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  1. Enjoys a variety of online/ FPS games with challenging platinums
  2. Let me know the result. I've heard the Brute Force have fixed the technical issues for Cyberpunk 2077 so hopefully works for this game as well
  3. Fireteam Duos makes the Party Patrol trophy/achievement a lot easier as you are facing pair teams instead of quads. At first I was curious if the Squad Wipe medals would count or not in duos but turns out it does. I managed 5-6 Squad wipe medals a match so highly recommend going for it while you can 🙂
  4. First game done for Tier 1: CoD BO Cold War
  5. Super Bomberman R due to the 1 million bombs grind unless you got the patience for it
  6. Looks like an interesting event so I'll sign myself up with these games on Tier 1 1. Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition (2.73%) 2. Shadow Warrior (1.31%) 3. Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War (2.64%) 4. World War Z (3.99%) 5. Crash Bandicoot 4 Its About Time (3.30%)
  7. Grand Theft Auto IV
  8. Trine 2: Complete Story
  9. It will take a while to platinum since its one of the hardest platinum trophies out there, but eventually you will make it just be patient and practice each of the 20 stages in a world before you do a no-death run. Fortunately you can do the levels in any order you want so best to get the hardest ones out of the way first. You can also pause and quit out the map in middle of a level right before you die and still be on the run, although you can't always react fast enough . Personally I didn't had much struggles on the Light worlds with the exception of a few levels for Cotton Alley Light (Girl Boy). Unlock The Kid character before you do no-death runs as he will make some stages a lot easier ;-). Best of luck.
  10. A difficult set of pick to me as there are many inspiring and impressive trophy hunters out there that are couple levels above me, but I’ll give my shout out to Floriiss, Danny_Johansen, Beatminaz, DarkSamuraii- and Potent_Delusions because of the impressive URs that not many hunters have accomplished. They also have proven to have great skills in various of games and I hope that I can work my way to their level one day 🙂
  11. I don’t think it will have trophies tied to it since it’s been over 2 years when Forsaken was released and latest expansion Shadowkeep didn’t add any as well. Also since they are vaulting making the Platinum unobtainable then It would be pointless to add more trophies
  12. Looks like a standard Call of Duty Trophies/Achievements list with Campaign, Multiplayer and Zombies. Seems pretty easy tbh
  13. Good influence for Japanese anime RPG’s with Binding of Isaac; an amazing platinum as the cherry on top of the cake 🙂
  14. Regardless whether the online will or will not affect the trophies I would still recommend getting the challenges A Penny Wise & Dividend ASAP. If it wont affect after all then I'm happy for anyone who haven't done it yet, but wouldn't count too much on the developer team