya but if it costs money I may have to wait until May 3 because I'm broke.
  10. LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4: Finally got the Platinum for this game. What annoyed me was one Ravenclaw crest, the one in The Quidditch World cup stage. I needed a Ravenclaw to get the crest but the game didn't put one in my list even though I had unlocked every Ravenclaw character. I had to do a third play of the stage and physically choose my main character to be a Ravenclaw. Anyways, that's my 10th platinum. Going to rest and sleep and then do what I promised the Heartless Hunters I'd do and get my saves started for the Kingdom Hearts platinums. EDIT: Finally got the second-to-last trophy for Buff Knight Advanced, Artifact Master, after many runs of the maps. Sadly, the last trophy I have is Fairy Master, and I don't think I can ever earn it - at least not without total concentration and RNG that the fairy I get is a super-slow one. *sigh*
  11. I'm glad someone else finds the Ghost Fish a piece of manure to catch. I got Cosmopolitan as soon as I visited all the islands once but then again, my version of the game may be different from yours. I've had LEGO Harry Potter Legacy Collection crash twice on me as a digital download but when I owned the physical copy, nothing bad happened. Congrats on your trophies so far, by the way.
  12. Finished the story of the game, will update once I am close to the platinum - I need to get some sleep. 😖
  13. Me too. I have a bunch of digital games but few physical games. I'm going to get rid of LEGO Dimensions as I don't intend to platinum it again for my current account as I'd hate my OCD self because I couldn't complete the DLC trophies. Seriously, only invest in LEGO Dimensions or Disney Infinity if you have the money to buy all the packs and figures.
  14. Great job! Trophy Update: LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 Ghostly Treasure Arachnophobic Senior Quiet, Please! Chilled Out Prefect The game crashed when I tried to get Chilled Out in Hogwarts - I had finished the second-to-last level of Year 3 and had the option to mount Buckbeak and complete Year 3, but I forgot to Glacius 20 people so I went back into Hogwarts and tried freezing students, then when I tried to enter the student dorms, the game crashed. Luckily, it didn't corrupt my save, or I would have rage-quit temporarily.
  15. You should have most of the Dark Matter you need to get everything on the Moogle's list from chests, and you'll need to synth at least one Dark Matter to get the Synth Master trophy anyways. Still, if there's a 1/5 chance of getting a Dark Matter from a Behemoth, that's good. After I finish getting my 10th platinum on my current account, I'll try to work on getting the Kingdom Hearts Final Mix platinum started.