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  1. Regardless whether the online will or will not affect the trophies I would still recommend getting the challenges A Penny Wise & Dividend ASAP. If it wont affect after all then I'm happy for anyone who haven't done it yet, but wouldn't count too much on the developer team
  2. Disintegration. Very lame FPS game combined with RTS and shutdown is coming up. Quite simple platinum tbh but just tedious
  3. Marta is moving very fast on Insane, but I've never experienced like that happening to me. What I could suggest is to wait a bit longer before pushing the cart and don't go directly through the gap in front, but rather through the hole from where you hiding spot is. I have heard she could disappear and teleport but that never happen to me
  4. Very into shooters and MLB
  5. Slyde for sure. One of the most terrifying games I have ever played
  6. Huge fan and very experienced player on Final Fantasy and other RPGs
  7. The Crew. Due to glitched trophies
  8. Red Dead Redemption 2
  9. In fairness the developers prepared us for the “Impossible” trophy before the game came out so I’m sure many of us excepted something frustrating. I’ve been holding myself back from this game because of this trophy only and in my opinion the trophy might as well stay due to players already earned it in such a short amount of time. Couple reasons why it’s so infuriating is the bad functionality of the servers as I’ve been disconnected and kicked out several times playing on my alt account so I think they should work on it including the game have a lot of luck factors. Another thing would be to have the “Team” based maps in an own game mode as they are the most heavily reliant and difficult to get through.
  10. There is no exact solution to it far as I remember, but I would suggest replaying some of them again since the gold medal turns to platinum after you reach level 50. That have worked for certain people before so maybe you are lucky
  11. I started the game about 3-4 days ago and already beaten all 65 missions on Platinum Award? Are there any solutions on how to trigger the trophy as I've been trying to redo all missions but it seem to be random if it pops or not
  12. I went on a fast pace during Triple XP event on Wednesday ranking up from level 19-32 in one day. I was reckoning to get 40-55 K points which tripled up to 120-150K points. Yet I haven't got too far into the grind, but these are great opportunities to get the platinum much faster as I've noticed ranking up in SWB2 takes longer than the first Battlefront. My preference was to use Heavy Class playing on Co-Op Mode with these cards equipped Bounty Hunter Survivalist Explosive Sentry
  13. EA Sports UFC 2
  14. Operation7 Revolution This is a game that probably not many have heard of as It was only available on AS PSN Stores. First of all to be able to play that game from any other regions, I had to make an account tied to any East Asian countries (Hong Kong preferably) and download the game for free to be able to play it on my OG account. (Servers are Shutdown btw) The game's engine is very similar to CS:GO and Multiplayer Only, but a huge downfall. I was in a boosting team of 3-4 to knock off every trophy in the game, and some of the trophies was absolutely bizarre (For Example: Kill 50 Enemies by shooting their right forearm) and the descriptions was misleading and made me think it was entered in Google Translate. This is probably the worst FPS game I've ever laid my hands on Dangerous Driving This game reminded me a lot from Burnout 3: Takedown which was one of my childhood games from Xbox hence why I platinum this game. The main goal is to get gold medals on every single event and the issue I've come across are for the mostly AI. Lets say you are ahead by miles from your opponents and whenever you crash.. the AI always goes ahead of you no matter how far you were ahead of them before you crashed. However if the AI crash they don't fall back as much as yourself. It was a lot of frustrations upon this
  15. I would expect several of them being team accounts or shared accounts, and a couple of them have illegitimate time stamps and date on their trophies even though I can't come up with any examples as I don't wanna point anyone out. I'm sure many of us don't have enough free time to play and gain so many trophies that Hakoom and Roughdawg4 have. I also sense that several of them mainly care about their leaderboard position with the whole ratalaika stacks and such.
  16. You got some epic platinums, so I would advise going for World War Z as I see you have done decent progress
  17. I don't get why you whine about this Whole situation being a crime. You shared your evidence proving the flag is wrong and also you are not getting "targeted" as you are not the only one who had this issue being flagged unexpected. Also I would like to point out that the dispute post being misleading and contains unnecessary use of language
  18. The zombies mode in Advanced Warfare and Infinite Warfare are phenomenal and unique in their own ways. Personally I liked Treyarch's Black Ops 3 Zombies the best, but to answer the question I will say Infinite Warfare due to a good storyline. The concept and the design is brilliant and the Main Quests have more steps and far as I know Advanced Warfare didn't had any Easter Egg Boss Fight (Oz is not a EE boss) I'm a huge fan of the Call of Duty Zombies mode and I've done every EE. Hardest part of IW Zombies was defiently Skullhop.
  19. That’s correct. You can turn off the Match Timer off so you will earn infinitely XP during one match by for example doing the method where you keep spamming an Interactive Object that won’t cause damage to the opponent and yet still grant XP and like you said the XP won’t be counted until the match ends. However the grind can be done AFK by 2 options: Turbo Controller or Remote Play with the Ghost Control program. By not popping any trophies before the levels you have a huge advantage to go for the fastest achiever.
  20. How does that make sense?
  21. Guide of the year: Devil May Cry 5: very interesting and detailed guide and I’ll be safe if i ever get to start up this game Walkthrough: Persona 5. The guide goes is very good detailed and this is a game I’ve been wanting to do Original Content: Hollow Knight: a lot of helpful tips and navigation through your this game
  22. Brawlhalla
  23. The missions includes checkpoints after each objective you finish. I did all 4 with randoms through matchmaking and it made it really hard for myself. Just be aware of every corner you pass because sometimes you’ll think it’s clear when it’s not. There’s plenty of strategies to use
  24. Really tough. There are infinite rounds of enemies everywhere so you probably need a coordinated team. Easiest to hardest imo is Kuvalda, Crosswind, Headhunter and Paladin