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  1. 9.5/10 Amazing set of challenging platinums especially the DMC collection you got Very dedicated trophy hunter. You still got some cleanup to do but nevertheless great account
  2. For me it took somewhere between 70-75 hours as I did good amount of materia farming in the colosseum for both Hard mode and Shinra Combat Simulation battles. Hellhouse and The Arsenal took me couple of attempts to do as they were the hardest bosses for me
  3. Marseille is not part of the trophy
  4. Multiplayer isn't quite dead. I was able to find matches right away through Quick Match, but you might be lucky to find a lobby for Scavenge Raid eventually. Its just not many that plays that mode.
  5. World War Z platinum trophy obtained for Tier 1
  6. Would love to see remasters of Need for Speed Underground 1+2 Splinter Cell Trilogy Grand Theft Auto IV
  7. The trophy list is identical with the exception of photo mode trophies so would say they are about the same difficulty. A lot less have 100%'ed the remastered version
  8. Halo was one of my favourite series during my childhood and of all time. It would be awesome to see it on PSN, but I'm amongst many that wouldn't believe it until it actually happens since its one of Xbox's most valuable exclusives. Halo MCC have 700 achievements worth 7000 score so with that being on PSN would break the trophy limit
  9. EEs has been solved much faster and earlier over the years. If I remember correctly it took a while for Origins to first be solved back then. 1-2 weeks ish. Including that Cold War zombies "directs" you through the Easter egg from dialogues and markers.
  10. Really didn't expect no new trophies but the map's EE won't be available until 17:00 GMT so trophies might come up when that happens
  11. Enjoys a variety of online/ FPS games with challenging platinums
  12. Let me know the result. I've heard the Brute Force have fixed the technical issues for Cyberpunk 2077 so hopefully works for this game as well
  13. Fireteam Duos makes the Party Patrol trophy/achievement a lot easier as you are facing pair teams instead of quads. At first I was curious if the Squad Wipe medals would count or not in duos but turns out it does. I managed 5-6 Squad wipe medals a match so highly recommend going for it while you can 🙂
  14. First game done for Tier 1: CoD BO Cold War