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  1. Can confirm that you don't have to do Isle IV bosses for Paladin. I completed 8 bosses from the main game and got the trophy. The icon for the charm changes every 2 bosses you do
  2. Just did two bosses on first isle and got the same icon. Yea I actually don't think it specifically tied to the fourth isle
  3. Where do you track the progress for cursed relic?
  4. Got the trophy thanks
  5. For the trophy "Decadent", can ou do the same boss 10 times or does it have to be 10 different ones?
  6. Idk. Going back to title doesn't reset either
  7. I think honestly my game or trophy might got bugged.
  8. Still doesn't work. Returning to the map doesn't seem to deactivate since I can't do the spinning thing again. Did boss 2 and got the heart on number 3 several times but still the trophy won't pop up
  9. Yes, so I always start with 9HP. But I did that before on a different boss. Is there a way to deactivate it and activate it again?
  10. I just did that and still nothing. Idk what I could be missing
  11. So I have to do the boss with the heart on as well? Also do I have to do it as Ms. Chalice?
  12. It didn't work for me. I have 9 hearts, just did a boss in King Dice and got another heart, but still nothing
  13. I will say go for it if you really feel that you are dedicated enough. It's a challenging task, but definitely not impossible. It also held me back before as well. In the other hand if you don't have Wolfenstein (2009) completed already, then completing the whole series is no longer possible
  14. As far I know, all trophies ( 01.05.2022) should still be obtainable. You are looking for at least spending more then 100 h due to Personal Decorator. In the past there was a glitch that caused the game to crash when completing the main quest for Gorod Krovi DLC. That got fixed after a while
  15. Fortnite. Great platinum to have